Bootleg allusion?

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Bootleg allusion?

Postby S.T. BUGMAN III » February 15th, 2015, 1:51 pm

Specifically this:
Cranky Kong wrote:Sometimes our sprites used to change size for no apparent reason!

I've long found this statement baffling. What was the precedent for this? Mario's mushrooms?

Then there's the notorious bootleg, "Crazy Kong". Notice how in all but the first board DK CK is off model, and much larger at times.

Could Rare have been confusing the two, perhaps believing they were giving gobs of money to reimagine that piece of work?

ALSO ABRUPT TOPIC CHANGE: Somebody found and scanned a vintage coloring book prequel/adaptation of the real title. I find it charming. Enjoy.

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Re: Bootleg allusion?

Postby Qyzbud » February 15th, 2015, 9:37 pm

I get what you're saying about little/big Mario, and the Crazy Kong sprite issues, but I personally doubt either of those are what Cranky was referring to. That said, I don't know for sure, or have any better suggestions right now.

The best I have to offer is a coincidence Kiddy14 drew our attention to several years ago, regarding Dixie's sprites in DKC2 GBA. Obviously this is an example that appeared after Cranky's rant about sprites changing size, but it's still worth noting (and perhaps worth a chuckle, too). :lol:

On other matters, I'd say the subject of your ABRUPT TOPIC CHANGE is worth a post (or perhaps even a topic) of its own; do you want to take care of that, or shall I?

S.T. BUGMAN III wrote:Edit: urgh what's wit the tags?

Your formatting was a little off:
[url="Crazy Kong"][/url] should be: [url=]"Crazy Kong"[/url]

I've fixed your post for you. :geek:
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Re: Bootleg allusion?

Postby S.T. BUGMAN III » February 16th, 2015, 6:11 am

Hah! Must've been pretty out of it to screw up something so routine.

Yeah, you can g'won and split the topic if wanna. I just thought it'd give this thread more justification. It's not like the arcade games themselves really fall under this site's rubric, anyway, so I thought why not.
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Re: Bootleg allusion?

Postby Thrik » February 19th, 2015, 10:38 am

Diddy's idle sprite has the same problem in DKC2 GBA. Oh dear, Rare.
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