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Postby Cranky Kong » February 10th, 2016, 1:17 pm

Wow. I really make a crap ton of topics, huh? Anyways, this was just one I couldn't ignore. What do you guys think of a DKC RPG-style game? Now, I've been told over at Project Klay (No, seriously, I need to know how to make a link.) That it should be a more... Cinamatic experience. This is the perfect place for that! I actually had a few stories planned, so let's vote.
1) A simple, "Get the bananas! K. Rool has stolen the bananas!" If we are to go with this one, however, it should be multi ending, the ending dependant on your banana count. Like any good SNES RPG.
2) A kidnapping!! I was thinking maybe Diddy Kong would save Dixie, but maybe Donkey Kong.
3) An alien race of cybernetic bees, starring none other than King Morzeka! (Well, with his permission, anyway.) This was a bit of a silly premise, but it would work out pretty well. I really, really want one of you members to be a part of the game, so just let me know, and I'll think of something.
4) Something with time travel.....
5) Diddy's adventure to become the greatest Video Game Hero. I thought maybe Mario could be the final boss.
6) A crossover!! Anyone voting for this, tell me which series they should cross with.
7) A gliched video game! It could have "gliched" gameplay elements.
I like 2 and 7 best, but tell me what you guys think.
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