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Projects and Fanworks Database Topic

Postby Simion32 » April 24th, 2010, 10:15 am

This topic is a listing of all projects and otherwise in the DKC Projects/Fanworks SubForum.
Only staff posts are allowed here. If you want your project added to this list, please PM Simion32.

Official (DKC Atlas Approved) Projects
DKC Atlas Level Mapping Project [ Qyzbud, Simion32, etc. ]
DKC Atlas Collab - DKC Remix Project
DKC Atlas Avatar Project
Donkey Kong Country Level Builder [ Simion32, CFHWorld ]
Donkey Kong Country Resource Editor [ Simion32 ]

Fan-Game Projects
Donkey Kong Country X [ VideoViking ]
Game Maker
The GM Donkey Kong Country Engine [ gamester ]
Donkey Kong Country 4 [ A7Penn ]
Donkey Kong Country Game Maker [ Markster ]
Donkey Kong Island [ Jeffrey_Bones ]
Diddy's Kong Quest 3D [ Jeffrey_Bones ]
Multimedia Fusion 2
Donkey Kong Country 4 [ leo_core HiperKalango]

List of all used DKC Object Digits & Fuctions [ Simion32 ]
Comprehensive List of Barrel Cannon Digits [ Simion32 ]
DKC ROM Offsets (Sprite Tilemap/Animation Routines, etc.) [ Mattrizzle ]
Giangurgolo's DKC ROM Documents (Currently Missing) [ Giangurgolo ]
DKC Challenge Edition [ Simion32 ]
DKC2: Hard As Kongcrete [ mentholcase ]
DKC Reloaded [ Scraps69, Simion32, Kong-Fu, Mattrizzle, aperson98 ]
Single-Level Hacks
Oil Drum Alley [ Kong-Fu ]
Oil Drum Alley and Reptile Rumble [ Kong-Fu ]
Lives in The Mines [ Kong-Fu ]
DKC Zero-Music Patch [ Simion32 ]
DKC Zero-Speed Patch [ Simion32 ]
DKC2 GBA P2 Clothes Color for P1 [ Kiddy14 ]
DKC3 GBA P2 Clothes Color for P1 [ Blaziken257 ]
DKL3j GBC Pallete Improvements [ Blaziken257 ]

Music Remix Projects
OC ReMix DKC Project: "Kong in Concert"
OC ReMix DKC2 Project: "Serious Monkey Business"
OC ReMix DKC3 Project: "Double the Trouble"
Donkey Business (Donkey Kong Country Mashup Album)
Donkey Kong Country 3: Orchestrated! (SNES)

Brainstorming Topics
Donkey Kong Country fan-game ideas
Sage of Discovery
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