Donkey Kong Country REMAKE

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Donkey Kong Country REMAKE

Postby ribis » June 21st, 2018, 7:45 am

Hello everyone,

3 years ago I was working in this project:

Basically I remake the "engine" of the game using construct2 that export in html5 and javascript. (so, it's possible to play in the browser). at that time I made like the 75% of the possible gamplay of the whole game.

Why contruct2 instead of unity? because it's faster to make prototype and I don't have enough time to write the codes and also the exporter it's really good because let's the player to play directly to the browser.

Now, I remade from zero the engine to make it better and easier (faster, less script) and I'm almost finished all the function of the gameplay. I also implemented a way to make easier the level design (because I use the tilemap) and other cool stuff that I'm going to share in the near future.

I'm posting here because yes, I want to make a remake but I would like to add some cool options that will change the gameplay a "little bit" :D and for doing that I would need someone who can make simple animation that looks like the original game. When I say new animation I mean edit the animation of the kong to let the player doing more cool stuff.

Please, contact me in this post if someone is interested.

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Re: Donkey Kong Country REMAKE

Postby rainbowsprinklez » June 22nd, 2018, 1:26 am

Cool stuff! Looks fun! Are you planning on copying the terrain and just manipulating objects? That's what I'm currently working on. It's fun that way!
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Re: Donkey Kong Country REMAKE

Postby ribis » June 22nd, 2018, 3:55 am

rainbowsprinklez wrote:Cool stuff! Looks fun! Are you planning on copying the terrain and just manipulating objects? That's what I'm currently working on. It's fun that way!

I'm making the engine almost = to the original donkey kong country with some more feature. For example, every objects in the world that can interact with the playes, has some function and variable to tell how the object should be. Weight that affect the speed of the player when the object is taken, speed of the barrel when it roll...etc... if the object can be moved by the player by stepping on in (like the wheel), if it can be taken (like a barrel) etc...

When I finish to do the engine and all of the customization (same will be with the enemies) I will add some new animation of the player to do a completely different stuff from the original game. For example, how fun should be having the same game, with a cannon gun? Basically, when you play the game it's fell it's the original game... but there will be much more.

I'm also looking to introduce a dynamic/static light/day time and maybe some shadow effect that can affect the world(level).

To design a level, I have to make an editor in the browser where the level designer could be able to design the map using the tilemap, than adding all of the objects, add secret door, enemy...etc but this is the very last step. Because the level designer could use directly the software that I'm using right now. If I make something like that would be more for the community where they can make their level ans share/play with other player.

This is why I'm looking for an artist who can help me or can make some specific animation (actually not really hard to do it).

But the goal of the project it's not only to make some coll function in the remake game, the goal would be changing all of the animation to make a whole game when the engine would be ready for that.

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