Glitches that feature Enguarde

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Glitches that feature Enguarde

Postby OneOf99 » January 7th, 2016, 4:03 am

So I have been playing around with some glitches in DKC, and have found some funny glitches involving Enguarde, be it his appearance in the wrong place or interesting new playability...
Nutty Enguarde:
All this glitch does is make Enguarde's sprite appear briefly every so often while in the first level of the game

1. Do the double-character control glitch in level 1-1
2. Get Rambi, jump on him with Diddy
3. Go to ledge near midway barrel, jump so that you get normal and rusty rambi at the same time
4. Go under the Necky and collect the golden Exspresso token
5. Go off the middle ledge to the right, keep going slowly until the rambis are retextured into DK and Diddy
6. Go between the middle and right nuts of the Necky (on ground, not the middle ledge)

And now you are all set! From now on, whenever you click B, both DK and Diddy will briefly turn into Enguarde. This does nothing useful, of course, but is a fun way to witness Enguarde in 1-1 without having to beat any other levels (like with other glitches).

I am not sure why it turns you into Enguarde, but it might be because you are on Rambi (well, according to the code) so when you click B it does the attack script. But seriously, why Enguarde?

-Do not kill the Necky or break the barrel to the left of the Necky's ledge.
-It is ok to get the token before getting rambi (of course, do not fill the token meter ;) )
-Rambi MUST be gotten with Diddy, otherwise this glitch will not work
-The Necky must be onscreen for this glitch to work
-If you go too far right after getting rusty rambi, Diddy will turn randomly into a gray barrel, gray tnt, or steel keg
-DO NOT CLICK A. This cancels the glitch completely (Probably because it "dismounts" the kongs from Rambi)

(I will upload a picture later. I'm in school so can't upload from my DSTWO game card, sorry)

Very odd coloring there...
Enguarde.png (36.2 KiB) Viewed 3303 times

Play as Enguarde without a rider!
So set up the 2-kong control glitch but go to Coral Capers...

1. Make sure you DO NOT get the first DK barrel!!!
2. Get Enguarde and mount onto him
3. Go to the second DK barrel, near the midway barrel
4. Position Enguarde in an easy to reach place, and hop off
5. Hit the barrel and quickly place the flashing kong onto Enguarde
6. Now continue to any DK barrel and hit it (you can still get hurt)

Now you will play as Enguarde without a rider and can interact with the level like normal (well... if you click A... you know about this glitch stuff). One of the Kongs will follow behind, but will do this in a normal way as if normally in water.
Note that there will be a blue version of the kong "riding" Enguarde, however he stays in one place and does not move.
Barrel Enguarde.png
Do not mind the blue Diddy :P
Barrel Enguarde.png (26.16 KiB) Viewed 3282 times
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