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Re: Favorite Boss?

PostPosted: January 5th, 2011, 2:50 pm
by Mayo
Bleak all the way.

1) He's a freakin snowman
2) His laugh is amusing when you hit him
3) He explodes at the end

Re: Favorite Boss?

PostPosted: January 14th, 2011, 9:06 pm
by Ribbedebie
Baron K. Roolenstein, dudes

I mean he's K. Rool as a mad professor I don't know what that has to do with the whole Northern Kremisphere theme but it works well enough, his theme music rules, and he had some funny quotes too; 'My wife is going to kill me!' and 'I'd have gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for you meddling kids!'

no stupid dog this time though, haha

Re: Favorite Boss?

PostPosted: June 26th, 2011, 3:44 am
by Markster

I like Bleak the best, who doesn't like to battle a retarded snow man, and after all, K3 is my favorite chapter.