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Re: Snes vs Megadrive

PostPosted: January 22nd, 2014, 10:30 pm
by Geno
Clearly, this "Blast Processing" rubbish was just Sega's way of marketing the system to get more people to buy it, over Nintendo's systems. (Of course Nintendo eventually got back at them with a certain game about apes... :thumbs: )

They were continuously going on about the Genesis being "faster" and, yes, having "Blast Processing", but in reality, it went pretty much the same speed as the other systems.
The only reason that people believed that, was because the Sonic games were designed around going fast.

Also, I discovered a neat thing in Super Mario All-Stars that's only possible on an emulator.
Pressing Left + Right does stuff.
In SMB & SMB:TLL, it makes you walk backwards, but slower.
In SMB2, it does nothing.
In SMB3, it makes you run backwards AT ABOUT THE SAME SPEED AS SONIC. :mario:

Also, most of the time, when shot out of a Barrel Cannon in the DKC games, you travel faster than Sonic.

So the SNES has "Blast Processing" too.