Donkey Kong Jungle Climber for NDS

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Donkey Kong Jungle Climber for NDS

Postby Goe » August 18th, 2008, 11:56 pm

Have something played it? My sister have a DS and downloaded that game....i have played it and is nice, but not as cool as must climb everytime and you can't kill enemies jumping on his head(you are usually down, and you must attack them since from down.) and I miss animal buddies. But graphics are cool, and there are a character called Platanox(this is the spanish name, i guess in english version it has another game, because "platano" is banana in spanish). Platanox is a funny character, is a alien with banana form, and is from the planet Plataneta. He has a spacial ship with banana form too, and throw explosive bananas. King rool have steal some sacred bananas from his planet, and you have to help him to recover that bananas :lol:

i haven't completed the game...the enemies i have seen are from the DKC series:


and i hven't see more so i guess there aren't much variety...have you played it? what do you think?
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Re: Donkey Kong Jungle Climber for NDS

Postby Sean » August 26th, 2008, 12:45 pm

Despite being a different genre from the Countries, Jungle Climber actually shares a lot of similar gameplay elements, namely of course the tag-team system (this becomes much more apparent if you'd played King of Swing, this game's prequel, which doesn't feature any of that. Still good, though). There's also a ton of old DK enemies in the game as you continue on, including one that I really was not expecting (but of course I won't mention which one that is). The game also gets really, really hard and challenging as you get further in, so if you like that kind of game you'll be right at home. I'd even say it's the hardest DK game ever.

EDIT: Bit of an addendum now, now that I've soaked in the mentality of this board a little. For anyone who's thinking of getting this game: if you're only looking for specifically a DKC sequel gameplay wise, with all the same caveats as the Rare games, skip this. Don't even bother with it, you won't like it, I guarantee it. Buuut, if you're willing to give new things a try and nonetheless have an appreciation for the DKC characters and world, then I would recommend giving this a shot, since it is a very good, very well-put-together little action game. (And it IS an action game, it's not a puzzler or anything like that. It's just not a platformer.) The several DKC elements that are in the game might make it easier to digest, as well.
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Re: Donkey Kong Jungle Climber for NDS

Postby Katastrophe Kong » April 3rd, 2009, 12:12 pm

Man this BITES. :twisted: I can't find a place that sells Jungle Climber other that Amazon. :cry:
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Re: Donkey Kong Jungle Climber for NDS

Postby Gaz » February 26th, 2012, 3:20 am

Apparently DKJC is a uncommon game. P.S. this is the 1000th post on the Other DKC games :D.
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Re: Donkey Kong Jungle Climber for NDS

Postby krematoa » February 27th, 2012, 12:38 pm

This game looks very interesting, but is it any good? What do you guys have to say about it? (Yeah, I have not posted anything for like a year! :shock: )
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Re: Donkey Kong Jungle Climber for NDS

Postby Tiptup Jr. » February 28th, 2012, 11:46 am

This game is effing awesome. Definitely get it. In terms of gameplay and graphics, it's a whole lot better than King of Swing, but King of Swing had a more "Country" feel to it. Also, Jungle Climber doesn't have Jungle Jam mode - which sucks, because multiplayer Jungle Jam would've been awesome on DS. Instead, the multiplayer we got is somewhat bland. But yeah, I definitely recommend this game, it's really good. Nice showcase of Donkey Kong's DS era.
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Re: Donkey Kong Jungle Climber for NDS

Postby Ribbedebie » June 3rd, 2012, 9:48 pm

It's a cool game, that's for sure. I finished it 100% not too recently. And yes, it did have a lot of references to past DK titles - like Funky's theme from DKC2 and the enemies. And Xananab (that's the banana dude's English name) is hilarious-arious bo barious. Fanana.
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