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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby spaceman2028 » September 4th, 2014, 6:44 am

Regarding sonosublime's story(at least for the first act)-i can't believe how well you did those references to another game involving monkeys(which i will save the surprise of for you all)

First you had a kruncha tossing these "pseudo-boomerang" swords like a madman Ty the Tasmanian tiger, then you had the ninja monkeys(which i thought were a pretty cool addition at first seeing as they might have been made yourself) and how they serve a unique purpose along with having their own island, which was fairly intriguing and i never had the thought come up in my mind, but then it hit me like a truck carrying oversize over a rickety bridge when you mentioned the sun gods. Oh my goodness, that was a clever one. Pure phreaking bloody gold right there. Adding those to your story has clearly shown what you are trying to do, to make this the most creative crossover i have seen, and i can't wait to see what stuff from the game(referring to the one the elements are brought in[and it is not Donkey Kong Country] by the way) is sent into the story.
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby sonosublime » September 5th, 2014, 2:45 pm

Thanks for the kind words, spaceman ;) I'm glad you're enjoying the story so far.

Although the ninja monkeys don't have their own island anymore :?
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby spaceman2028 » September 16th, 2014, 9:43 am

Quite how everyone copes without it i'll never know. Do you have another part of it in the works?
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby sonosublime » September 18th, 2014, 1:54 pm

I've been very inactive on my fanfiction account, having not updated any of my stories since March. It's something I've been meaning to get back into though.
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby Cranky Kong » December 6th, 2015, 3:12 am

Fan fiction, eh? Okay...

Diddy's Kong Quest Chapter 1

It was a dark and stormy night. The wind howled as the moon glared upon DK Island. The thunder rumbled across the sky. A pirate ship comes to a stop at the island. It was hard to make out, but Donkey Kong knew that laugh. "Har-har-har-har-har!" It was the laugh that had haunted his dreams, for had belonged to none other than King K. Rool. Donkey Kong knew what would happen if K. Rool had returned to DK Island. He didn't want his bananas in the hands of that green, slimy crocodile. He ran to the banana hoard. If I don't protect the bananas, DK thought, the Kongs might starve! He ran out the door as fast as he could, unknowingly waking up Diddy Kong. Diddy Kong didn't understand what was going on, but he followed, anyway. Donkey Kong ran to his banana hoard, but K. Rool had followed. "You're coming with me!" K. Rool yelled as he stuffed DK into a bag. And with that, they both disappeared into the night.

I hope you guys like it. It's not bad, huh? I'm trying to go for the ultimate adaptation of my favorite game of all time.
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby Cranky Kong » December 6th, 2015, 3:45 am

Diddy's Kong Quest: Chapter 2

As Diddy boarded the ship, he wondered, how did I even get here? He remembered the night before, and the terror he felt there. He remembered a meeting of all the Kongs. But this was his decision, and his alone. He remembered the ship that DK and King K. Rool fought. But this was nothing like that ship. He found a barrel and hid in it as some mice passed by. Walking around in the barrel, Diddy saw two Kremlings loading some crates on board. And after that, they left. Then, to his surprise, he heard screaming from one of the barrels. Oh no, thought Diddy. There's someone in there!, but approaching it, he started to have second thoughts. What if it's a Kremling?, but to Diddy, the screams sounded nice. Welcoming, even. He broke open the barrel and planned to run away, but what he saw stopped him in his tracks. It was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. She wiped a tear and looked at Diddy. "Hey," she said. "Thanks for the help." "Um, yeah. Okay," Diddy replied, hesitantly. All Diddy could do was stare. He looked into her golden blonde hair, her adorable pink clothing, and finally, her beautiful blue eyes. "What are you doing on here?" She asked. Diddy replied, "I'm looking for a friend." "Ah. Well, since you saved me, maybe I can help you find your friend," this new Kong added. "Hey," Diddy asked. "What's your name?" The girl replied, "My name is Dixie Kong."

I hope you guys are enjoying! Oh by the way, I haven't played much DKC2, so bear with me.
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby Cranky Kong » December 8th, 2015, 9:07 am

The Treasure Chest Quest, Chapter 1: The Visit, The Nap, and the Ancient Map!

"Is she still alive?" A voice boomed.
"Yes sir. She is alive and well." Said the other voice.
"No! You buffoon! She must be dead!"
"N-no, sir."
Suddenly, a new voice entered the room. It was so calm it was terrifying,
"Where is she?"
"W-we don't know," the two voices said in unison.
The voice sent a shiver down their spine,
"Find her. The plan can only commence when she dies."
Yet another voice entered the room.
"Have patience. Her time will come. The prophecy will be fulfilled."
The four voices didn't know what lied ahead, but they did know one thing.
For every drop of blood spilt in this room;
This world will be lead to it's impending doom;
This world will be submerged in the fires of hell;
Until the coin is dropped into the well;
They all obeyed this prophecy. They must fulfill it.
The silence was broken by laughter.

It was a nice summer day with a cool, fresh breeze. Now that Dixie Kong and Kiddy Kong had saved Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong, they could relax and play. Donkey Kong, Diddy, and Dixie were playing with a coconut as if it were a ball, but Kiddy was... Pulling on his socks. Not very exciting... But he's having fun. And that's all that matters. After a while, they started to relax and have some lunch. Dixie was telling Diddy and Donkey about their adventures. About how cool it was to ride Funky Kong's motor boat, and how scary it was to fight KAOS. Donkey Kong argued that his adventure was better. "Oh, wait!" Dixie said with a surprising amount of energy. "There's just one last thing I want to show you guys!" And with that, she took of. She came back down with a picture of an elderly Kong sitting in a chair asleep. "This is Wrinkly Kong," she told them. "She helped Kiddy and I a lot. I was wondering if you guys wanted to pay her a visit." Diddy and Donkey exchanged looks, then said, "Okay." "Oh, great! That's wonderful," Dixie said with a smile on her face. "She lives in the Northern Kremishpere." And with that, the Kongs were off.

The journey to the Northern Kremishpere was a long one. The Kongs brought lots of bananas for the trip, all of which were eaten by Donkey Kong and Kiddy Kong in the first hour. "Hey," Dixie yelled. "That was our only food supply!" "Hey, calm down Dix," Donkey reassured Dixie. "Just have a banana." They also had to make a few stops, since those bananas were high in fiber. When they got there, Dixie and Kiddy were the first ones out. "C'mon, you guys," Dixie gestured to the others. But when she got inside, she saw that Wrinkly was asleep. Oh well, she thought. We'll just wait it out, she said to herself. They all played some Nintendo 64, but they got bored soon after. "Hey, Dix," said Donkey Kong. "When's she gonna wake up?" "Soon," replied Dixie. "And then she'll make cookies." She told them. Well, she never did wake up. Dixie told herself that Wrinkly was just getting old. Her stomach growled, and now she wished she knew how to cook. Kiddy started wailing, and Dixie figured he was hungry, too. As they went to bed, Dixie said to herself that things would be better tomorrow.

Dixie had a horrible nightmare that night. She felt small and helpless as she was fed to a Zinger. In the dream, there were these strange chantings, saying:
For every drop of blood spilt in this room;
This world will be sent to it's impending doom;
This world will be submerged in the fires of hell;
Until the coin is dropped into the well.
She looked around and saw that there were not only one, but five Zingers. They all stared at her with those huge, intense eyes. There mouths seemed to water as they watched Dixie slowly and shakily walk across the room. She looked behind her to see four people, but there was an eerie patch of color where their faces should have been. A Zinger finally pounced on Dixie with it's hairy legs, and opened it's mouth, big and wide. Dixie quickly turned her eyes away, but it could not hide the pain she was in. As the blood fell to the floor, she felt a rumbling in the floor. The Zinger pounced again, and swallowed Dixie whole.

Dixie woke up, breathing heavily. The nightmare felt so... Real. She wanted to talk to someone about it. She slowly walked out of the room, and shook Wrinkly Kong on the arm. "Wrinkly! Get up," she whispered. She didn't get an awnser. She shook Wrinkly's arm again. She stopped and took a moment to realize just how cold Wrinkly's arm was. "Wrinkly," she asked, with no response. "Stop it, Wrinkly! You're scaring me!" Tears ran down Dixie's cheeks as she realized that Wrinkly Kong had died. She found a map on the floor. It was covered with blood, but Dixie could read it clearly: Treasure Map.
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby OneOf99 » December 8th, 2015, 10:33 am

"They also had to make a few stops, since those bananas were high in fiber." Best line out of the whole thing :lol: Interesting though, and your fan fictions aren't bad actually. Keep up the good work! :clap:
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby Cranky Kong » December 10th, 2015, 10:57 am

Thanks, OneOf99, but I'm not really enjoying them as much as you are. They just seem so... Dark. And, let's be real, a character being eaten by a Zinger has already been used before. I mean, it's a game about happy monkeys that jump around a lot. I want something more happy, and exciting, rather than being story based. I will defiantly bring them back if I get enough requests, but for now I bring you something that very few have done, an adaptation of Donkey Kong Country.

Donkey Kong Country, Chapter 1: Banana Hoard Bonanza!
Donkey Kong lay asleep in his bed when his nephew, Diddy Kong came through the door of his shack. "Hey, DK," he said in his high pitched voice. "Let's get started on that 'hero training' you told me about." All Donkey Kong could really do was scratch his head in confusion. Hero training?, he asked himself.When did I tell him that?, although he had just told him a few hours ago. He decided not to tell him he had forgotten. He did what any noble hero would do, and made something up. "Uhhhhh, why don't you watch the banana hoard for me," he said in his sweetest voice. "And I'll take over for you at 12." Heh, heh, heh. 12 hours!

Later that night, Diddy found himself in the Kong's banana hoard. "And don't let anybody have our bananas," said Donkey Kong. Diddy told promised he would do his best, and Donkey went back up to bed. He marched around the banana hoard, but he found it pretty boring. He paced around the room, occasionally glancing at the banana hoard to make sure it was okay. Suddenly, Diddy heard someone's footsteps enter the room. "W-who's there," he asked, rather shakily. Now he had a good look at it, and it was Krusha, one of the strongest Kremlings on Crocodile Isle. "I shall fell this foul beast!", Diddy yelled, as he made a leap for Krusha's head, only to fall over in embarrassment. "Who you kallin' 'foul'," Krusha bellowed. "I took a bath last year. Now I krush you!" And with that, Diddy was knocked out by Krusha's foot.

"Dur, wake up, monkey," a voice said. Diddy didn't actually recognize the voice, but he felt a finger poke him.
"Krusha! Don't touch," bellowed another voice.
Diddy was seeing spots of black everywhere. There was a ringing in his ears, but he could still hear the two voices outside talking.
"But Klamp," cried Krusha in his whiniest voice. "I wanna touch the pretty monkey!"
"But our orders were very klear. We are just supposed to put the monkey into that barrel over there!"
"Oh, goodie," cried Krusha as he ran over to the barrel.
"No, you idiot! What are you doing!?"
"I'm making a nice little home for the kute monkey!"
Diddy's vision was still fuzzy, but he could clearly see that Krusha had written "DK" on the front of the barrel.
Great. Now Donkey can find me in the morning.
"See," said Krusha like a three-year-old. "I made him some nice hay to sleep on."
"Now the boss is gonna kill us, you twit," yelled Klamp.
"Okay, shut up, Krusha, it's the monkey."
"I have a name, y'know," Diddy told them.
The two Kremlings lifted him and placed him in the barrel.
"What do we do now," asked Krusha.
"Throw him in the bushes."
The two Kremlings laughed as they walked away.
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby Cranky Kong » December 12th, 2015, 2:51 pm

Yo Kimi Kong, I would love it if you were a character in my fanfic, along with Dixie Kong and Chubby Kong, a fan character I made. Whaddya say?
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby Super Luigi! » March 17th, 2016, 8:22 am

I have a very short story that is full of nonsense, much like my other works. Here it is:

Dixie was a lovely lady. She had strength, talent, intelligence, and beauty. All of her friends were honored to know her.
Diddy was a true gentleman. He always did what was right in the best way he could. Alongside Dixie, the chimp moved mountains.
Donkey was a family man. Time after time, he protected the peace of his homeland. When the day was done, the big man relaxed with Candy, bananas, and candy bananas.

The End.

Tiny and some other Kongs may be next. For now, I must think.
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby Super Luigi! » March 19th, 2016, 1:43 pm

Kong Family Bonds.

When they weren't fighting Kremlings, Tikis, Snomads, or any other type of enemy, the Kong Family was a close-knit group. They spent their lives living in peace on Donkey Kong Island for as long as possible. To see everyone in perfect harmony was truly a beautiful sight.

Donkey Kong, the big ape himself, was a true family man. Whenever danger threatened his family or his bananas, he leaped into action and solved the problem. In times of peace among friends and family, however, he was a joy to be around. DK ate his healthy share of bananas, but always made sure to save some for the others. Although he wasn't married to Candy, the family ape treated her as his wife by always staying true and reliable.

In the years after Wrinkly's death, Cranky had become considerably less cranky. He always maintained his snarky personality, of course, yet he had learned how strong his family truly was. No matter what great feats they achieved, however, Cranky would always know more and be there to provide advice. The wise Kong told his stories of the old days while still appreciating those of the new.

Although he energized himself greatly at times, Diddy remained a true gentleman. He followed in DK's footsteps just as the big ape had done with Cranky. By freeing Donkey, sinking Crocodile Isle, and collecting Cranky's Hero Coins, Diddy had proven himself as a hero.

Of course, where would the little hero be without Dixie, the love of his life? The furry lady was a hero in her own right as well. She loved Diddy with all of her heart, as he did with her. The couple often shared banana milkshakes while relaxing together. When they hugged, the world began to shine. Both Donkey and Cranky were proud to see such young love.

Speaking of youth, Kiddy himself was quite young. He didn't have a girlfriend or job to support, so he traveled the island as a free toddler. As Dixie's cousin, he admired her greatly and knew Diddy well. The two men were very close friends once they met each other.

Funky was indeed the main monkey. Like Kiddy, he was without a romantic partner. However, the surfing Kong kept cool and busy with his numerous inventions. Because of his valiant efforts, the entire Kong Family was able to fly, host barrel races, and tour the island. Donkey loved him like a brother, and the two of them had much history together.

Swanky had a troubled past. He loved show business and money, but often lost big gains in a small amount of time. The flashy ape was last seen searching for his next big hit at a baseball stadium.

Tiny was Dixie's younger sister. She was, however, quite taller than her older sister due to a sudden growth spurt about a decade ago. Nevertheless, the young woman loved and respected Dixie dearly. The female duo played many games together and shared their love for each other through hugs and bananas. Diddy knew Tiny ever since she was small, and they both were practically siblings.

Lanky was an odd one. Nobody really knew who he was or where he came from. Cranky once quipped the orangutan must be a very distant relative. Regardless of his origin, the Kong Klown proved very entertaining and reliable. His extreme flexibility was also quite a sight to see, especially after 6:20.

Finally, there was Chunky, Kiddy's older brother and the last member of the DK Crew. Although quite large and muscular, Chunky was actually a gentle giant. He arm wrestled Donkey and Funky at times in his stylish clothes, but could often be found observing the beauty of his home. The quiet Kong and Tiny were very close, and they often spoke of the good old days not unlike Cranky.

All in all, the Kong Family was a close-knit community. They each loved each other very much and had great fun together. Whenever their island was invaded next, the relatives would rush out to stop the enemy. But for now, everyone relaxed in perfect harmony, concentrating only on food and friendship.

The End.
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby Fuzzy Pickles! » June 15th, 2016, 7:01 pm

Donkey Kong Country's fan fictions are as rare as California Condors it seems. With that said, here is a one-shot fanfiction regarding King K. Rool: ... the-Shadow

I think people will really like this story. I will update with author notes later, but I am heading to bed. Now if only DK Vine had a section dedicated to fan arts...

Edit: Done!
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby Chibisai Kong » June 17th, 2016, 5:55 pm

Oh, hey, I read that story just the other day, Fuzzy! I really liked it! :)

Yeah, I think the DKVine sees posting fanfiction on their website as a big no-no. I've seen several people get in trouble for trying to bring back forums about it.
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby Fuzzy Pickles! » June 18th, 2016, 9:02 am

Chibisai Kong wrote:Oh, hey, I read that story just the other day, Fuzzy! I really liked it! :)

Yeah, I think the DKVine sees posting fanfiction on their website as a big no-no. I've seen several people get in trouble for trying to bring back forums about it.

I am glad that you enjoyed it. I look foward to making more fanfictions in general, even if they aren't necessarily DK-related.
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby DoubleD99 » June 22nd, 2016, 9:12 pm

I made this fanfiction called "Nightmares" Back in april. It's a one shot fluff-fic featuring Tiny and Dixie... (DK 64 Tiny. Not the modern teenage Tiny...) I think I showed this to KJsteroids through deviantart once...
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby Super Luigi! » September 3rd, 2016, 7:12 am

Here's a quick one before I go:

Dixie lay in a field of jungle flowers. Their sweet scent strongly supported her sense of tranquility. She was certainly glad DK Island was at peace.

Tiny was a true woman. Ever since she was young, the female Kong did what was right. With her vast intelligence, talent, and beauty, she was greatly respected.

Diddy loved both ladies with brotherly affection. Although he wasn't as cool as Funky, as strong as Donkey, or as wise as Cranky, the gentleman chimp was nevertheless a true video game hero to children everywhere. Alongside his family, he would succeed.
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby OneOf99 » September 4th, 2016, 2:18 am

Super Luigi! wrote:Diddy loved both ladies with brotherly affection.

Uh, isn't Dixie Diddy's girlfriend?
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby Super Luigi! » September 10th, 2016, 6:36 am

Yes, but he is also a man who cares for his family. I would argue that Dixie and Tiny are practically sisters to Diddy by now, even if we haven't seen much of them recently. Additionally, it's entirely possible to love someone romantically and platonically.
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby Super Luigi! » December 21st, 2017, 8:38 am

Here's another short story for anyone to read. I might make more of these in the following weeks, but I also might not. We shall certainly see. :bleak:

A Silly Battle of Manliness.
High atop a mountaintop, Chunky looked out upon DK Island. With banana pen in hand, he sketched the scene before him: Kiddy was on a cheerful toddler rampage with a tire. Diddy and Dixie tried to stop him, but his brute strength was too strong (or so he thought, as the loving duo playfully fainted). That was when Donkey arrived.

The two big men stared each other down. One contained much potential strength, while the other was in his prime. Releasing his childish battle cry, Kiddy raised his trusty tire weapon and charged into battle. Donkey stamped the ground, beat his chest, and roared proudly. Both men soon clashed with great manliness.

Donkey grabbed Kiddy mid-charge and threw him over his shoulder, knowing full well that the toddler would survive. Kiddy rolled the attack off, realized he needed all of himself, and hurled his terrific tire at the big man, who easily knocked it away. Suddenly, they were wrestling, yet remained evenly matched. After saving the world, both manly men were truly strong. Plus, this wasn't a battle to the death.

After trading blows and slamming each other down, Kiddy and Donkey eyed each other once more. The battle was over, and they had both increased their strength. After a manly embrace, they pounded down many milkshakes of bananas. Diddy and Dixie went back to loving each other respectfully among the trees, while Chunky finished his masterpiece.

Never again did they speak of the fabled visitation of old Cranky Kong.
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby WesternTanager794 » October 7th, 2022, 4:31 pm

I do have a potentially good fanfiction but it’s more of a form of my DKC4 game storyline. I won’t post it yet, since I’m still proofreading it through, but I will post it when I feel satisfied. Another thing I really liked Apenpaap’s The Approaching Storm fanfiction and I was disappointed when I couldn’t find the ending, well I finally found it!
April Fools Day version of Chapter 5 (The April Fools version is at the bottom)
The incomplete chapter 7 the Technician’s Treason
I’ll upload my fan fiction soon. :parry:
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby Sledgehammer44 » October 8th, 2022, 9:25 am

Been thinking about writing a fanfiction where the Kongs explore the Solar System! I think it'll have the title "Donkey Kong: A New Generation of Space Apes".
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby WesternTanager794 » October 8th, 2022, 9:27 am

That’s really cool! I’ll be very excited to read it! Closing in on the release of Chapter 1. :parry:
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby Super Luigi! » October 8th, 2022, 3:11 pm

I'd definitely read both of what you two write. As for myself, all I have are goofy ideas without any real suspense, which likely wouldn't be very engaging. We'll see what happens.
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby WesternTanager794 » October 8th, 2022, 3:43 pm

I still loved your DKC atlas Fanfiction! That was absolutely incredible! That fanfiction made me laugh many times that day! :parry:
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby Super Luigi! » October 9th, 2022, 1:57 pm

Thanks. I wrote some goofy stories back then from what I remember, but I'm glad you liked them. Perhaps in the future, I'll make even more? We'll see.
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby WesternTanager794 » October 9th, 2022, 3:15 pm

Give me a day or two till I release chapter 1 and it will properly edited and easy to read. But I’m curious, Super Luigi, is this as active as the forum was, say ten years ago? I mean I see 32 topics in the Active Topics page which covers the last 7 days!
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby Super Luigi! » October 10th, 2022, 10:22 am

It's hard to tell, but I think at least a few more people were here regularly.
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby WesternTanager794 » October 10th, 2022, 12:19 pm

Well, it’s definitely more active then it was before I signed up! :parry:
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby WesternTanager794 » October 14th, 2022, 10:02 am

Chapter 1 of my Storyline FanFiction is here! I cannot find any mistakes in the grammar but a grammar checker I will soon run this through. Also note all of the Cs where applicable have been replaced with Ks when I get this chapter completely proofread it will be published on the Donkey Kong Country 4 Fangame Ideas page.

I hope you enjoy!

The Kremlings' Revenge
Chapter 1 Lightning and Thunder!
Cranky Kong was looking through his telescope, when he saw a sparkling glint of light coming from the base of the remains of Crocodile Isle. He zoomed in, and as he zoomed in, he said barely audibly, "What could be on Crocodile Isle? Are the kremlings repopulating it?"
Crocodile Isle had been weirdly been slowly rising above the sea until half of the island was above sea level. And it was still growing in menacing height. After he finished zooming, Cranky realized the glint of glass was much larger, this time he zoomed to max zoom and was eye to eye with a giant kremling eyeball.
"What the heck?!" said Cranky.
"What is it?" asked Dixie Kong coming out of Cranky's Cabin.
"A kremling eyeball is looking straight at me," Cranky informed her.
Dixie Kong had been looking through Cranky's archives in his basement to look at the history of the kremlings. Cranky had the letters of Captain K.rool's ancestors and the genealogy of every notable kremling and almost every kremling history book published. Cranky had told Dixie that the Kremlings historically kept massive libraries and maintained them well. What surprised Dixie the most was that the kremlings being so destructive were so careful at keeping meticulous records of the kremling peoples. Dixie once asked Cranky how he had all of them, he said that, “When my lumbering grandson and Diddy had their first adventure, they made all of the kremlings flee and left everything abandoned, I realized that enormous amounts of kremling history was going to disappear so I emptied each library and dug an enormous basement for all of the books. Also, similarly that is how my lumbering grandson got his banana hoard back, I hauled all of the bananas from the boss fights to his banana hoard because he couldn’t clean after himself!” Cranky usually used all the books as references and to spout out obscure kremling history whenever someone came over and there was a lull in the conversation. Dixie personally thought that sort of behavior was ridiculous and despised it.
Dixie replied to Cranky, "Isn't that weird?"
Cranky then said, "A tad bit, but I've seen kremlings over there plenty of times and it has all turned out to be all right in the end. It's not like they're building another Blast-o-Matic!"
Just then, Cranky's shed was shredded by an incoming cannonball.
"What was that!" Cranky asked obviously shocked.
"Maybe we should take cover," Dixie said.
“Raise you by two pieces o'eight.”
“Yer bluffing, Krook. I'll match yer two pieces o'eight, and raise ye three pieces o'nine.”
“Hehe, even if ye aren't bluffin', I'll win this hand. Kall.”
“I wouldn't be so sure! Look, Full House, Kings and jacks. I'd like to see ye beat that!”
“No problem, Krook. Four Jacks. Looks like I'll be winnin' this round!”
“Not so fast, Kaboing. Four Aces!”
“That's good, but this be better: Five Aces! Kan't beat that! Harharhar, money!”
“Hmpf, I guess you win. Let's play a different game, I don't like this one.”
“I told ye putting those decks together was a bad idea.”
“Hey, each of 'em missed kards. At least now they komplement each other.”
“Yer just mad 'kause I won!”
“K'mon, let's play a different game! --," Consequently, he was interrupted.
"There be a landlubbering kong looking direktly at me! Kaboing, get to your kannon!" said Kruncha.
“What? What?” said Kaboing.
The Kruncha on Crocodile Isle was very annoyed. He was almost going to go all red and angry! His one and only job was to make sure no one was witnessing this historik moment, and against all odds some kong eyeball with a teleskope was looking straight at him!
"No one must see this sinister endeavor or Captain K.rool, he must be thought dead! Prepare to fire!" said the Kruncha.
He gave the order to fire and he realized the kaboing had missed, bekause the eye was still looking at him.
"You fool! You missed! Fire again!" said the Kruncha.
"Ok sir," said Kaboing.
Kaboing fired the kannon and this time severely miscalculated and the kannonball landed in the sea. Kaboing expekted an angry rant but instead was greeted with, "The kong is gone! You hit your mark!"
The kaboing looked konfused, "But my shot landed in the sea! How kould I have taken out the kong? The kong kould've taken kover!"
"That doesn't matter, somehow the kong is dead, and that's the point! You kan go back to your ridikulous game!" said Kruncha.
"Skratch that game! K.rool's here!" said Krook.
Meanwhile, while they had been trying to fire at Cranky. K.rool had been steadily approaching where they were camped. K.rool had just shown up and a gnawty was unreeling a spool of wire, they were accompanied by a Kutlass and a lizardy looking fellow Kaboing hadn't seen before. Another important thing to note was that a storm was beginning to head to approach Crocodile Isle. The lizardy fellow was inspecting the terminal connections the gnawty had hooked up, when he was interrupted by the Captain, "The wires are connected properly, right Kunning?"
"Of course, Captain," said Kunning to K.rool.
Ever since the failure of the original Blast-o-Matic due to his incompetent underlings, he had searched far and wide for someone smarter than him, the infamous Captain K.rool. He had long since realized that if he himself had instead built the Blast-o-Matic perhaps even bringing back the genius disguise of Baron Von Kroolstein the Kongs would be dead right now. He had searched far and wide until he found Kunning who was apparently the former head of Kremkroc. K.rool didn't know this because he let the scientists at Kremkroc establish their own hierarkhy. At the time, Kunning had been konstrukting a thingamajig he called a wristwatch. He said it used quartz krystals to keep time. This was kompletely over K.rool's head and at the time he had just respektfully nodded as if he knew what he was talking about. Kunning had said that the device used a quartz krystal's vibrations to keep the sekonds konsistent. Kunning had shown K.rool over to his small hut and showed him the white board with all the formulas and K.rool pretended once again to understand everything he was talking about.
Kunning had then said, "You're almost as smart as I am, K.rool. In fact, my wristwatches are 52.7x more accurate at keeping time than the grandfather klocks in your kastle."
"Captain. Kutlass is ready," said the gnawty snapping K.rool back to attention.
"Good! Kutlass slice off the extra wire," said K.rool.
The Kutlass easily did and Kruncha said, "Are you sure you can trust this new technician of yours, Captain?"
"I'm absolutely positive! Do you doubt my word?" K.rool asked.
"No no no, of course not Captain, just his. Kunning’s not a name that bodes very well,” said Kruncha.
"He is kompletely trustworthy, I mean he is building the Kumulonimbus for me, so of kourse he kan be trusted," said K.rool.
"If my kalkulations are korrekt, and they are. In four minutes and eight sekonds lightning will strike the top of Crocodile Isle where my lightning rods stand and the elektricity will travel down the wire Gnawty has so graciously unwound for all of the kremlings on Crocodile Isle and of kourse, posterity. Anyway, where was I?" Kunning asked.
"Elektricity, sir," said Krook.
"Yes, thank you. Elektricity will travel down the wire with 1.21 gigawatts of power and jumpstart the Krocodile Kore," said Kunning.
"Whatever you say, Kunning. I'm sure it's all for the best. Of kourse, you do mean the Artifact not the Krocodile Kore, right it was your idea," said K.rool.
"Of course, the Artifakt, to keep those miserable kongs from katching on," said Kunning.
Kunning then checked his wristwatch and said, "Three minutes and twenty-seven sekonds now."
Three minutes and twenty-seven sekonds later, a bolt of lightning erupted from the sky above was instantly attracted by Kunning's system of lightning kontrol rods. The one lightning bolt diversified into fifteen smaller streaks of light and then struck the rods, then the rekonverged along one wire and quickly moved down Crocodile Isle at a speed of 186,000 miles an hour. The Artifakt was easily jumpstarted and kould've blown up from the elektrical overload. Suddenly, a stream of rainbow-kolored oscillating light erupted from the base.
Cranky was looking out his cabin window while Dixie was perusing a box of old papers.
"It says here that the kremling breeds were weak until the Krocodile Kore came about, it's news to me but I assume you knew it Cranky," said Dixie.
"Yes of course, then the breeds strengthened and started giving us all of the trouble we have today. Wait, did you see that?" Cranky asked.
"No, what did you see?" Dixie asked.
"A bolt of lightning struck Crocodile Isle and streamed down in a direct line as if on a string towards the base, and now, as I speak, there's a very thin rainbow beam," said Cranky.
"Is it the Krocodile Kore?" asked Dixie.
"I can't think of anything else it could be," said Cranky.
"That means K.rool is back," said Dixie.
Cranky then said, "Go to DK's Treehouse and fetch Diddy, he needs to see this!"

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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby Super Luigi! » October 14th, 2022, 1:30 pm

I'm not entirely sure what's happening here, but it seems to be a good story so far. Perhaps I'll write one soon too? If I do, it will likely be silly.
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby WesternTanager794 » October 14th, 2022, 2:03 pm

I just read it through and somehow I didn’t paste the first half of the story somehow I will fix that immediately, sorry Super Luigi! :parry:
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby WesternTanager794 » October 14th, 2022, 2:15 pm

Fixed! Once again, for anyone who read this and is confused, all my fault and I’m so sorry! :facepalm: :parry:
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby WesternTanager794 » October 15th, 2022, 11:56 am

The Kremlings' Revenge
Chapter 2 Lightning Doesn’t Strike the Same Place Twice, right?
Dixie ran as fast as she could to DK and Diddy’s treehouse, she would’ve have flown there if only the way was not uphill, but she was running and almost there. When she got there, she found Donkey playing on the GBA, while Diddy had a book and was starting pretending to be asleep.
“Diddy, I know you’re not sleeping. Now get up and go to Cranky’s. You also owe him a new shed, you said it could withstand anything the kremlings could throw at it!” said Dixie.
“What did the kremlings throw at it anyway?” Diddy asked.
“A cannonball went straight through it!” exclaimed Dixie.
“What how did a kremling toss a cannonball that hard?!" Diddy asked.
"They fired it out a cannon of course!" exclaimed Dixie.
"When I made that statement, I was referring to the metal roof which was in theory, thick enough to withstand anything the kremlings could really throw at it,” said Diddy.
“A deal’s a deal,” said Dixie.
“You can’t expect me to fix it in a day, wait, are you dragging me down there again to show me your progress in your book?” asked Diddy.
“Of course not! That’s ridiculous!” said Dixie.
“Really?” asked Diddy.
“Ok, it’s not that, this time, Cranky and I both believe that K.rool has jumpstarted the Kremling Life Source and is making ready to wage war on the Kongs!” said Dixie.
“What do you mean?!” said Diddy.
“It means we have to go!” said Dixie.
“Let’s go then!” said Diddy.
“What’s Donkey doing anyway?” asked Dixie.
“He’s trying to beat Donkey Kong Country 3 to no avail,” said Diddy.
“Why can’t he, it’s not that much harder than our adventure together,” said Dixie.
“Well, I don’t why he can’t beat the game,” said Diddy.
They ran the distance to Cranky’s Cabin and they got there in a timely manner. Dixie didn’t fly the way downhill because Diddy would fall behind.
“What took you so long?” demanded Cranky when they got there.
“We we’re discussing DK trying to beat DKC3 and...” Dixie was interjected by Cranky.
“I don’t care that much on how you spend your time, what I do know is that Squawks has had time enough to fly there and back from Crocodile Isle and get electrocuted in the process. Additionally, while Squawks was gone, I also had enough time to set up my spectrograph which takes a half hour to set up. But either way I'm being too tough on you. But the exposures are clear and there is for certain, Kremling Life Source Radiation radiating from the beam on Crocodile Isle. How Squawks got electrocuted though, I would assume he flew through the Kremling Power Source which was completely unnecessary,” Cranky said.
“Where is Squawks now?” asked Diddy.
“Probably back at his nest, I think he has a case of mild amnesia. He thought my name was Cantankerous, and he also thinks K.rool’s name is super cool. Where he got that idea, I don’t know,” said Cranky laughing.
“He should be better with time,” Cranky added.
“Cranky, Diddy none of that really matters, what matters is figuring out K.rool’s plans and means of transport. Whether he’s after the banana hoard, or after one of us,” said Dixie.
“You’d never see me get kidnapped!” said Cranky.
“We need to figure out if he planning to use the Flying Krock or something entirely different,” said Dixie.
“You know, Dixie’s right. We need a spy,” said Diddy.
“Not Squawks, he’s in no condition to fly, I wonder who?” said Dixie.
“I think the best course of action is if we instead lock down our weak points, lock down the banana hoards, blow up Kremkroc Industries, have no kong go out alone, and I’ll have to have that obnoxious Funky Kong assist me in creating a laser defense system so that we can “blast-o-matic” any kremling that ventures onto the shores of the DK Island,” Cranky chuckled at his own joke.
“Why do we have to go through all the work of blowing up Kremkroc Industries?” Diddy asked.
“You really don’t know? Well, I’ll have to tell you, the kremlings have two reasons for wanting the bananas,” said Cranky.
“What are they?” Diddy said.
“The reason are that they want to steal our food source and are obsessed on turning our bananas into gold,” said Cranky.
“Cranky, the whole kremling alchemy thing is a myth,” said Dixie.
“No, it isn’t, where do you think all of those banana coins showed up from after my lumbering grandson and you, Diddy ransacked Kremkroc?” Cranky said.
“You know Cranky, I just realized something, it doesn’t mean its K.rool, I mean for all we know a lightning bolt hit the spot where the Kremling Life Source was and that was enough to jumpstart it. Or maybe a Kritter hooked up jumper cables from one of the few kremling kars and electrocuted himself and the Kremling Life Source. And no one has seen K.rool in years and years and years. It’s Ockham’s Razor, it makes the most sense, therefore it’s true,” said Diddy.
“Ockham’s Razor prefers the scenario with fewer parameters!” said Cranky.
“Diddy, I think you should heed Cranky’s words, I mean it seems awfully coincidental that the lightning struck exactly where the Kremling Life Source resides,” said Dixie.
“Well, they say lightning never strikes the same spot twice and as far as I know it hasn’t struck there before,” said Diddy.
“This is going nowhere Diddy,” said Dixie.
“Probably not,” said Diddy.
“Get DK! He ought to settle your disagreement, I hope,” said Cranky.
So, Dixie and Diddy went back to the treehouse and as they were walking, Diddy started chatting, “You should know it has been terrible what DK’s and Kiddy’s side of the treehouse has fallen into ever since you moved out of the treehouse. DK, as you know has piles of trash surrounding his bed and Kiddy is just as bad as he is, you know it was nice having a clean treehouse, I mean he’s only been this bad at picking up since we came back from destroying K.rool’s Blast-o-matic and like I said before, Kiddy copies everything Donkey does. DK’s is a bad influence!” said Diddy.
“I left, because every day, I had to keep Donkey’s and Kiddy’s side of the treehouse clean, because I wouldn’t be able to live with all the clutter. Donkey didn’t care in the least about it, you’d think he preferred it dirty. I mean a thank you now and then but no habit changes,” said Dixie.
“We can finish discussing this later,” said Diddy.
Because at this point they had arrived at the treehouse. Diddy started to climb the rope ladder first and then Dixie followed.
“Donkey! The Kremling Life Source is back online, and that means K.rool’s coming for us!” said Dixie.
The lump in Donkey’s sheets didn’t respond, Diddy pulled the covers down and saw the lump was nothing more than a bunch of pillows.
“Where’s DK?” Diddy asked Dixie.
“The room doesn’t look any more ransacked than usual,” said Dixie.
“Donkey and Kiddy might just have gone somewhere,” said Diddy. “Do you see that?” asked Dixie pointing.
Diddy saw what she was looking at, it was Donkey’s GBA only smashed on the floor with wires and circuit boards askew.
“That doesn’t look good,” said Diddy.
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby WesternTanager794 » October 16th, 2022, 2:56 pm

The Kremlings Revenge
Chapter 3 The Meeting
♪♪Mission Impossible Theme Plays♪♪
Squitter was web platforming up Crocodile Isle. He was most of the way up K.rool’s Keep and was close to the window of the war room. He shot another web platform up, and when he heard voices from the window far above him, Squitter knew he had to hurry if he was going to hear anything important. Squitter had started at about midnight, web platforming from the bottom of Crocodile Isle. Squitter was tired. The wristwatch that Cranky had strapped around one of his legs beeped. Squitter realized it was 6:00 in the morning. Which was the commencing time of the meeting, so he had to hurry.
Cranky was watching Squitter slowing moving up the imposing Crocodile Isle.
“Squitter has to hurry! It’s 6:01!” Cranky said.
He pressed the button on his watch to start an audio transmission to him.
“Squitter, please hurry up! The time is 6:01! The sun is almost up! Start doing instant web platforms, if you don’t mind,” Cranky said.
He knew it was risky. Because one false step meant death. But it was of the utmost importance not to miss this meeting. The leaders of the Kremlings and the representatives of each kremling species were there to make a master plan for the second half of the year to come, 6:03. No kong had ever witnessed or listened to such an important kremling meeting. There was one exception, but she got caught. And she was executed after the meeting adjourned.
“Squitter! You’re almost there!” said Cranky.
He hoped that the spider would not get caught. If that happened, what was to come in the kremling invasion would be completely unknown.
"I mean the kremlings cannot expect someone to climb a sheer cliff," said Cranky.
Finally, Squitter was above the window and had hooked up the web platform to the castle. So, it would not eventually disappear.
Squitter had adjusted the web to 45 degrees so he could peer inside the window without being seen. He reached over to click the button to turn on the apparatus on his back. This apparatus would enable Cranky to hear what was going on inside.
“I hear you loud and clear!” said Cranky.
Cranky had said to him that the Hypersonic Audio Receiver would be able to hear even the slightest sound through the castle stone.
Cranky barely heard, the kremling representatives being called out, “Klampon, Present?”
“Krusha, present?”
“Gnawty, present?”
“Rekoil, Present?”
"That be all, Master Kunning be proceeding things this meeting,” said the Klump. Squitter was confused, why was K.rool here? Maybe he actually is dead?" he thought.
Cranky heard through the receiver, everything.
“Everyone please sit down,” said Kunning.
There was a groaning sound as all the wood benches groaned.
“The most important matter of today is, of course, the Invasion of Kong Island, codenamed, The Approaching Storm. You might have noticed that the Artifact is back online. Additionally, it is up to 90% of its historical strength. The ships in construction in the Krem Quay are the Kumulonimbus and the Gangplank Galleon II. The Kumulonimbus will contain the main invasion expeditionary force of 10,000 kremlings. There have been 20 species selected for the endeavor. The list of species is in the pamphlet each of you has. Five hundred of each breed will make it equal. Pick the best 500 you have. The Kumulonimbus has 3,500 cannons, which should be sufficient to have the kongs capitulate immediately. The far side of DK island will be invaded first, as many kremlings live there and few kongs. The Gangplank Galleon II will provide an auxiliary reserve force of 1,000. The breeds in the 1,000 have not been established yet. The kongs will be severely outnumbered, and in the end, we will be the victors. On top of that, we have many allies on the far side of Kong Island, including but not limited to, the largest colony of zingers in the world headed by King Morzeka. All representatives that are in favor, say aye,” Kunning said.
Every kremling hand shot up.
“Good! That means we can adjourn for now and discuss less important issues after the break,” said Kunning.
When everybody left, he said to Krusha next to him, “That went well. Remember the last time we tried to get all of the kremlings to go to war? It erupted with petty squabbling because we weighted the numbers based on breed, like more Armies than Gnawtys. But it is nice we have Gnawzookas joining our number,” said Kunning.
“I hadn't heard that! That is stupendous!” said Krusha.
“Do you know when the ships will be completed?” asked Kunning.
“Well, there was a minor delay because Konstrukt and his krew could not decipher your handwriting for some of the plans. But last I heard was 100 days, and the Gangplank Galleon II should be able to set sail the day after,” said Krusha.
“Make sure there are not any more delays. I put too much effort into these over-engineered plans to have them wrecked by a bunch of amateur builders,” said Kunning.
"Yes sir," said Krusha.
“Did you hear all that Cranky?” Asked Squitter.
“Every word,” said Cranky.
“I’m going to stay up here until the meeting ends. But where was K.rool?” said Squitter.
“I have no idea,” said Cranky.
“Do you know what the Artifact is?” asked Squitter.
“I don’t know!” Cranky said, almost laughing.
The rest of the matters were less important to him and he only half listened to him. He was almost nodding off when Diddy tapped him on the shoulder.
Diddy and Dixie had not looked that night beyond the two pairs of footsteps leading away from the treehouse. One trail was identifiable as Kiddy’s. the other appeared to be Donkey’s. Both led into the dangerous jungle. What disturbed them was that a kremling set of footprints went the same direction.
“They should not be going out there. Especially at night, it is dangerous to even Donkey,” Dixie had said.
In the morning, they met at the foot of the treehouse and sat down.
“I haven’t seen any sign of them. have you, Dixie?” Diddy asked.
“I haven’t either,” said Dixie.
“Should we go to Cranky for advice? or head into the jungle and pursue them?” asked Diddy.
“The smart thing is to head to Cranky’s,” said Dixie.
“Ok,” said Diddy.
The walk to the cabin was completely normal, but they found Cranky’s door ajar.
“Did the same thing that happened to Kiddy and DK happen to Cranky too?” Diddy asked.
“I have no idea. Truly, I don’t want to know,” said Dixie.
They both peeped in. The room was empty. It was a bit dirty, but not ransacked. They both cautiously went around the side. Cranky was in the back, sitting in his rocking chair with his telescope in front of him. It was pointing at Crocodile Isle, and he appeared to be sleeping.
“Is he dead?” Dixie asked, fearing the worst.
“I don’t think so,” said Diddy creeping closer.
Diddy tapped his shoulder. “What, what?! Back again?! That was quick! So, you have come back to the master for more advice, eh?” said Cranky.
“Kiddy and DK went into the jungle with kremling footsteps following them!” said Dixie.
“Kiddy and Donkey can handle themselves fine,” said Cranky, attempting to be reassuring.
“In the night?” asked Dixie.
“Forget what I said! The two of them are fools thinking they can go out at night. At night you are facing enemies you cannot see and they can see you. They are toast! And I just realized that is probably where my hunting rifle got to!” said Cranky.
“Your famed hunting rifle?! Yours holds the record for most Kremlings shot in the post-DKC trilogy period!” exclaimed Diddy.
“It does?” asked Cranky.
“So, the best kremling hunter on the island lost his rifle to DK! You say you can hear him coming from a mile away!” said Diddy.
“I was sleeping!” said Cranky.
“That’s fair,” said Dixie.
“It probably boils down to this. I occasionally bring you along on my hunting trips. But I used to bring DK on my hunting trips when he was little. And I always said to myself, this monkey is too trigger-happy. I kept my mouth shut until one day when he shot an endangered banana bird. I said to him that that was the last straw. And he said to me he thought it was Screech! Of all things! DK has always been after that bird. Then I say to him that Screech is not bright yellow! I suppose you can find him at the old hunting spot here. I and DK used to go there all the time for kremlings. But they eventually left because of me, stealthy as I am. Here is a map. I suppose you can find him here. What confuses me is why DK did not get back at me sooner,” said Cranky.
“Thanks!” said Diddy.
“Do you have any more advice?” Dixie asked. “You can find all the fun in ropey rampage in between a rock and a hard place,” said Cranky.
“Ha ha! Bye, Cranky,” said Diddy.
“See you later, Alligator! Ha Ha!” Cranky said.
“According to Cranky's map. The two of them should be around here,” said Dixie.
“Then that is where we should go,” said Diddy.
They walked a long time before nearing the clearing. Then they heard gunshots ring out, a lot of them.
“If that is who I think it is. Then that does not sound good!” said Diddy.
They rushed out into the clearing. Expecting to see one of them or both of them in trouble. Instead, they saw them looking disappointed.
“How did you miss it when you shot 11 bullets?” Kiddy asked.
“Somehow, Screech was moving faster than I was shooting,” said Donkey.
Dixie marched over and wrenched the gun out of Donkey’s hands. “Come on! I almost had him, Dixie!” said Donkey.
“You didn’t have to steal Cranky’s rifle,” said Dixie.
“He was the closest with a rifle. And there are only two or three hunters with rifles these days. And I figured he didn’t need it because it has been sitting on the mantelpiece for years just collecting dust,” said Donkey.
“He takes us on hunting trips now and then,” said Diddy. “Since when? Oh, never mind, it doesn’t matter, I suppose Cranky has a rant ready for me back at his cabin,” said Donkey.
“No, he wanted us to find you to deliver the news. The Kremling Power Source is back online!” said Dixie.
“What! Since when?” Donkey asked.
“Since yesterday, he wanted to call us all together to discuss what to do,” said Diddy.
“Well, we have to go now!” Said Donkey.
Eventually, they made it to Cranky’s Cabin, fairly fast. Donkey offered to piggyback Diddy and Kiddy decided to piggyback Dixie. Cranky was waiting for them in front of his cabin.
“I’m not even going to complain about you stealing my gun. Because there are more pressing matters to attend to,” said Cranky.
Diddy got off Donkey’s back. And Dixie got off Kiddy’s. Funky and Wrinkly were inside.
Cranky started speaking, “For those of you that know, I will give a refresher. For those of you who do not know, this should be news. The Kremling Power Source is back online! It appears that the kremlings are planning an attack led by a mysterious new leader named Kunning. Yes, I know, this sounds like Donkey Kong Country 3 all over again, except it isn't KAOS. The Kremling Life Source is back up to 90% of historical precedence and ships are being constructed in the Krem Quay! I will not say anything more about the ships. But, Diddy, Kiddy, Dixie, and Donkey, what do you think of the new information?” Cranky asked.
“I think Kunning is actually K.rool and this is a final attempt to snatch DK Island up,” said Dixie.
“Then you agree with my opinion,” said Cranky.
“I think the kremlings aren’t going to go through with it. It doesn’t seem like K.rool’s strategy. I said yesterday, that maybe some Kremling hooked jumper cables up to it and jumpstarted the source,” said Diddy.
“I think the kremlings are bluffing,” said Donkey.
“Bluffing to themselves!? That’s ridiculous!” Cranky laughed.
“How do you know all of this anyway?” said Donkey.
“My source would like to remain anonymous,” said Cranky.
“That’s nonsense! Anyway, this is just as ridiculous. K.rool hasn’t been seen in 23 years. He is clearly dead,” said Donkey.
“I think Donkey is right,” said Kiddy.
“You always copy him and think any crazy thing he says is true,” said Diddy.
“Well, that’s only partially true, just last week I had a different favorite sandwich than him!” Kiddy said.
“All right! I concede!” Diddy said.
“Funky, Wrinkly, what do you think?” Cranky asked.
“I think no cool K.rool is back, Cranky dude,” said Funky.
“My name is not Cranky dude,” said Cranky.
“Ok, dude,” said Funky.
“I personally think that if K.rool is back, then he would’ve enacted his plan a long time ago,” said Wrinkly.
“I think the meeting should be adjourned. A decisive conclusion cannot be reached. 4-3! Either way, we should prepare for the worst and hope for the best,” Cranky said.
Cranky then slammed his gavel down.
"The meeting is adjourned!" said Cranky.

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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby Super Luigi! » October 17th, 2022, 6:40 am

After reading those chapters, I think it's time I thought of something. Here's a silly story that's also short:

Silly Siblings
Diddy laughed happily as several Banana Fairies hugged him. Although none of the fairies had asked for a gift, he gave them bananas anyway to thank them for their hard work. Now he was covered by their cuddles, and even the queen embraced him with majestic motherly love while smiling warmly.

Meanwhile, Dixie found herself in the local flower fields where many beautiful plants grew as well. The air was always so peaceful here, and she loved spending time admiring the scenery and dozing gently. Indeed, the sweetness soon soothed her soul, and she began to sleep safe and sound.

As for Tiny, she was busy cuddling a friendly fox who thought she was beautiful and cool. It was truly a battle to behold, but in the end, both friends decided that they were too evenly matched. Thus, the duo soon explored a cool cave together.
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby Super Luigi! » October 17th, 2022, 6:47 am

Thanks. I tried to make it sound somewhat interesting, but it's no epic tale like yours. If I make more stories in the future, I might use these three characters often, and maybe I'll throw Chunky in some of them too.
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby WesternTanager794 » October 17th, 2022, 6:50 am

Thanks! I'm happy to read your stories. Although, I feel like your writing is better than mine. Your short stories are very funny, cute, and enjoyable! :thumbs: :parry:
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby Super Luigi! » October 17th, 2022, 6:52 am

I'm glad they help, even if they typically don't contain much suspense. I've definitely practiced writing over the years as well, so maybe that's why mine might seem better than yours. Personally, however, I like your stories, and I think we simply write differently.
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby WesternTanager794 » October 17th, 2022, 6:54 am

When they're short stories like that, they don't need much suspense. But thank you! :dixiehappy: :parry:
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby WesternTanager794 » October 17th, 2022, 1:31 pm

The Kremlings Revenge
Chapter 4 The Approaching Storm
Two months passed by, and nothing happened. Even Cranky was beginning to suspect that he was wrong. Then the kremlings raised the anchor for the Kumulonimbus.
“The Kumulonimbus has set sail! I repeat, operation "The Approaching Storm" is underway,” said a Klump.
As if to prove that. A nasty-looking thunderstorm was heading in the same direction as the Kumulonimbus.
“Bon Voyage!” said a Klinger, hanging from rigging from a neighboring ship.
“So do you think they kan do it?” asked a Kritter.
“Probably," said a Zinger.
Swiftly the Kumulonimbus traveled. It seemed to float above the waves. In fact, the Kumulonimbus was. Kunning had had the ship accumulating seawater. Using hydrolysis, he separated the water into oxygen and hydrogen. Oxygen for fuel. Hydrogen for creating a bubble cushion beneath the Kumulonimbus. The longer the ship sailed, the more lift it achieved. Kunning was very happy that he had gotten his way with Captain K.rool, as he had wanted another Blast-o-Matic. Luckily, he had convinced him it was better to keep the island for its natural resources. Although, K.rool had been quite angry when he learned the ship was not a Blast-o-Matic. The kremlings aboard the Kumulonimbus were learning how to use their new weapons. Hopefully, none of the kremlings annihilated the Kumulonimbus while they were training. Looking out his window, he saw the impressiveness of the island. The impressiveness of this angle soon became clear to him as the Kumulonimbus approached the island. There was a knock on the door.
“Kome in,” Kunning said.
A kouple of kritters kame in holding a very angry-looking Tiny Kong.
“We found a Kong spy!” said one of the two kritters.
“I can see that. Tiny, how are you doing?” said Kunning.
“You know perfectly well how I am doing! Terribly!” said Tiny Kong.
"I thought we executed you at the last spying adventure you had. Well. You return!" said Kunning.
"I escaped!" said Tiny.
“Message about the discovery of Tiny Kong to K.rool. Then execute Tiny, even if K.rool tells you to imprison her. I will kover for you,” said Kunning.
The two kritters headed to the radio room and picked up the mic.
“Do you hear me, Captain?” asked the second Kritter through the radio. “Loud and klear!” said K.rool.
"We caught a spy!” said the first Kritter.
“Great! Toss the spy in prison! When you dock, I will deal with the Kong personally,” said K.rool.
They left the radio room and started talking to each other.
“Do you think we should disobey the Captain’s orders? Or should we disobey Kunning’s orders?” asked the first.
“I don’t know what we should do. I think that Kunning kould kill us sooner than K.rool. The Gangplank Galleon II kannot sail until the next kouple of days. Also, it sails with the wind,” said the sekond.
Kunning then came towards them from around a bend in the hall.
"Let me guess, K.rool told you to imprison them. And you are having sekond thoughts,” said Kunning.
"Sounds about right,” said the sekond Kritter.
“You said you would kover for us, but that doesn’t mean we eskape the Captain’s wrath,” said the first.
“Did he say anything about tossing them in jail alive?” Kunning asked.
“He didn’t say anything of the like. You know, that’s a good idea!” said the second Kritter.
They both drew their swords at once. The two of them loosened their grip on Tiny Kong. And Tiny Kong saw her chance and escaped. When Tiny escaped her captors, she eventually made her way to the twentieth deck. When Tiny got there, she was dismayed. She looked over the side of the ship. The water was over three hundred feet below. Tiny Kong had to find somewhere to hide onboard. She eventually found a barrel with its lid open and sealed herself in the barrel tight. She heard many kremling voices go around her. Nobody opened the barrel, luckily enough.
Eventually, the Kumulonimbus docked and started unloading cannons. Kremlings began lining up upon the shore in lines and columns. The Kongs living in the harbor were confused and scared. A krusha delivered the ultimatum to the mayor of the Kongs.
It read; The Kremling Expeditionary Invasion Force has landed. The leaders of the force request your immediate and unkonditional surrender. When you surrender, the following things will happen. A. the kurfew will begin at 8:00 at night. A border patrol will also be enakted.
Head Tekhnician
Mr. X
Chief of Staff
Kremling Koordinator
The mayor signed the paper with the nearest pen he had nearby. Then the mayor sent the kremling messenger on his way. He had seen the size of the force and did not want to mess with such an army. Engaging in combat would likely be a massive error. Perhaps in hindsight, he would regret his decision. But maybe not.
When the ship had started its descent, it had already flown over the mainland and made three rotations. Tiny tried to pry open the lid of the barrel. Tiny Kong found it impossible to get out. Tiny was almost going to panic. Then she realized that she was going to draw attention to herself. Tiny Kong decided to lay low for now.
Cranky Kong decided to call together another council. When Wrinkly, Funky, Diddy, Kiddy, Donkey, and Dixie arrived. He began.
“This meeting will now come to order! I have new news. Squawks told me of the Kremling Army on the "far side of the island." Squawks, what do they call the army?” Cranky asked.
“The Kremling Expeditionary Invasion Force. The K.E.I.F,” announced Squawks.
“What he told me means they have stopped all communication. Squawks has also told me they have a border patrol with Gnawzookas of all things! I still think K.rool is behind this. Has anyone ever seen Kunning? No one has, he is a mystery. You would think I would be talking about Mr. X, but I’m not. Will we have a decisive vote this time? You can either vote to attack the kremlings or not to, I think the evidence is overwhelming and requires immediate action,” said Cranky.
“Squawks’s brains are obviously addled. He is probably still affected by the electric shock he suffered a couple of months ago. I think for now he is seeing things,” said Donkey.
“My brains are not bot addled,” said Squawks.
“Not helping,” said Dixie.
“For those opposed to war against the kremlings, raise your hand,” said Cranky.
Donkey and Kiddy raised their hands.
“This leaves Funky, Wrinkly, Diddy, and Dixie. It is still not a decisive result. A decisive result, in this case, would have to be at least 5-1. It is 4-2, the meeting is adjourned,” said Cranky.
Everyone was annoyed with Donkey and Kiddy for deciding against it. But either way, Donkey went back to the treehouse. There he saw Expresso. “Expresso, could you check to see if the Kremlings have invaded the far side of DK Island? Be careful of the kremling border patrol that might be there,” said Donkey.
Expresso nodded his head yes, and took off.
“Thanks! Goodbye!” Donkey yelled after him.
Expresso whizzed by everything in a flash. Thirty minutes after he started his sprint, he left a couple of patrolling kremlings in his dust.
“What just happened?” Asked the Gnawzooka.
“I think that was Expresso,” said the Krusha.
“I will sound the alarm for a breach. All Kremlings, Expresso Ostrich has broken the line and is heading your direktion!” said the Gnawzooka. Expresso eventually merged from the jungle to the trail, and he left two cats of nine tails in the dust.
“Block the road!” One of them cried into the radio.
The barricade was almost complete. Expresso Ostrich would’ve been caught. When he whizzed through the small gap.
“Barrikade Breached! Barrikade Breach!” said the kritter guarding it. Expresso eventually whizzed into town. Then he went straight to the mayor’s house. He was outside in a chair soaking up the sunshine when Espresso stopped in front of him.
“Is it true that the Far side of the Island is subjugated?” Expresso asked.
“Yes, if I were you, I would warn the rest of the Kongs,” he said.
“That's where I’m going,” said Expresso.
“I forgot to mention there are Gnawzookas as they call them with TNT barrels that fire super-fast, I mean really fast,” said the mayor.
“Got it,” said Expresso.
He ran the other way this time whizzing past the world. The only trouble he encountered this time was that the barricade had an even narrower gap this time. Two gnawzookas fired at him, blowing each other up instead of him. When Espresso finally reached DK’s Treehouse, Donkey was waiting for him.
“The Kremlings have invaded the far side of the island!” Espresso said.
“Are you sure?” Asked Donkey.
“Certain,” the ostrich said.
“Kiddy! The kremlings have invaded DK Island!” said Donkey.
“Ok!” said Kiddy.
Both of them went to Cranky’s Cabin. Cranky looked surprised to see them.
“Have you brought back those bananas I loaned you?” Cranky asked.
“Of course not,” said Donkey. “I might have guessed,” said Cranky.
“Both of us decided to change our votes,” said Donkey.
“It’s about time, but anyway what convinced you?” Cranky asked them.
“Espresso went there and told us all about it!” Kiddy said.
“Good!” Cranky said.
“I’ll tell everyone the news!” Said Cranky.
“What do you mean?” Donkey asked.
“They’re all in the back debating on how to change your minds. Everyone! They changed their minds,” Cranky yelled out his window.
“Great!” said Dixie.
“Good choice, Donkey-dude!” said Funky.
“I knew you’d come around to it,” said Wrinkly.

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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby WesternTanager794 » October 18th, 2022, 8:52 am

For everyone’s information, Chapter 5 will have a delayed release. I am in the end of the idea formulation stage so just a few days until the release. Perhaps I should’ve spread out the release of the first four chapters than one a day. Either way I hope everyone enjoyed the first four chapters! :parry:
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby WesternTanager794 » October 18th, 2022, 4:38 pm

UPDATE: If anyone has any ideas for future chapters or wants to see anything in particular happen, feel free to share them! Even if it doesn’t line up with what I have planned if I like it I will either change my ideas or incorporate your ideas in! Feel free to post or PM me! :parry:
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby WesternTanager794 » October 19th, 2022, 2:33 pm

The Kremlings Revenge
Chapter 5 K.rool Kaves
K.rool gazed into the black abyss. K.rool could see the castle lit up by the workers' torchlights. The metallik clanging of the hammers he heard. The workers were karving the kastle into the stone. What began as an intricate maze of passages, feared by the kongs, was transformed into a massive chamber by dwarf mercenaries. He kould see Kunning's assistant Konstrukt traverse the stairs down. The maze of stairs proceeded from the mouth of the kave. In the end, it drove into the murky depths of the kave. The kastle was nearing kompletion! And when the fortress was komplete, it would be a one-to-one replika of Kastle KAOS.
A few days before, The Gangplank Galleon II had set off to journey to the island. Konstrukt had finished building it the day before they sailed. He knew he had to travel to the other side of the island. He had a spy to deal with. Kunning had been worried about the strategic lokation where the kave resided. It was good that Mr. X konvinced Kunning that the kongs were unlikely to forget their fear of the place. Either way, the kongs would have to overwhelm the kremling armies before they kould siege the kave. He began to exit the kave. There he stared at the majesty of the Gangplank Galleon II.
An old-looking gnawty approached him and said, "It looks as good as it did in its prime!"
"That it does!" said K.rool.
"Captain! Your hoverboat is ready!" said Rekoil.
"Great!" said K.rool.
K.rool had some poor memories of this hoverboat. The last time he rode in the hoverboat, a Mama Bird chased him around the Northern Kremispheres. But he would not be afraid of that anymore. He got in and turned the ignition key.
"As you may notice, Captain. It works like a charm!" said Rekoil.
"I kan see that! Does it have enough fuel to get me to the Kumulonimbus and back?" K.rool asked.
"Klump measured it out specifically for you to be able to travel there and back twice," said Rekoil.
"Good! I'll be off now!" said K.rool.
The ride was bumpy, but it was fast, faster even than the Gangplank Galleon II. K.rool spent a few hours just cruising and enjoying the scenery. Soon after that, he reached the occupied port. K.rool moored his hoverboat and walked on the pier.
"Captain!" he was greeted by two kritters.
The two of them were guarding the gangplank to the Kumulonimbus.
"I am looking for the kong spy that stowed away," said K.rool.
"I haven't heard anything about any spies,"
"Me neither!"
"I'll have to find someone who does then!" said K.rool with a puff.
He asked around. The kremlings he asked were perplexed. They had never heard of a spy onboard.
"Someone must have! Otherwise, this was all just a waste!" said K.rool.
Any kremlings he kame akross had no idea what he was talking about. Then he ran into Kunning, literally.
"Kunning!" said K.rool.
"Ow! Ow! K.rool!" Kunning said.
Kunning was the first person K.rool wanted to see.
K.rool was the last person Kunning wanted to see.
"Kunning! Kan you explain to me where the spy is?" K.rool asked.
"Not right now! I'm busy!" said Kunning karrying a lot of rolled papers and dokuments.
"It's important! I need to interrogate that kong and figure out how much the kongs know!" said K.rool.
"What spy?" Kunning asked quickly.
"What spy? The spy that the two kritters lokated!" said K.rool, beginning to get angry.
"I don't know what you're talking about," said Kunning innocently.
"Someone must know!" said K.rool with a huff.
"It sounds like the crew is keeping quiet," said Kunning silently.
K.rool asked a Klick-Klack, then a Klobber, and then a Gnawzooka. None of them knew anything about a spy.
"It sounds like someone is playing a very bad joke on me!" said K.rool.
"Kritter! Have you seen any spies!" barked K.rool.
"Yes! There was one kaught on the voyage! Kunning said it was Tiny Kong! She eskaped!" said Kritter.
"What! I thought we killed her after eavesdropping on the meeting!" said K.rool.
"She seemed to have eskaped from being executed at the meeting! And no one said anything!" said Kritter.
"Are you one of the two kritters that kalled this in?" asked K.rool.
"No, but I saw the kapture! Two kritters brought her to Kunning! As far as I know, Tiny Kong never eskaped the ship," said Kritter.
"Tell everyone to search the ship! I will deal with Kunning.
K.rool went to Kunning's kabin and found him marking over some diagrams.
"Kunning, what is the meaning of this!" said K.rool.
"Meaning of what?" said Kunning, not looking up from his work.
"You know what I mean!" said K.rool.
"Sadly, I do not," said Kunning.
This time he looked up, but without losing the calm timbre in his voice.
"You deliberately koncealed the matter of the eskaped spy from me!" said K.rool.
"What do you mean?" asked Kunning.
Kunning's voice was starting to lose that tranquil tone. Kunning knew that those who deceived the Captain were killed. He knew that he needed to pin it on somebody else.
"How do you still not know what I am referring to?" asked K.rool.
"Are you talking about the spy we attempted to execute? I completely forgot! I've been so busy!" asked Kunning with a fake laugh.
Kunning knew his crew was incredibly loyal to him. So, who gave it away?
"You just forgot about it?" K.rool said, very boggled.
"Yes! I have had guards guarding all the exits and the decks. And no one has seen any monkeys!" said Kunning with finality.
"That means that Tiny Kong is still on the ship! I'll have to see if the searchers have been successful!" said K.rool.
K.rool subsequently left, and Kunning was left alone.
"Well, that's resolved!" said Kunning with a relieved sigh.
"Has anyone found that Tiny Kong yet?" K.rool bellowed.
"Still searching, sir!" said a kaboing.
"Search everywhere! Even the barrels!" said K.rool, bellowing.
Tiny Kong gasped, "Tough luck being in this barrel. I don't have much energy to be able to escape any pursuers."
Just then, she had an idea.
"What if I stick my legs and arms out and pretend to be a Klobber?" Tiny Kong said to herself.
She broke the barrel on the sides and the bottom and started moving.
"What!" said K.rool startled.
"Hi, Captain," said Tiny Kong with a kremling accent.
"Oh, a Klobber. Didn't see you there!" said K.rool.
"No worries," said Tiny Kong.
"Watch out!" said a Klampon.
"Sorry," said Tiny Kong.
She kept leaving one deck. To find herself on another floor just as bustling as the last. Eventually, she was worried that this ship didn't end. Then Tiny Kong emerged into the fresh and salty air. After breathing nothing but air through a rotting barrel for days, it was at least an improvement. The bright blue sky lay above her. But she knew she couldn't tarry. Then a Kopter crashed into her.
"Look out!" said the Kopter.
But it was too late. The Kopter ripped open the barrel and almost chopped her!
"Many apologies, Klobber," said the Kopter.
When he realized it wasn't a Klobber, it was a kong holding onto a few bits of wood.
"Kong!" said the Kopter.
Everyone suddenly dived for her. She jumped off the side of the ship into the tropical waters.
Kunning heard the commotion and left his cabin. K.rool was on the top deck and ran to try to catch the spy.
"After her!" said K.rool.
"I'm not diving into the frigid waters," said a Kritter.
"It's DK Island. The waters are warm!" said K.rool.
Kunning seemingly had more wits about him.
"Release the aquatic avengers!" said Kunning.
The water creatures were stored in a tank on the second to last deck.
"Released!" said a Krusha as he yanked the lever.
Luckily, Enguarde was patrolling the waters around the ship. Looking for enemies. Otherwise, Tiny Kong probably would've been dead.
"Hop on!" Enguarde said.
"I will! Thanks, Enguarde!" said Tiny.
"Don't thank me yet! We have a long way to go before we reach the Kongo Jungle!" said Enguarde.
"You're kidding me! That's the sekond time she has eskaped from me!" said K.rool, stomping on his hat.
Kunning showed a slight smile.
Then he said to K.rool, "There is an upside to this. Tiny Kong will go to warn them. Everyone panics and hopefully gets ready for the attack. That means they will come to us. We won't have to come to them. The far side of the island is completely unknown to them. They will not have the turf advantage that they would have from us going to them."
"Also, Tiny Kong has not seen me, and everything will still go akkording to plan!" said K.rool.
"Once we get established on the far side of the island, we should invade Kremkroc Industries to nab the resources to build even more Kumulonimbuses," said Kunning.
"You do that. I ought to be going!" said K.rool.
"How complete is K.rool Kastle?" asked Kunning.
"Almost done! Then we kan invade the rest of the island!" said K.rool.
"I worry that the kongs will have time to put up resistance with the time we tarry," said Kunning.
"Don't worry! It won't be long before DK Island is konquered!" said K.rool.

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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby WesternTanager794 » October 21st, 2022, 10:05 am

The Kremlings Revenge
Chapter 6 The Kongs Return
“Funky, you said you had a plan. What is it?” Cranky asked.
“Dude, I say we fly to the only kong town on the far side of the island. We get supplies there. Then we take down the kremlings!” said Funky.
“Sounds good! I say we do it!” said Cranky.
“Cranky, aren’t you forgetting something?” asked Diddy.
“I don’t think so,” Cranky said.
“It’s the most logical thing to invade the only place we have resources on the far side of the island. Did Expresso even say where they invaded?” Diddy asked.
“No, he didn’t,” said DK.
“I say we take the risk. The worst thing that can happen is that the kremlings fire cannonballs at us!” said Funky.
“Cranky, I suppose you should build a cabin for every place we might be exploring. And Wrinkly can find an unoccupied Cave any place we need,” said Dixie.
“It’s harder than you think to find an unoccupied cave,” said Wrinkly.
“Maybe so, but we need your help,” said Dixie.
“I’ll see what I can do,” said Wrinkly.
“Maybe somebody should look for Expresso and ask him specifically?” Kiddy said.
"I'm happy to go!" said Donkey Kong.
"I'll go too!" said Diddy.
Donkey and Diddy left to hunt for Expresso. Meanwhile, everyone else debated on what to do.
"I say we see what happens when we fly over Hermit Crab Cove! If the fire cannonballs at us, we find a different spot to land!" said Funky.
"I agree with that plan. It's no use hunting for the kremlings without first finding out where they are occupying," said Dixie.
"I say we go ahead and take everyone on the plane!" said Wrinkly.
"I think we should go on foot. While all of you, where's Diddy and DK?" Cranky asked.
"They went hunting for Expresso," said Kiddy.
"It's about time they brought Expresso back into the game! But the four I am referring to should fly," said Cranky.
"Then we should wait for DK and Diddy," said Dixie.
A few hours went by. DK and Diddy were soon spotted running back to Cranky's Cabin.
"We couldn't find him!" said Diddy with a puff.
"We searched everywhere!" said DK with a huff.
"Well, that's settled! You four should take Funky's Flights. We will go on foot!" said Cranky.
"Why should you guys go by foot?" asked Diddy.
"To avoid detection. Either everyone is going to be looking at us, or the plane. Either way the other escapes detection," said Cranky.
"What's Squawks doing here?" asked Kiddy.
"He's probably back with the news I've been waiting for!" said Cranky.
"Klubba has decided he's on our side! He's ready to spy on the kremlings for us!" said Squawks.
"That's great! What's the status of your plane? Have you repaired it since the last incident?" asked Cranky.
"I just repaired my plane. I'm all ready to go!" said Funky.
"Is it going to explode again?" asked Wrinkly, skeptically.
"I tested it out already it barely backfires and has a very low probability of exploding. So, that's settled!" said Funky.
Kiddy, Diddy, DK, and Dixie all walked the distance to his plane and set off. The plane looked like a small jumbo jet but with most of the seats removed. One of the wings looked like it was about to fall off. Funky assured them it was not. Funky said he mostly used the plane for shipping supplies. He rarely got more than 2 or 3 kongs on his airplane.
As the plane gained in elevation, they could see Wrinkly and Cranky waving at them. They waved back. Soon enough they could see the basic geographic features of the other side of the island. A gaping hole of a haunted cave. A foreboding, old castle. The bay of Hermit Crab Cove. The Misty Mountains.
"We should be nearing the port of Orangatanga soon!" said Funky.
"The backfiring is very loud back here!" Diddy said.
"Don't worry! The engine hardly ever explodes since I serviced it," said Funky.
"The engine hardly ever explodes?!" Dixie exclaimed.
"Once again, don't worry!" said Funky.
"Is that a giant ship made out of metal?" DK asked.
"It appears to be," said Dixie.
"Huh. I wonder if that is what the kremlings used to invade?" Diddy asked.
"Maybe!" said Funky all the way in the front.
“Is that what I think it is?” Diddy asked.
“That is the port of Orangatanga. if that is what you mean,” said Funky.
“No! I see kremlings everywhere down there!” said Diddy.
“Diddy Man, that doesn’t sound good,” said Funky.
“I would not be too worried. Unless the kremlings start firing at us,” said Dixie.
“I think I know why Cranky did not want to fly in this contraption,” said Diddy.
“Why?” Funky asked.
“Because we probably are going to get blown up!” Diddy said.
“Diddy Dude, no need to be a pessimistic pal! The probabilities of us getting spotted are low!” Funky said.
“Like with the engine?” Dixie asked.
“Exactly! Now I believe the probability of us being spotted is even lower than the engine blowing up,” said Funky.
Just then, cannonballs started whizzing past them!
“I take it back! Perhaps the probability is a bit higher than I anticipated,” said Funky.
One cannonball shot past the right wing, and another whizzed past the left. There was a pause in the fire. Then a gigantic explosion happened.
"What was that?" asked Kiddy.
"I have no idea! But at least they stopped firing!" said Funky.
"If you call that a relief," said DK.
"Why wouldn't you?" asked Funky.
"Because it is like they are waiting for something," said DK.
"What?" asked Funky.
"I have no idea," said DK.
Beep! Beep! Beep! A red light started flashing on the control panel of the plane.
"What's that?" Diddy asked.
"I don't know. Someone should find the manual!" said Funky.
"I thought you built it!" said Dixie.
"I did, but I salvaged the body and the control panel from an old airplane," said Funky.
"I think I found it," said Kiddy.
"It says manual of the airplane," said DK.
"You go ahead and find the control panel diagram," said Funky.
DK looked over and saw that button 51 on the diagram was what was flashing.
"It says missile lock indicator!" said DK.
"What! Since when have the kremlings had missiles?!" said Funky.
"Maybe the new leader Kunning has built modern technology?" said Dixie.
"I don't know!" said Funky.
"Maybe it's glitchy. We haven't blown up yet!" said Diddy.
"I would like to know what a missile is?" asked Kiddy.
"Uhh. Let me find the words. It is a flying explosive device," said Funky.
"Ok," said Kiddy.
Boom! The missile had split into three and had specifically aimed for the tail and the wings.
"Uhh. I have lost indicators on the tail and the wings," said Funky.
"What!" said Diddy.
"That is one smart missile to blow those up specifically. We might be in for a rough landing! Losing elevation insanely fast! Hold on!" said Funky.
"Get parachutes on!" said Diddy.
"The parachutes are underneath your seats! We are at 7,000 feet! Hurry up! Come in, Kongo Jungle! Losing altitude! The tail and wings are gone! Crashing near Hermit Crab Cove!" said Funky.
"Prepare to jump!" said DK.

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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby Super Luigi! » October 21st, 2022, 3:05 pm

These stories are always a mix of comedy and suspense. Maybe I'll think of more story ideas later on, but for now, yours are great, WesternTanager794. Well done.
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby WesternTanager794 » October 21st, 2022, 3:16 pm

Thanks! I am planning to incorporate one of your ideas in the next chapter! I won’t say which one though. :parry:
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