Super Mario Kart - Best Times (SNES)

Super Mario Kart - Best Times (SNES)

Postby SLY JO » November 20th, 2008, 9:11 pm

The original Mario Kart that started it all, and the best in my opinion. Show your skills and present your best lap times for any track(s) you feel are worthy of a podium spot. I will display the best time/lap time for any track as long as two people post times.

Also take your claim to fame if you have completed 150cc all cups!

Please submit times in format:
SMK version: PAL, NTSC, etc
Console or Emulator:
Best Course Time:
Best Lap:

Character used: (if best lap and course times are different characters, just specify for each.)

If some times seem ridiculously outrageous, some proof may be asked. Remember, this is just a community fun thing. (not the world championship SMK)

I'll start off:
SMK version: PAL
Console or Emulator: Console
Course: Mario Circuit 1
Best Course Time: 1:04:77
Best Lap: 0:12:75
Character used: DK
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