Various Disassemblies - Thread

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Various Disassemblies - Thread

Postby ShaneM » January 10th, 2014, 5:26 pm

I have received permission from Qyzbud to start this.

This is a thread where you may post your various disassemblies. So long as they do NOT assemble back into their source. Be sure to add what game it's for and the programming language. DO NOT POST SOURCE FILES THAT ASSEMBLE BACK DIRECTLY INTO ROMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am contributing two, as of now.

SMB1 NES - *removed by moderator*

[Fully labeled. This provides the two binary banks ($3FFF each) of game data. You will need to provide your own ROM and paste the smb.bin data starting at 0x10 to 0x8010 when ASM6 spits out the .bin.]

SMB2J (Lost Levels) FDS - *removed by moderator*

[These are the binary banks of data. You will need to provide your own ROM to assemble it. ]

The disassemblies do assemble into fully runnable games, just without graphics.
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