Bouncy Bonanza: Bouncing Kong-swap Barrel Throw Glitch

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Bouncy Bonanza: Bouncing Kong-swap Barrel Throw Glitch

Postby request dude » May 18th, 2008, 6:59 am

What's up again?
As Ive told you before, today I wanted to post some other topics, and this is the next one...
What you think about this strange glitch that I discovered a few years ago?


According to what Qyzbud wrote,I will explain how to do this glitch/bug, and I will change the title, because you are right... the title is not very informative
This glitch can ONLY be done in Bouncy Bonanza (but if you think it can be done in soemwhere else, just tell me), and what you need to do is this:
1) Enter the level with both monkeys (or with 1, is the same)
2) Pass the level until the part with 3 tires in a row
3) Now make sure you have both monkeys, and grab the barrel that is behind you (the one with green stripes)
4) Switch to Diddy, carry the barrel to the last tire, and put it down by pressing DOWN + Y
5) Now switch to Donkey, make sure you are really close to the wall (is better while doing this, to keep pressed the RIGHT button), and then switch again to Diddy in the moment you are (for just less than a second) up in the wall
6) It may take a while until you perform this glitch, but if you do the right timing, this will happen:
The switch you are trying to do close to the wall cause that when you do it with Donkey, you do the switch while you are going down the wall, this causes the game to think that you are still playing because you fall from the wall; but at the same time you are trying to switch to Diddy, and the game cant take 2 actions at the same time, so this causes the game to freeze while switching
Why did I told you to bring the barrel? Just to do soemthing funny while Diddy is freezed :P

However, this glitch/bug cant be done switching from Diddy to Donkey, dont know why (someone explain why please ;))
Also, you can perform this glitch by grabbing Winky and bringing him back to this point, getting off him, doing the same, and while the game is freezed, try to ride Winky again, and you will see what happens

Hope this help; a strange glitch/bug (havent decided yet) that freeze the game. If you want to get out the level, just press START + SELECT
See ya!!!
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Re: Invisible barrel glitch - Cool stuff!!!

Postby Stone » May 18th, 2008, 9:46 am

Öhhhm, uggghh, ähhhh....

P.S: Nice find, even Diddy looks impressed! :mrgreen:
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Re: Invisible barrel glitch - Cool stuff!!!

Postby Qyzbud » May 18th, 2008, 12:04 pm

Hey, thanks for posting. I still need to provide a proper set of guidelines for posting glitches, but one thing that I must insist on is that your first post makes an effort to describe the glitch and explain how/why it happens, if at all possible. Also, if it's a glitch for a specific level/situation, please aim to include these details in the topic's subject so that others can have a clue what they are about to see.

I would probably title it something like "Bouncy Bonanza: Bouncing Kong-swap Barrel Throw Glitch"
(a bit messy sounding, but much more informative than Invisible barrel glitch - Cool stuff!!!)

So please, if you could edit some more information about the glitch (and how to do it) into your first post, that would be great. :)
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