How do i unlock Web Woods?

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How do i unlock Web Woods?

Postby tryffel » April 16th, 2014, 12:51 am

Alrights, i know there is Youtube for this, but the best i have tried that and still havent figured it out.

I have all the Kream coins from the regular worlds and have cleared a few levels in the lost world but i cant get throw the last Klubbas kisok as 2 coins are missing.

I know that its located in the Gloomy Gulch area and i think my lost coins are there isent it? Why is not seen there for me?
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Re: How do i unlock Web Woods?

Postby Super Luigi! » April 16th, 2014, 8:04 am

So let me get this straight. After you completed Parrot-Chute Panic, you bypassed Web Woods and fought Kreepy Krow? Or are you saying you're missing Kremcoins in Web Woods? Welcome to the forums, by the way.
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