Vote for king k.rool(or dixie) as the next sm4sh dlc

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Vote for king k.rool(or dixie) as the next sm4sh dlc

Postby dudery » April 3rd, 2015, 10:29 pm

wow i have not been here since 2011...time flies.

i made this post for the dk fans to be aware that you can vote for the next smash bros 4 dlc character.

you can vote here

i voted for king k.rool because i believe its time for him to make his grand return.
because if he comes into smash then he will gain even more popularity and hopefully return to his rightfull place in the donkey kong franchise as the main villian.

you can also vote for dixie and/or whoever you want.

and if want to support k rool for smash and just talk about the character in general then join our smashboards support page here ... ur.324259/

we generally talk,make fanart,and push to bring back k rool.....we already have grant kirkhope with us,aswell as some retro studios ceo's. so come join if you have free time

thank you for your time...see you guys in another 4 years.
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