Awareness for the Game Boy Color version

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Awareness for the Game Boy Color version

Postby Gaz » December 28th, 2012, 9:07 pm

I have a concern that the Game Boy Color version of Donkey Kong Country is frowned upon too much. Though, it's my favorite version of Donkey Kong Counry, given by the special memories it brings to me. I just want to promote awareness for the neglected Game Boy Color version. This game is also my fav Donkey Kong game of all time (because it's my first Donkey Kong game).

It has it's good things about it;
*The North American version has a language select screen, making it identical to the
European version. Great for wiki uses.
*It autosaves after each level.
*It is the first portable version of Donkey Kong Country.
*It's challenging and has advanced graphics for a Game Boy Color (Very advanced).
*It has three different title screens.
*Has Cranky Crosshair and Funky Fishing as bonus minigames (Candy's Challenge in the main
*Has extra Sticker Pads to collect around.
*Has the all new Necky Nutmare level.

See? Those are some of the good things. Blaziken257 promotes Donkey Kong Land III in a great way to us and heavily works on finding differences. I found the ERROR screen in the game after testing GameShark codes where it instantly swaps over to Crosshair Cranky. I'm just saying, the SNES isn't the only good one. Sure this game may have flaws, but Rare really tried their best to make it this advanced. Total GBC Issue 14 says that you'll
hate it for two reasons;
*The start up screen takes forever.
*The game's too hard.

Here's the Total GBC 14 review with the criticism that upset me;

And the error screen I found;
I AM ERROR.png (7.76 KiB) Viewed 3890 times

I don't focus on those. I focus on the good parts. Those aren't major things either. I completed the game at least more than five times. It's not that challenging. So, I want to just promote awareness for this game. So I'm saying, it makes me sad how this version is neglected and criticised.

And look at this thread. This is a thread dedicated to criticizing Donkey Kong Country (GBC);

I just don't like that. We need to be thankful we have two DKC ports in the first place and for the Crosshair Cranky and Necky Nutmare addition.

Thanks for reading everyone and please think this through.

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Re: Awareness for the Game Boy Color version

Postby EvangeliKong » December 29th, 2012, 1:38 am

I agree that DKC GBC is underrated, and i would like to play it on emulator some day...

However, another flaw is that game seems kinda lazily done when it comes to soundtrack, because for example K. Rool's boss fight uses Gangplank Galleon theme from DKL, that wasn't originally intended to be a boss theme.

Another, not-really flaw is the incredibly depressing GAME OVER SCREEN *gasp* :kiddysad:
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