Donkey Kong Land III commercials

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Donkey Kong Land III commercials

Postby Blaziken257 » June 9th, 2013, 8:39 am

In light of a recent video with footage of a prototype version of DKL2, I decided to look for some commercials of various DKL games on YouTube. And, I found a couple interesting ones of DKL3.

The first one is this Dutch commercial. I actually discovered this one years ago, but I had forgotten about it until now:

The most obvious oddity is that the Super Game Boy border is based off of the Donkey Kong Land 2 border! It's the one full of bananas. The final version uses a border with clocks instead. I wouldn't be surprised if this build is earlier than the Nintendo Player prototype.

Second, there's something more subtle in Total Rekoil, and you would only notice it if you have played the prototype before. Basically, the layout here appears to be the same as the final version. You see, in the prototype, there is one 32x32-pixel tile that looks out of place in the wall where the elevator is:

Prototype Final
Image Image

Here is what it looks like in the video:


While it's hard to see, you can see that the wall just to the right of Kiddy looks closer to the final version screenshot.

Next, there is a Spanish commercial that I found:

This consists of a different build -- as you can see, the Super Game Boy border now has watches. However, there is one thing that struck me as odd, and that's in the footage of Ford Knocks. In the video, to the left of the G, there is only one banana to the right of one of the Buzzes. In all final versions of the game, as well as the Nintendo Player prototype, there are three bananas instead.

All publicly available versions:


Spanish commercial:


I'm aware that the player could have easily grabbed two of the bananas before recording the footage. It seems odd that anybody would grab just two bananas, go to the right, start recording, and then go back to the left, though. So, there may be a difference here. It's something, at least.

Really interesting that there seem to be so many early builds of this game... eventually, I will look around for DKL and DKL2 commercials.
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Re: Donkey Kong Land III commercials

Postby Gaz » June 10th, 2013, 5:16 am

You never cease to amaze, Blaziken. I'm not necessarily an expert on the DKL games, but I do know a lot about DKC GBC, DKC GBA series, and Diddy Kong Pilot. I know a fair amount about DK: King of Swing too. I grew up with handhelds and remakes, not the original titles :/. Check this out too. It's my finds on Diddy Kong Pilot prototype differences:

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