Forum feature added: Short links!

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Forum feature added: Short links!

Postby Qyzbud » November 17th, 2013, 3:25 pm

I've always thought our forum's URLs were a little long and convoluted, so I've developed a system that allows us to use much shorter URLs:

I've made it easy to use this system; just hover over any post's timestamp, and a » Short link link will appear. This link's URL can be copied in the usual way (right click, Copy Link Address, for example), and pasted anywhere short URLs are desirable. :)

The above example is for linking to a specific post (hence the "p" before the number), but you can also link to a topic itself:

Update: I've now added a link next to each topic title link, which — like the post short links — will appear when the regular link is hovered. These links are available when viewing both subforums and topics, and will soon be available elsewhere.

Further reading...

The domain

For those who don't know, is a domain I registered some time ago as quick and easy address to type in, as (especially with its hyphen) is perhaps a little awkward to type. Any address beginning with will redirect to the full location.

Other short links
Beyond the forum, I'm working on short links for other Atlas features, too — I'll post a guide to these soon. :geek:
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