VR and Virtual Monitors

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VR and Virtual Monitors

Postby Markster » March 30th, 2016, 3:40 pm

So, virtual reality has been exploding lately, but what I'm interested in the most is the productivity boost. A new VR app is coming out tomorrow called Virtual Desktop, basically, you can have virtual monitor(s) in virtual reality, the screens can be big or small, curved for flat, etc., obviously, you need a really beefy computer for it (not to mention an expensive VR headset). I have never experienced VR, but I will be getting Google Cardboard soon to demo it with my smartphone to see how I like it.


I'd give it a few more years, when GPUs are much more powerful and 4K VR is accessible, but it looks like this may be the future of productivity. Multi monitors can be simulated this way and it could give content creators a huge productivity boost without spending a fortune on multi monitors. I am also interested in augmented reality and HoloLens, but more interested in VR.
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Re: VR and Virtual Monitors

Postby OneOf99 » March 31st, 2016, 8:31 am

Woah... we all know what this means right?
This is so cool, now all we need is to combine it with a keyboard and allow for 360 movement. Maybe the ability to summon things at will by recognizing brain waves (like thinking the phrase "input object apple" whould make a floating apple appear, idk).
And I hope someone is excited like me for one thing: soon we will be able to play some Sword Art Online!
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