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DKC1 Hacking template

Postby rainbowsprinklez » February 13th, 2020, 2:02 am

Attention all dkc1 hackers,

This is a hacking template you can apply to any DKC 1.0 U ROM. If you already have a hack, don't worry. You can apply this and your hack 'should' be safe.

1. Text has been added to the overworld HUD. This is useful for putting version numbers or something else creative. You can also elect to leave the textbox empty to have no HUD appear.
2. Quick deaths are now a thing. Dying will instantly start you over, instead of playing that slow death animation. Start select to exit the current level has been enabled all the time (minus bosses).
3. You are given the option to skip K Rool's fake credits.

Hardcore hackers:
I use a few spots of free space.

I use:

as well as various patches throughout the game.

Also, this includes all the object maps by $3e (level code). the names-3e pairs are from giangurgolo's docs, so take with a grain of salt. i think ogang bonuses are eh, but :scratch:
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