Trick on DKC3 GBA: The Roll Jump Levitate!

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Trick on DKC3 GBA: The Roll Jump Levitate!

Postby Ninni973 » September 27th, 2011, 11:35 am

I know a trick, and it works on walls.

I call it: The Roll Jump Levitate!


1. Go to a wall.
2. Use Dixie to get Kiddy on her back.
3. Jump, then throw Kiddy at the wall.
4. When you land on the rolling Kiddy in midair, jump and turn in the direction of the wall. (The reason why this works, is because when you jump, the ground goes offscreen, then when Kiddy rolls offscreen, he rolls back to you like a boomerang)
5. Rinse and repeat 3 and 4.

Have fun trying this trick! Might be useful in speedruns!
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