Interesting Discoveries on German DK64 site

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Interesting Discoveries on German DK64 site

Postby Tiptup Jr. » January 1st, 2012, 12:23 pm

Recently I was poking around the web and found a link to the German website for Donkey Kong 64 ( It's now defunct, but the funny thing is I actually remember being on this site when I was like seven years old! You can still access it by using this web archive link: and click "Enter the Jungle" on the left.

Once you enter the Kong Family hut, you see portraits of the main Kongs, which contain biographies and some very interesting tidbits about each character that I've never heard before. Examples:

*Tiny Kong is apparently a tax official on Donkey Kong Island. She yearns to be a super model but is too short (which gives a whole new perspective on her DKRDS growth spurt.) She has no wishes to leave the island, preferring to "juggle numbers and manage[s] the banana coins savings and the financial system of the island." She has her own fashion collection that she shows off to the islanders and looks up to her sister Dixie. She was apparently captured preceding the events of DK64 while trying to rescue Diddy from a Kremling attack.

*Lanky Kong's occupation is listed as a stand-up comedian. This makes too much sense. He also hails from the distant "Utan Island", where relatives of the Kongs reside. This explains why he is physically different from the rest of the Kongs we know. Apparently Utan Island was too boring for Lanky and he was attracted to DK Island's chaotic lifestyle. Chunky and Kiddy especially appreciate his silliness, and he was apparently offered his own television show in exchange for leaving DK Island, which he refused. His long arms may also be the result of a childhood bet to see who could hang onto a branch the longest.

*Chunky Kong is a professional wrestler described as "young in years" and "almost as strong as Donkey". He loves toys and views the Kremlings as playthings. He is constantly winning wrestling tournaments, and Lanky (who may be his manager, and is listed as his uncle once-removed) says this is because Chunky acts friendly and childish to his opponents and throws them off. He hates being alone, more so than the other Kongs.

Most of the info on the other Kongs we already know (although there is some interesting stuff, like DK's red tie being some "highest medal" awarded for service in the name of the Kong clan, Diddy being a race car driver for a living, Candy obsessing about her physical appearance, etc.) And as far as I'm concerned, this stuff is legit. It is an official site and, seeing as nothing really contradicts anything we already know (in fact, in many cases, the biographies corroborate existing facts), it's always good to have a little more background info on the Kong family.

Thoughts? Comments? Don't you guys think this stuff is awesome/hilarious?
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Re: Interesting Discoveries on German DK64 site

Postby Simion32 » January 1st, 2012, 6:35 pm

I wish Nintendo/whomever would keep their old sub-site-things online... :roll:
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