Diddy Kong Racing Sequel

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Diddy Kong Racing Sequel

Postby Jomingo » July 27th, 2008, 12:27 pm

Well, I'm sure you've all heard of the two sequels to DKR that were in existence, Diddy Kong Pilot and Donkey Kong racing, both being retooled after Rare's buyout by Microsoft, the former as Banjo Pilot, the latter as Sabreman Stampede(which has since been cancelled). And then there's DKRDS, the port/semi-sequel.

But what if a true sequel was made? What would it be like? Well, you may be wondering how this would be possible after the buyout, and who owns what properties. So let's first list who owns what:
Nintendo owns
DKR name
DKR music
Diddy Kong and Krunch(and Dixie and Tiny)

Rare Owns
All other characters
The Timber's Island name

So, there are two possible games, a semi-sequel made by Rare using all the character's except Diddy and Krunch, or one made by Nintendo, with a new location and new characters but using the Diddy Kong Racing name.

Which one would you like, and what would you want them to be like?
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Re: Diddy Kong Racing Sequel

Postby gamer_boy997 » July 27th, 2008, 1:09 pm

Nintendo could just make a new place like you mentioned, maybe new music, and put Diddy, Krunch, Dixie, Tiny, Donkey, Kiddy (is Kiddy in DK barrel blast? I haven't played that game in a while and I don't think I have unlocked all the characters, if he wasn't in barrel blast, this could be his first racing game/other game besides DKC3), Cranky, Funky, Candy, Wrinkly, Lanky, Chunky, and possibly some new kongs, and the kremlings from barrel blast, and more. They could also do monster trucks, helicoptors, bongo rockets or whatever they're called, and any other type of transportaion. It would be like a mixture of DK barrel blast and Diddy Kong Racing pretty much.
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Re: Diddy Kong Racing Sequel

Postby Jomingo » July 27th, 2008, 1:31 pm

Yeah, that's the thing, without the other DKR racers, they would probably use Kongs/Kremlings as racers. But if they did that it would be nearly no different then DKBB. That and the fact that they just came out with Mario Kart Wii and shortly before that Donkey Kong Barrel Blast, I doubt Nintendo would do it. And if they did, it probably wouldn't use Kiddy and definately no new Kongs, hell I don't know if they'd even use the BB Kremlings.

That's why I'd much rather Rare make a semi sequel for the 360. Not only would it be better, but it's much more likely. They would probably market it as Banjo Racing, though I don't think they should, as people would be expecting Banjo characters, and Banjo would be the only one. Since Rare owns the rights to "Timber's Island" that's probably where it would take place, so it should be Timber Racing. Though, I wish they would do it on a new island, but bring back a lot of the character's.

This is an idea I had. I've always wanted to have my own game company, because I have tons of ideas for games and characters. Well, one day I decided it would be cool to have a racing game that would tie all of these characters together, just like DKR did. Then I thought, why not tie all these characters into the DK series at the same time. Thus this idea came about:
Bumper's Racing (360)
It would include several of the DKR racer's, and a few of my own characters at the same time. The plot would be an intergalactic Robot Emperor with the ability to warp time and space, transports several characters to an artificial arena to race for his enjoyment. They are:
Bumper the Badger
Timber the Tiger
Banjo the Bear
Conker the Squirrel
Tiptup the Turtle
Panic the Panda- a training ninja/pand (NO this is not based on KungFu Panda! I came up with this character 5 years before that movie existed!)
Fidget the Flying Squirrel- Conker's cousin. I'll explain his "uniqueness" in another thread, maybe tomorrow.
Greasey the Oppossum-a redneck/mechanic/oppossum(complete with trucker hat!)
Beefy the Beaver- a lumberjack/ beaver. He's actually a heavy character, as big as Banjo or Panic the Panda.
UltraCat- A cat wearing different robotic gear.
Dexter the Mouse- UltraCat's brainy gadget guy.
Swoops the Cardinal- bird
That's all I have for now. Anyway, as for vehicles, I'd like to see some new ones, but not if they aren't going to be unique. All three of the DKR vehicles controlled very differently, and monster trucks and helicopter's probably would add that much to the experience. Though, I'd like the current vehicles to be redesigned to be edgier. Instead of the basic Kart, they could have a quad, etc. Maybe they could add a Jet Pack? This would be pretty different, as you would have a limited amount of propullsion on each lift off, so you'd have to land on a good surface every few seconds. You'd be hopping around side to side, it would definately be different.
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Re: Diddy Kong Racing Sequel

Postby Rux Ton » February 19th, 2014, 4:39 am

What ever happened to a sequel being made for the DS? I saw some screenshots (probably fake but *shrug*) but never heard anything after :( I rather enjoyed this game a lot. Is hope pretty much lost? (Also sorry to revive a superduperoldtopic,)
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