Favorite and Least Favorite DKC Trilogy Levels

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Favorite and Least Favorite DKC Trilogy Levels

Postby WesternTanager794 » May 13th, 2023, 11:54 pm

For DKC1?
I guess is best.
And probably . But all things considered, I could probably interchange this with most of the other levels in Chimp Caverns, though. I don't know about Manic Mincers and Platform Perils, though. Those I had more fun playing through originally than the rest.

For DKC2?
Before I started speedrunning, it would've been Rickety Race by far. That level had us stuck for a while, but we loved every bit of it. No matter how many times we died. And the music is fun too. Those became our favorite level archetype until the forest came into competition with it.
But best would have to be
Worst? Is there a worst one? I'd have to pick, , based on the fact that it is my least favorite level to speedrun. This doesn't make it the worst. But I would rather skip it entirely.

For DKC3?
Probably . This was the level I had the most fun playing through. I liked several other levels, but I just don't know. This was the most fun. I think after the first four worlds the quality of level design begins to decrease.
The worst? Probably . From a speedrunning standpoint though, it's not that bad, as you skip half the level.

Hideout Helm and Jungle Japes and perhaps Creepy Castle, but mainly the first two are the best.
Gloomy Galleon. The worst. Maybe I call Glimmer's Galleon, Gloomy Galleon on my splits timer for that reason.

To add archetypes?
DKC1: I love and loved the temple levels. They were by far the most exciting. In hindsight, there may have been better choices, but the music and the tiles and everything about it just excited us. Those levels are awesome.
DKC2: Disco Train and Forest Interlude levels. Awesome levels. The bramble levels were a mixed bag. I hated Bramble Scramble, but I love it now design-wise. And Bramble Blast had nice music, but it was beaten quickly. Nothing exciting.
DKC3: I have no idea. I'll have to think about it. Perhaps snow or waterfall or mill or rockface is best. I don't necessarily like the design of the rockface levels, though. Once again, I will decide after some deliberation.
I don't like the stilt levels, but they are linearly designed and that's not fair to them. Sewer levels are probably what I'm choosing here, though.

I'd also like to say about bosses in DKC2, I like K.rool Duel the best, (probably, then Kleever's Kiln, and Kreepy Krow. I made these decisions after I started speedrunning which biased me quite a bit. Hard. King Zing Sting is cool, but I don't like it. Kudgel annoys me. Stronghold Showdown? On the first playthrough, we loved it! Triumphant music and another level beaten. As I've said before, the bosses have been shuffled around, so who knows if Mr. X was stronghold showdown. He might have been replaced by Kreepy Krow. Or even Kudgel, Krem Quay is a nice spot for ghosts. But considering ghost ropes, world 5 seems logical.
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