What Will Become Of The Atlas

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What Will Become Of The Atlas

Postby VideoViking » November 10th, 2019, 11:37 am

The DKC-Atlas was a haven for Donkey Kong fans of all generations. Levels were documented and level editors were programmed. The forum was open to discourse, and the discourse paved way to a chat box. But those days may be over...

As we're well aware, the activity of this site is at a standstill. So has the webmaster, Qyzbud, who has relatively stayed silent these past few months, if not the whole year. The only ones left who really take after the site are Simion and myself (even if to just check up on the place every now and then). The lack of any forward developments and interest, coupled with yesterday's IP resolve issue, has led me to believe the greatest fear of all.

Has the Atlas run its course? Is there nothing more that's needed to be done?

Will the site shut down?

I am calling on the mods and webmaster to discuss the current state of the Atlas.
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Re: What Will Become Of The Atlas

Postby Simion32 » November 10th, 2019, 12:06 pm

I really feel we're missing something here. As in, there is more that could be done with the community.

But as it stands, I'm the only moderator left, and I even check the site and chat box every day even if nothing has really happened on the forum in general.

I'm even here more than our site creator, Qyzbud, who apparently has other things to do in life -- and has been completely absent from the forum even after I tried to make contact with him on Telegram (he hasn't responded further after someone let him know that I had a PM in waiting and he PMed me back stating that he'd give it a go, but he never did!!). Qyzbud's absence started who knows when, but it's disturbing to see the site fall by the wayside in the past year.

Compounding the issues are that users are currently disabled from signing up, supposedly just to prevent spambots from signing up, but even then, no one can get an account now that registration is closed and Qyzbud isn't around for the lucky few who can get a referral from some other Atlas member.

I've had plans for sharing DKCLB once it comes along (on this site), and my recent developments have brought DKCLB into open-source territory due to several issues with me not being able to get anything done on DELTA. I'd rather work solely on DELTA and get it working so that I can get something out of this massive effort, and DKCLB will come forth in the aftermath of DELTA's later release(s). But strictly speaking, I won't have the resources or time to put "fuel" into a DKCLB-powered resurgence in site activity until possibly a couple of years from now.

This site is going nowhere fast, and I feel that even with our meager efforts, we will not be able to uphold this site's integrity unless something is done.

I'll probably make another post here in this topic, but those are some of my thoughts thus far.
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Re: What Will Become Of The Atlas

Postby amanezco » Yesterday, 7:00 am

I love this website for its comprehensive maps and artwork collection as well as the forum. I used to read forum with so much joy when it was active. Nowadays, I think everyone is more active on DKvine. I hope DKC atlas will stay alive.

I also think we need to make a DKC campaign to get more attention from Nintendo and get new games coming in the future. With new games, all fan sites get back to life :bunch-tf:
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