The First Ever Smash for Wii U Internet Smashtravaganza!

The First Ever Smash for Wii U Internet Smashtravaganza!

Postby teh epicnes » July 18th, 2015, 10:44 am


If you clicked on this topic's link, then you must have some interest in joining our first ever multi-community Super Smash Bros. for Wii U tournament! You heard right! This community is one of the many that we have selected to join us in a fight for glory. Go head to head with many different opponents, friend or foe, hell, people you may have never met in your life. If that isn't enough for you, who knows, there just might be an award waiting for you around the corner if you emerge victorious. I hope you join, because this is going to be a blast!

As far as a date is concerned, we do not have a definite one. We will be sure to notify your community by posting in this very topic when we have a sure date and time.

Rules, Guidelines, & Sign-ups (Edit your NNID and stuff in the chart at the bottom): ... G-HSs/edit
Challonge Bracket for Tournament Day:

If you have any questions about this tournament you can contact: Drluigi / CaptainYoshi / MarioMan574 at SMBX, Runouw, Skype, Steam (all via PM), Twitter @captain_yoshi, or wherever you can.

Yoshibrothers at SMBX, Privana, Skype (Yoshi Brothers), Steam (all via PM), Email via @yoshibrothers505

Thank you for taking your time to read this post.

Quick update: We currently have over 20 players from all across the web! Thank you all for supporting this tourney! Also, I'm considering asking my friend in this tourney, Nintega Dario, representing Mario Party Legacy, these very forums, if he can stream it on his Twitch! If he says yes, then his Twitch channel will be our "venue" rather than the IRC network I mentioned on our google document. Again, Have fun and Best of luck to all participants!! P.S: Here's the current list of communities that are involved and could potentially be involved. (in no particular order)
Mario Party Legacy
Mario Fan Games Galaxy
Le Miiverse Resource
DKC Atlas
Brawl Vault
Again, have fun, everyone.

Here's another update to all of you wanting to sign up, but haven't yet. We're closing the signups once we get 64 participants. Once we reach 64, the signups chart the Google Document will be deleted. If we don't get to 64 people by the end of the week, then we'll just close the signups with however many people we have, so sign up while you can! I also have this to post at any given time:

We will post a strawpoll vote to decide the date of the tournament sometime this week. Note that these dates are preselected and are weekend dates only. Prepare to mark your calendars!
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