Which levels can be completed in reverse?

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Which levels can be completed in reverse?

Postby Kingizor » September 13th, 2015, 12:33 am

This is something I've been wondering about DKC3 for a while, and after being inspired by the corresponding topics for DKC and DKC2 I finally decided to find out for myself.

1: o x o o o - Lake Orangatanga
2: o o o o o - Kremwood Forest
3: o o o o o - Cotton-Top Cove
4: x x x x x - Mekanos
5: x o o x o - K3
6: x x o x o - Razor Ridge
7: o x o x o - KAOS Kore
8: x o o x x - Krematoa

My own criteria for this is reaching the flagpole then returning to the start of the level. My attempts are all done without utilizing any glitches, although it's probable that some levels may be made possible with glitch abuse.

I didn't attempt any levels that I suspected would be impossible by normal means. (Ripsaw Rage, Krack-Shot Kroc, Buzzer Barrage, Kong Fused Cliffs, Pot Hole Panic, Stampede Sprint, Rocket Rush)

Krevice Kreepers fails because it becomes impossible to return after dropping off the final rope, but it's possible to return to the beginning of the level until that point. Most other levels that fail do so because of a big drop or gap, or cameras preventing backtracking.

Squeals On Wheels only seems possible if you have the final door opened, making it necessary to go through the level normally. You won't be able to return if you use the warp barrel to bypass it.

Levels that were very fast to go from end to beginning were Barrel Shield Bust-Up, Ropey Rumpus, Criss Kross Cliffs and the waterfall levels.

edit: Murky Mill and Tearaway Toboggan added. Thanks Tompa!
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Re: Which levels can be completed in reverse?

Postby Tompa » September 13th, 2015, 6:36 pm

Murky Mill is actually possible. http://www.dkc-atlas.com/maps/dkc3/1-5

Take the warp barrel (Not actually neccesary, but obviously faster...) to the end. First obstacle is to get up to the moving platform after the red zinger. To activate the platform you need to stand on the zinger platform and wait for it to go down.

The rest is simple up to the Ellie barrel. It's actually possible to slide under it by running towards it and ducking just before you get it. The timing is pretty tight though and you have to release downleft quickly after pressing it.

Then there is the platform! You can actually get through it by throwing Kiddy and landing on him and voila, back to the start!

Also, I wouldn't call any of these two glitches. Ellie skip is just something that is possible with normal movement, nothing weird going on. As for the platform clip, the game is programmed to have Kiddy fall through it if you throw him. So technically no glitch there either. Just want to clarify =).

EDIT: After a lot of struggling, Tearaway Toboggan is now possible backwards! https://youtu.be/Dg7h7P1MYQ0

I had to discover a new method (New to me) of riding the steel barrel. I'm not sure why it happens, but my guess is because of the higher speed the barrel is moving in. Anyway,when you are on the barrel like that, you are possible to able a roll. So roll, jump and hover to victory! The problem when riding the barrel normally is that when you go low enough, you are unable to jump. And even if I optimised the X-position (It can differ) of the barrel when it goes below this point, the jump was barely too early.
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Re: Which levels can be completed in reverse?

Postby Qyzbud » September 13th, 2015, 9:13 pm

It's good to have a full set of "there and back again" lists for the SNES DKCs.

Seems like a good excuse to come up with new glitches and creative gameplay techniques for this underappreciated game. :D

It'll be interesting to see what's possible with/without glitches, and which levels may only be reversible in certain revisions, etc.

Bravo, gents — nice start!

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Re: Which levels can be completed in reverse?

Postby Kingizor » September 13th, 2015, 11:39 pm

I previously gave up at that final platform in Murky Mill. Not knowing any way to trigger it, I just stood below it feeling lost. I'm glad there's a way to get past that point after all. Trying to get past the Ellie barrel on the other hand seems too difficult for me even after a thousand or so attempts in real-time. Tearaway Toboggan is another tricky one. The technique used to get past that end barrel is probably too complicated for the rest of us mere mortals. :dixiehappy:
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