DKC 3: Ultimate Worlds and Levels Ranking

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DKC 3: Ultimate Worlds and Levels Ranking

Postby Prism » November 2nd, 2014, 5:14 pm

This is a thread for ranking your favorite worlds and levels from DKC 3, listing them from favorite to least favorite. DKC3 is my favorite DKC game and I love nearly everything about it. First rank the worlds, then rank the levels within the worlds, ultimately choosing your favorite world and your favorite level from each world.

1. Pacifica (favorite)
2. Mekanos
3. KAOS Kore
4. Cotton Top Cove
5. Kremwood Forest
6. Razor Ridge
7. K3
8. Lake Orangatanga
9. Krematoa (least favorite)

Pacifica is my favorite world ultimately because of the overall feel of the area. I love how technically it's a water area but it has it's own little special elements about it. Plus it has some of my favorite levels in the game (Dingy Drain Pipe and Sunken Spruce). Krematoa on the other hand has always kind of bored me and levels like Rocket Rush and Tyrant Twin Tussle aggravate me.

Favorite Level in Each World

Lake Orangatanga
1. Murky Mill (favorite)
2. Tidal Trouble
3. Doorstop Dash
4. Skidda's Row
5. Lakeside Limbo (least favorite)

Kremwood Forest
1. Springin' Spiders (favorite)
2. Riverside Race
3. Bobbing Barrel Brawl
4. Squeals on Wheels
5. Barrel Shield Bust Up (least favorite)

Cotton Top Cove
1. Bazza's Blockade (favorite)
2. Rocket Barrel Ride
3. Kreeping Klasps
4. Tracker Barrel Trek
5. Fish Food Frenzy (least favorite)
(conveniently in the order of the levels in the world :p)

1. Ripsaw Rage (favorite)
2. Fire Ball Frenzy
3. Demolition Drain Pipe
4. Low-G Labyrinth
5. Blazing Bazukas (least favorite)

1. Krevice Kreepers (favorite)
2. Krack Shot Kroc
3. Lemguin Lunge
4. Tearaway Toboggan
5. Barrel Drop Bounce (least favorite)

Razor Ridge
1. Pot Hole Panic (favorite)
2. Ropey Rumpus
3. Floodlit Fish
4. Kong-Fused Cliffs
5. Buzzer Barrage (least favorite)

1. Dingy Drain Pipe (favorite)
2. Sunken Spruce
3. Stormy Seas
4. Surf's Up
5. Ripcurl Reef
6. Cliffside Blast (least favorite)

1. Poisonous Pipeline (favorite)
2. Lightning Lookout
3. Konveyor Rope Klash
4. Koindozer Klamber
5. Creepy Caverns (least favorite)

1. Criss Cross Cliffs (favorite)
2. Swoopy Salvo
3. Stampede Sprint
4. Rocket Rush
5. Tyrant Twin Tussle (least favorite)
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Re: DKC 3: Ultimate Worlds and Levels Ranking

Postby Tailikku » November 5th, 2014, 2:30 am

I beg to differ on Pacifica being the best: everyone else on here cites it as the worst world alongside Razor Ridge
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