The Squitter Bonus Glitch

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The Squitter Bonus Glitch

Postby Blaziken257 » November 3rd, 2008, 3:14 am

I found some weird glitch a couple of years ago with Squitter and bonus stages. Normally, when you get a Kremkoin, the character moves right automatically and you can't control him/her. Well, if you're Squitter and you happen to be standing on a web platform, you can still move even after you get the coin! You can also jump too, but while jumping, you can't move horizontally very far for some reason. You can keep moving until the music ends or you touch a non-web platform. Also, it is possible to fall down a pit with this glitch (which is weird when you already got the coin). And it still counts as getting the coin, too. One place you can do this in is Web Woods. I think Toxic Tower is another place to try this glitch.

Oh, and this glitch does NOT work in the SNES version.
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Re: The Squitter Bonus Glitch

Postby Rodent » November 21st, 2008, 5:45 pm

I'll try that tonight :D

Feels like a good DKC GBA night to me.
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