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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby Super Luigi! » October 22nd, 2022, 12:07 pm

WesternTanager794 wrote:Thanks! I am planning to incorporate one of your ideas in the next chapter! I won’t say which one though. :parry:

That will certainly be interesting, and I'm glad you liked them. Good luck, and take care.
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby WesternTanager794 » October 22nd, 2022, 12:09 pm

I’m going to be releasing the next chapter tonight and I think it pays fair homage to your idea. :parry:
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby Super Luigi! » October 22nd, 2022, 12:11 pm

Alright. I'll read it either tonight or tomorrow, depending on what happens. Thanks again.
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby WesternTanager794 » October 22nd, 2022, 12:13 pm

Thanks for all of the encouragement and everything, Super Luigi! None of this would’ve been doable without you! :thumbs: :nicework: :parry:
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby Super Luigi! » October 22nd, 2022, 12:26 pm

You're welcome, and thank you for all of your praise as well. To help add to this thread, here's another silly short story from me as well:

Donkey Kong in a Cave
Donkey decided to enter a cave nearby for no real reason. Inside a short distance, he found bananas. When DK went to grab them, however, a gate locked him inside, and a dummy Kremling appeared. Clearly, a trap has been sprung, and the big ape began beating actual stuffing out of the straw foe to escape. All the while, sweet scents of home slowly seeped into the cave section, and Donkey began to feel drowsy. He would not be defeated, however, and the big man changed his strategy to conserve his energy.

Suddenly, the bars rose, and the exit was clear. Without hesitating, Donkey ran outside and breathed in the fresh jungle air, his victory clearly won. He then decided to soon begin a bountiful snack break of big bananas.

The End. Or is it?
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby WesternTanager794 » October 22nd, 2022, 12:27 pm

Once again, that was a fun very silly short story. :thumbs: I enjoyed it! :parry:
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby Super Luigi! » October 22nd, 2022, 12:31 pm

Thanks. I might write a few sequels to it later on, and hopefully they'll be just as enjoyable for you. No matter what happens, however, they'll be no real danger.
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby WesternTanager794 » October 22nd, 2022, 12:34 pm

What makes you so talented is how you come up with these ideas. I cannot make a short story like that, I can make a long story revolving around one idea. But in a paragraph or two you are able to communicate what takes me chapters to write! :parry:
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby Super Luigi! » October 22nd, 2022, 12:37 pm

Thanks. I've had much practice writing, so it's a bit easier for me than it might be for others. I still think your stories are great, however.
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby WesternTanager794 » October 22nd, 2022, 5:21 pm

The Kremlings Revenge
Chapter 7 Tiny Kong's Adventure
Tiny Kong was riding Enguarde. Then soon enough, Enguarde began to slow down.
"This is where I will leave you," Enguarde said.
"Why can't you take me all the way to the Kongo Jungle?" asked Tiny.
"Because it is too far!" said Enguarde.
"I suppose you could at least drop me off by the shore. I can't swim that well," said Tiny.
"That I can do. Ellie should be here soon," said Enguarde.
"Thanks!" said Tiny.
Enguarde swam up to as far as he could go. Tiny hopped off his back and waded to the shore. Tiny decided to get off the beach onto an enticing-looking field full of flowers. She decided to lie down in the flower field where many other beautiful plants grew as well. The air was so peaceful here. She decided she loved spending time admiring the scenery and began dozing gently. The sweet fragrance of the flowers was soporific. Indeed, the sweetness soon soothed her soul, and she began to sleep safe and sound. She didn't hear the soft pitter-patter of feet coming up behind her. Then a gentle nudging caused her to stir. When Tiny didn't wake up, she got blasted with water. Where she was barely awake before, this made her shoot up like a rocket. Tiny met with the face of Ellie the Elephant. She was groggy, but Tiny was able to speak.
"Ellie, what are you doing here? Why did I fall asleep?" asked Tiny.
At this point, Ellie began to keel over and started to snore.
"Ellie! What's going on?" asked Tiny.
Tiny began to haul the small elephant. But Tiny found she could barely move Ellie. Luckily, Ellie started to wake.
"Tiny, the flowers make you sleepy," said Ellie, hardly awake.
"What!" said Tiny.
"Achoo! Sorry, I'm allergic to pollen!" said Ellie.
"We have to go, Tiny! Why Enguarde dropped you off here, I don't know. But it wasn't smart. Hop on my back!" said Ellie.
"Ok," said Tiny.
Tiny was a bit nervous because she had never ridden an elephant before.
"I won't drop you!" said Ellie, seeing Tiny's timid expression.
"Ok. How far are we from the Kongo Jungle?" Tiny Kong asked.
"A long way. But I will try to carry you a lot of the distance. Rambi will pick you up once I am exhausted," said Ellie.
"Thanks!" said Tiny.
"Sir!" said Screech as he hit the window.
Kunning dashed out of his chair and opened the window.
"You know, that when you are expekting a bird to fly through the window at any moment, you should open it," said Screech.
"So sorry!" said Kunning.
"I have news! Your rocket worked! Funky Kong's plane we just shot down!" said Screech.
"So that was what the explosion was! And I suppose Cranky Kong and probably Wrinkly Kong were not on the plane, I also suppose," said Kunning.
"I don't know about the second one, but about the first. Yes! I have intelligence that Klubba is konvening with the enemy," said Screech.
"As expected," said Kunning.
"Also, I received word from Konstrukt. He says that the K.rool Kaves project will finish next week!" said Screech.
"All good!" said Kunning.
"Anything else, sir?" Screech asked.
"I would like you to find the four kongs and ask them to set up a parley with me. Ask the Kongs where they want the meeting and when they want it. This will give them the sense of security they need," said Kunning.
"Behind K.rool's back?" asked Screech.
"If you can get away with it," said Kunning slyly.
"I kan, Kunning," said Screech.
And with that, he flew from Kunning's desk to the horizon.
Kaboing and Krook had just gotten off their shift as sentries together. The two of them were proceeding through the town.
"I'm bored, are you?" asked Krook.
"That I am. The kongs are just taking their sweet time until they attack us," said Kaboing.
"Did you hear they were going to attack us? Then we shot down their plane!" said Krook.
"Was that what the explosion was?" asked Kaboing.
"Yes!" said Krook.
"The last kard game we played didn't go that well. How about trying another one? There's a game store right across from us!" said Kaboing.
"Let's check it out!" said Krook.
They walked in and saw the proprietors looking glum-faced from the front desk.
"If you're looking for more metal for weapons inside of games. You two are out of luck. All we have are a couple of decks of bridge," said the one on the left.
His name was Larry.
"We're bored. We're looking for a game to play," said Kaboing.
"Do you know the rules of bridge?" asked the one on the right, whose name was Yasser.
"Yes we memorized the rules to every kard game we kould," said Krook.
"Well, the game is played in two teams of two!" said the one on the right.
"Well, that is perfekt then! What are your names?" asked Kaboing.
"My name is Larry Christiansen," said the one on the left.
"And my name is Yasser Seirawan," said the one on the right.
"Good, I will deal the decks," said Krook.
"What're your names?" asked Larry.
"Krook," said Krook.
"That bodes well," said Yasser.
"And Kaboing," said Kaboing.
"That makes sense due to your spring-loaded peg legs," said Yasser.
"Let's get started!" said Larry.
"I say we have some banana coin stakes!" said Yasser.
"Ok," said Kaboing.
"I don't have that many, but it'll have to do," said Krook.
"I don't care that'll be a meager amount," said Larry.
"Then let's go!" said Kaboing.
They dealt the decks, and the game started. Even though Yasser and Larry were far more experienced at the game, they were getting killed.
"Are they cheating? I know I'm probably the worst player here, but this is crazy," asked Yasser.
"Yes, I'm very good at this game. But seemingly, they are as good as me. If not better," said Larry.
"Do you think they're cheating?" Yasser asked.
"I don't know," said Larry.
"But either way, you've always had to hold the team," said Yasser.
"Obviously, I'm not holding the team up successfully enough. Because we're getting killed," said Larry.
At a certain moment, Kaboing went to the restroom and Krook was inspecting the won stash of banana coins. Leaving Yasser and Larry alone.
"What are we down, 30 banana coins?" asked Yasser.
“Let’s fix the deck,” Larry whispered to Yasser.
“Let’s fix the next hand. When they bid the contract, you double, okay? Well let’s say luck got the upper hand on this one," said Larry.
"Sounds good!" said Yasser.
In no time at all, Larry had fixed the deck. Larry did it almost instantly. The question was, was he practiced? By the time Kaboing started walking back to the table, Kaboing could see that Yasser made a show of “cutting” the cards to give the ruse that all was on the straight up. Krook returned with the banana coins. He was pleased to discover a very fine hand awaiting his arrival. Between them they had 34 points and got to “game” lickety-split. Yasser, of course, doubled – for absolutely no reason. But that was the plan. And the bidding had all been one-sided. This was met by a “redouble” which caused much laughter. From Krook and Kaboing as they started complaining about being insulted... By the end, Kaboing played the contract, and Krook was proud as punch to show his dummy honors.
"Ai-Yi-Yi," said Kaboing.
Kaboing immediately understood that his and Krook's hands duplicated honors. And that he would be very fortunate indeed to make the contract. One finesse went against Kaboing. Then another, and another, until every single finesse went against Kaboing.
"What the heck is happening?" asked Kaboing.
Kaboing would say that every time he lost a trick. To Yasser and Larry, it was quite a treat. The two of them almost burst into convulsive laughter. But somehow they held their nerves. At this point, Krook made it around the table to see Kaboing's dilemma. Krook's face showed everything. In the end, Kaboing crashed and burned, he lost four more tricks, and vulnerable, doubled, and redoubled. When Krook returned to Kaboing's side of the table, Kaboing made a long-winded explanation of how terrible his hand was.
"Here you go!" said Krook, giving back all of the won banana coins and emptying his pockets.
The two kremlings left muttering about their luck. When they were out of earshot Yasser and Larry finally burst into convulsive laughter.
"That's another kard game we'll never play again," said Kaboing when he returned to sentry duty with Krook.
"Here is where I will leave you," said Ellie.
"Thanks for the ride!" said Tiny.
"You're welcome! Remind Chunky that he said he would paint a watercolor of me! Before you leave! Also, remind him that I'm in front of a waterfall!" said Ellie.
"Will do!" said Tiny.
"So I will try to bring you all the way to the Kongo Jungle!" said Rambi.
"Sounds good! How long do you think it will take?"
"Depends, can you handle a supercharge?" asked Rambi.
"I'd rather not," said Tiny.
"Then a long time," said Rambi.
They went a long way until a krimp bit on Rambi's tail and he fled!
"Rambi! Come back!" exclaimed Tiny.
But by the time Tiny said this, he was far out of earshot.
"Bad luck, that! Now I have to walk the whole way there! Still, I'm probably only halfway to Kongo Jungle," said Tiny.
She walked at least a mile when Tiny was splatted with a web and pinned against a tree.
"Help!" exclaimed Tiny.

For the true story for my inspiration of the bridge game, here it is: ... che-duels-

EDIT: Ellie is now allergic to pollen. I changed one sentence of the story, 11/9/2022
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby WesternTanager794 » October 22nd, 2022, 7:05 pm

I was thinking that it would be fun if when we got to 5000 in the Count to 5000 to publish DKC Word Salad (Name courtesy of Cyclone). Here is what it would be so far!
Last Updated: November 9, 2022 9:56 PM
When you are absolutely bananas, you forget how to walk and control ninjas. Thus one pillow was conveniently modified the way to punish a Kremling which ate all Crystal coconuts! If it flies then Diddy must clip on Peanut gun and take Tiny's Pony to fly across a ocean Diddy obviously got mad at Tiny, so he decided to grope a feisty so Dixie gave Diddy some of her sass for that. Once there were three Kremlings who ate apples. Nobody. Suddenly 888 appeared on 887's post, causing chaos throughout the known universe. 887 was slipping on banana cream pie, yet the big bad and scary Kremling grabbed every banana so Dixie could use them to fart. Dixie and her ponytail caught on barb bananas... oww said The Banana Bird angrily folding the table, yet smelling the monkey, and smacking happily the rear of a smelly kremling. But little hairs stood up on the hand. Then, diamonds are where you don’t become poor. However Krool knew of a secret golden banana hidden at the dump. So, Krool decided to pick up a golden winky that annoyed Donkey so he ate too much and became sleepy. Silly banana girls found Diddy at his jet pack, so he gave them some golden N64s, and the yellow banoffee knew that it was about time. Dixie Kong was hyper and kicked her in the head which caused her to fall into the cesspool and become dirty. The wretched Dixie went over her own tire because silly Kiddy decided to tickle Parry, he flapped and began to carry a huge coconut tree and soon until he dropped by Swanky’s and bananas. Diddy witnessed Thelxinoe through his telescope and Cranky explained that Rambi snatched up my favorite telescope and gave up. To pursue Diddy through a secret haunted cave to defeat the ghost of a chess master named Kreb Wazowski. Cranky then said that the blue telescope was his favorite. Tiny found Chunky drawing a masterpiece quietly with paint cans. Tiny smiled and sat next to Chunky, he turned the painting brush over and gave Tiny some paint to help her learn how to create a watercolor painting. The beautiful waterfall below Tiny roared and provided a relaxing portrait of Ellie drinking up all of the water. Ellie then squirted up the waterfall onto the buzz bomber and defeated the mechanical bee. Finally, Tiny finished jumping around and started walking to her painting of Squitter to complete it. Suddenly, a banana warped in front of Ernie the muppet. Dixie gazed at brushes and thickets she recognized a while Diddy remembered Kiddy had seen several dictionaries.(TO BE CONTINUED)

Hope you enjoy! :parry:
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby Super Luigi! » October 23rd, 2022, 6:40 am

I do indeed, and the finished word salad will certainly be interesting. As for your recent chapter, it may be the best one yet, and I'm sure Chapter 8 will be even better. For now, I'll add to the thread with another silly story.

Diddy Kong in a Cave
Shortly after DK's escape, Diddy decided to enter the same cave, only to find that the layout was different. As he ventured inside, a gate locked the chimp inside, and two giggling girls dressed as banana fairies, began to slowly chase him. Luckily, Diddy was fast, and he soon lost the duo. Further inside, however, he found himself in a maze of five paths, and there was clearly only one way out.

Diddy took the first option, which was littered with bananas to distract him. He was too smart for this, however, and soon looped around to the main room by exiting from where the fourth path began. Thus, he then tried the second path, which required some vine swinging over pits. Obvious to Diddy, these chasms weren't inherently dangerous, but they would slow him down. At the second path's end was a blank wall, so he decided to head back, when suddenly, the smaller banana fairy sister caught him by surprise with a loving hug. She was very cuddly, but although he appreciated such love, Diddy would not be detained. Thus, he escaped by brushing the banana fairy's hair deeply, until she happily drifted off with a smile.

Because the third path in the middle seemed too obvious, Diddy decided on the fifth. This hallway was filled with sweet flowers, similar to what Donkey had survived, but thankfully, the chimp was nimble enough to avoid their effects. At the end of this area, he found a key, which wasn't the exit, but it would likely help him escape regardless. At this point, the only way out was through the middle, and he knew that there would be trouble waiting.

Sure enough, as Diddy approached the light leading outside, the taller banana fairy blocked his way. He tried to reason with her and pass by peacefully, but she suddenly leaped towards the chimp and began tickling him mercilessly while cackling madly. Diddy soon joined in on the laughter with his own, but he couldn't let himself lose here, not when the exit was so close. Using his prehensile tail, the chimp sneakily tickled the tall banana fairy back, causing her to lose focus and grip. Without a moment to lose, Diddy finished the affectionate battle by quickly kissing her lovingly, and she soon collapsed from such overwhelming joy. With the way clear, the chimp then finally escaped.

Some time later, while Diddy was practicing his juggling at the treehouse, Dixie and Tiny arrived. As they drowsily shambled through the room, they couldn't stop giggling to themselves. Diddy smiled and looked their way to greet them, and once the trio locked eyes, both the chimp and the two sisters burst out laughing. Then, they all ate banana splits and discussed their little adventure together as true siblings.

The End.
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby WesternTanager794 » October 23rd, 2022, 7:15 am

Fun story! And thanks! I felt like chapter 7 was funny but I felt that a lot of the story was stolen from one of Yasser’s stories. :parry:
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby Super Luigi! » October 23rd, 2022, 7:24 am

Perhaps, but I still liked it, and you had your own part as well with Tiny's and Kunning's sides.
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby WesternTanager794 » October 23rd, 2022, 7:28 am

You got have noticed though that “the sweetness soon soothes her soul” was from your fanfiction of Dixie in a field. But anyway thanks for the encouragement! :parry:
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby Super Luigi! » October 23rd, 2022, 7:34 am

You're welcome, and I did notice that. Speaking of those two, I may write their perspectives of the Diddy's cave adventure, but we'll see. No matter what, I'll try my best to make my stories cute and cheerful, while you handle the dramatic and funny ones. It's what we do best, and we'll cover all angles that way too, which is a bonus.
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby WesternTanager794 » October 23rd, 2022, 7:40 am

Well I’m excited for any fan fictions you release! :parry:
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby WesternTanager794 » October 24th, 2022, 12:59 pm

The Kremlings Revenge
Chapter 8 Terra Incognita
The Kongs were on their own, stranded. With any other result, they would've been alright. In the plane crash, they had lost all of their supplies. But they had built a shelter and had collected some food. The previous plan had been to start taking down the kremlings and work out a plan from there. This was all thrown out the window, though. Donkey Kong and Cranky Kong were the leaders in the Kongo Jungle. Here they had only Donkey Kong. The previous agreement was that Cranky would use his wits and devise a plan and have DK execute them. Cranky insisted this was only to get DK to do some work. Though everyone knew it was because Cranky was past his prime. Though he was able to do hard work and heavy lifting. He was incapable of taking down the kremlings. Diddy had arranged a meeting. After the living conditions were made satisfactory to Dixie's high standards.
"Do you have a plan?" asked Dixie, fully knowing he did not.
"I'm still thinking. My best plan so far is we bash the baddies!" said DK.
"Why don't we destroy them all?" asked Diddy.
"I don't know!" said DK.
"The point is, you don't have a plan. And Cranky Kong and Wrinkly Kong are miles away! Your plan would be suicide," said Dixie.
"And we're going to starve to death on berries!" said Kiddy gleefully.
"You could lose a few pounds," said DK.
"I could?! Well, Diddy and Dixie, in such an endeavor, would starve to death a lot quicker than me!" said Kiddy.
"I'll happily take another hour to think," said DK.
"That's the third-hour thinking spell you've taken!" said Dixie.
"I have a plan!" said Diddy.
"What is it?" asked DK, perking up.
"We go to wherever the kremlings are camped. And surrender to the kremlings for a limitless supply of food. And we request that the Kongo Jungle remains free!" said Kiddy.
"That's not the plan! We send up a flare! Cranky and Wrinkly could spot it! Then Cranky come up with a plan for us!" said Diddy.
"So could our enemies!" said DK pessimistically.
"As Funky said, don't be a pessimistic pal!" said Diddy.
"He said it to you last time," said DK.
"If the kremlings come, we are rescued!" said Kiddy.
"Or delivered to a lifelong sentence of slavery," said DK.
"Don't be a pessimistic pal!" said Kiddy.
"Ahem," said a voice behind him.
"What are you doing here?" asked Dixie sternly.
"Delivering a message, of course," said the voice haughtily.
DK looked over and ran at the bird!
"You're mine now, my furry friend!" DK said.
"It's feathers! Thank you very much," said Screech, taking flight.
"DK, heel!" exclaimed Kiddy.
"What's the message?" asked Diddy.
"Kould you please restrain this lumbering brute of a gorilla?" asked Screech.
"I will at least restrain myself until you recite your message," said DK.
"I will not speak until I have your word that I will be left unharmed," said Screech.
"First, who sent the message?" asked DK.
"Kunning, of kourse!" said Screech.
"What?" DK exclaimed.
"Who did you think I was reporting to?" asked Screech.
"Captain K.rool, of course," said DK.
"That's nonsense!" said Screech.
"What's your message?" asked Diddy.
"His word, first," said Screech.
"Ok. I hope my heart and cross to die," said DK.
"What?" Everyone exclaimed.
"I'll suppose I'll have to take that," said Screech.
"Ok, what is it?" asked Dixie.
"Wait. How can we trust Screech? He tried to kill us last time!" said Diddy.
Dixie whispered in Diddy's ear, "If we're lucky, he will provide us an important insight. In what is to come."
"Ok," said Diddy.
"I will begin. Kunning would like to extend his arm in friendship," said Screech diplomatically.
"Since when!" said Dixie suspiciously.
"Since now, the army of kremlings, Kunning has amassed. This army is loyal to him and dedikated to his great idea," said Screech.
"And what is this big idea?" Diddy asked.
"Pax Kremling," said Screech.
"What! The last time I checked, the kremlings were all for pillaging and destruction!" said DK.
"That has changed for Kunning's Kommand Division. They have decided that Captain K.rool is a disturber of the peace. And getting in the way of the sought goal. The division has sworn oaths to kill K.rool at the moment the kommand is given," said Screech.
"This is a bunch of nonsense! Last time I checked, Pax Kremling means that the world is peaceful. But it means that everything is dominated by the kremlings!" said DK.
"That is how he sold the idea to the kremlings! Kunning aktually means to bring about an era where the kremlings think the Kremling empire kontrols the kongs. The truth is quite the opposite," said Screech.
"So we dominate them?!" asked Dixie hopefully.
"No, the kongs are independent but get along with the kremlings," said Screech.
"So we just let them think they rule us?" asked DK, partially furious.
"No! Kunning's true ambitions he keeps sekret from even me. He says he has ways of letting the kongs equalize," said Screech.
"How do we know we can trust Kunning?" asked Diddy.
"You don't," said Screech.
"Then, if we don't have your reassurance. No! Your word means little to us, but if you cannot give us your word that we can trust Kunning. Kunning isn't the name that bodes very well," said Dixie.
Dixie's plan was to play the walk-away tactic to try to get Screech to get desperate. If this was a trap, he would get desperate. Screech would get desperate in his attempt to lure them in.
"Ok, if that is your mind. To walk away, so be it," said Screech.
"Come on! He didn't fall for it!" Dixie said inside her head.
"Kunning kan always revert to the original plan! DK Island is subjugated. Kunning gets the far side of the island. Captain K.rool receives the near side of the island. Which inkludes Kongo Jungle. A joint leadership over DK island. I like the sound of that," Screech said slyly.
Dixie realized that no matter what, Screech had the advantage. He had the leverage of a whole island! This made Dixie furious and combined with DK's growing annoyance, Screech sensed that he could press on without trouble.
"If you don't want me to leave, then set up a time and a place for Kunning to meet you," said Screech.
"Why does Kunning need our help?" Diddy asked.
"He wants to make sure you kongs know what he's doing. And therefore don't fight him on it," said Screech.
"Have him choose the location instead. The time? Whenever we arrive in his designated location," said Diddy, sensing a trap.
"Ok," said Screech, feigning tranquility.
Screech left, and the meeting resumed. After all four of them surveyed the surrounding vicinity. To make sure Screech had actually vacated the premises. To make sure Screech wasn't eavesdropping.
"I don't trust Screech. But I would be more willing to trust this Kunning fellow. He seems like he wants to overthrow K.rool. Which seemingly makes him an unlikely ally. At least based on the principle, the enemy of my enemy is my friend," said Diddy.
"I don't trust him at all. He probably wants DK Island all for himself," said Dixie.
"Why did I let my chance go to catch him?" DK asked.
"You would never have caught him," said Diddy.
"I easily could've!" said DK.
"Really!" said Dixie.
"Maybe we should ask Klubba the truth?" asked DK.
"Finally, an idea!" said Diddy.
"He's trying to change the subject!" said Dixie.
"Either way, it's a good idea!" said Diddy.
"So, DK could've caught Screech?" asked Dixie.
"The message has been delivered, Kunning," said Screech.
"Good! Have they established a meeting place yet?" asked Kunning.
"No, they asked you to establish it. They also said they would arrive whenever they wanted," said Screech.
"Of course they did! The clever apes!" said Kunning.
"It's not a trap, is it?" asked Screech.
"No, of course not! Tell them to meet me over in the Jungle Jetty by the treehouse," said Kunning.
"Will do!" said Screech, flying out of the window.
"Klampon!" said Kunning, speaking to the klampon outside the door.
"What, Kunning?" Klampon said.
"Go get Klubba from his defensive post. I need him to deliver a letter," said Klampon.
"Got it!" said Klampon.
Ten minutes passed, and Klubba was seen sticking his head in the door.
"Sir? Do you mind if you kome out?" asked Klubba.
"Not at all," said Kunning.
"What do you need?" asked Klubba.
Kunning had come out.
"Could you deliver this letter to General Klump? He's the one surveying the unexplored part of DK Island. Terra Incognito," said Kunning.
"Will do!" said Klubba.
After, Klubba was clear of Kunning and alone. Klubba tore open the letter addressed to General Klump.
"Whatever is in this letter kould prove valuable to the kongs!" said Klubba. Inside he read this.

Kremling Kommander:
General Klump:
Terra Incognito:
The Far Side of DK Island:

Dear esteemed general,
Please reply and send the complete account of your exploits! I would also like to see the electromagnetic readings in the area known as Terra Incognito. Additionally, the maps of the location will be very appreciated. I have not calculated the exact location of the Island Artifact. But when I receive the new quantum anomaly readings that you are sending me. I will be able to pinpoint the precise location of the suspected DK Island Power Source. I am completely certain in my guess that the DK Island Power Source exists. And that, when harnessed, should have enough energy to sink Crocodile Isle and the Gangplank Galleon II. Also, it should be able to obliterate K.rool Kaves. Simion32 and Super Luigi's of the Captain Qyzbud crew created an account of the exploration of Terra Incognito. This account is correct as far as we know. And I have checked the rest of the archives that I have accumulated. No kong has explored the Terra Incognito. If you would like to know what the account says I have enclosed the words of it. I removed the redacted information in the account for your benefit.

"Report created by Simion32 and Super Luigi!
Area: Terra Incognito
Status: Will Remain Permanently Unmapped.

When we attempted to map the area known as Terra Incognito and we were immediately suspicious. Our computers and digital equipment almost instantly fried. My modeling equipment has been lost in the corruption of the hard drive. What we detected there afterward should be kept secret.

Our electromagnetic detectors started spinning wildly off the charts. There was clearly a severe electromagnetic energy source somewhere in the area. The only energy this severe had been detected by putting a Geiger counter on a string and lowering it straight into the heart of the kremling power source. But only remnants of the KPS's energy remained when we measured it. Here we found what we imagined to be similar to the KPS's former strength before it was disarmed by the kongs. We immediately packed up all of our gear and photographed with our film camera (Our digital camera was inoperable) the area of Terra Incognito. The reason why we left is simple! High concentrations of electromagnetic energy cause synaptic misfires in the brain. Which would cause the brain to shut down. We considered the fact someone had created an artificial energy shield, but we dispelled that theory because of our quantum anomaly detector. Additionally, our special detector kept indicating quantum anomalies every which way. Most of which were incapable of happening on earth. According to the readings, this was an impossible place. We divined that because the machine was spitting out seemingly random information. Such as, we were past the event horizon of a black hole and at the same time not. We were in the fifth dimension and at the same time we were not. Nothing could physically create anything like this. Super Luigi suggested aliens, but I wrote that off as ridiculous. Captain Qyzbud, it is up to you how to interpret these findings. I implore that there is no further exploration unless someone can devise a device to eliminate the electromagnetic field of energy in the area. When we tried to develop the film's negative image, we were left with a wildly distorted image full of noise and of nothing recognizable. My theory is this was caused by severe electromagnetic energy. And one more thing. The hard drive was corrupted on my computer. And so was my GPU. Nothing else that was fried was seemingly truly harmed once we got out of the field. I'm going have to start a fundraiser so I can get a new GPU for my side projects such as DKCLB and DELTA."
I would like to know how my device of mine is working. Is it dispelling all of the electromagnetic energy in your area? The fission pulse of neutrinos should if tuned to the correct energy output. Dissolve the electromagnetic energy.
Once the kongs agree to meet me where I have decided. They will choose the fate of the island. Will they team up with me or against me?
Sincerely, Kommander Kunning--------------

Klubba crumpled up the letter and proceeded to locate where the kongs were camped out.

I feel like the story is just starting to set up! :parry:
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby Super Luigi! » October 25th, 2022, 12:49 pm

It's definitely a very interesting story, to say the least, and I certainly never expected to be a part of it. Keep up the great work! As for myself, I will try to now write a companion story for my last one. Hopefully, it helps, even if it may not be verified as completely accurate.

Dixie and Tiny Kong in a Cave
On DK Island, there lived two great sisters, Dixie and Tiny. They traveled the land and explored much together, which only drew them closer. During one such day, the duo decided to visit the Banana Fairy queen, who was admired by all for her extraordinary power and motherly beauty. She told the two sisters that if they entered a nearby cave and acted as affectionate as her daughters, then she would give them both many bunches of bananas. Before Dixie could agree to try it, Tiny was already dressing them both in banana fairy gear and running towards the cave. Thus, the game was afoot.

Their first task was to try and stop Donkey with a very tough dummy. Although they stuffed it full of crocodile rocks and spread soothing sweetness for good measure, the big ape nevertheless proved his strength and escaped. After both girls stopped laughing, they then waited for Diddy to arrive by splitting up and preparing. Dixie battled him in her disguise first by trying to cuddle him to sleep, but after many calm nights alone together, she could not resist dozing off instead from his gentle hair brushing. Tiny then tried to defeat the chimp by playfully tickling him silly, but she soon received a taste of her own medicine from his tail, and his brotherly kisses soon finished the fight.

When both sisters awoke from their naps, they then returned to the Banana Fairy queen to report what happened, fearing that they had failed her. However, she found their tales quite amusing and deemed that both Kongs had fulfilled her request completely. Although they had slept soundly, Tiny and Dixie acted as any true banana fairy would to help their friends stay happy. Therefore, for being so sisterly, the queen gave the two girls hundreds of bananas to enjoy, all bundled inside a magic box that held them all with ease. All three ladies then hugged happily before bidding each other farewell, and the two sisters then shared their present with everyone, starting with Diddy and Donkey. As Tiny and Dixie sat chatting with their family, all of the Kongs were in harmony concentrating only on food and friendship.

The End.
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby WesternTanager794 » October 25th, 2022, 2:39 pm

Fun story! I enjoyed it! I'm planning on releasing chapter 9 either today or tomorrow. Hope you enjoy all of the chapters. Feel free to give any advice or ideas going forward. :parry:
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby WesternTanager794 » October 26th, 2022, 11:31 am

The Kremlings Revenge
Chapter 9 The Parley
Klubba ran toward the camped kongs. He had requested information on where the plane had landed from the kremlings who had operated the missile launcher. He had gone to them under the guise of trying to obliterate the kongs. The kremlings had gladly given him the coordinates he desired. They had marked it on a map and had given it to him.
Now he was hunting for the kongs, but not to destroy them. He was delivering news.
Earlier in the day, Kunning was informed by the two kaboings. That Klubba had requested such information.
"Don't worry! I sent him specifically for that," said Kunning.
"But what if he is a spy?" asked the first kaboing.
"I assure you he is not," said Kunning.
"If you say so, captain," said the second kaboing.
"Please, address me as Kunning," said Kunning.
"Ok, Mr. Kunning," said the second kaboing.
"I'll live with that," said Kunning.
"Should we go?" asked the second kaboing.
"If you want. Either course, I have work to do," said Kunning.
"Ok," said the second kaboing.
"Klubba! What are you doing here?" asked Diddy, who was keeping watch.
"I came to tell you the news I have collected!" said Klubba.
"What is it?" asked Dixie, coming over.
"I intercepted a letter from Kunning to General Klump," said Klubba.
"I've never heard of him!" said Diddy.
"He's apparently stationed in Terra Incognita. Which I have no idea where that is," said Klubba.
"It's what Simion32, Captain Qyzbud, and Super Luigi decided to name it. No one has ever explored it, and the DKC Atlas hasn't mapped it," said Diddy.
"So that might be why I've never heard of it," said Klubba.
"So what was in the letter?" asked Dixie.
"Generic stuff," said Klubba.
"What's generic?" asked Dixie.
"Do you have the letter for us to read?" asked Diddy.
"No, I threw it away," said Klubba.
"Why?!" asked Diddy.
"I figured general Klump didn't need to learn about it," said Klubba.
"What did it say?" asked Diddy.
"What I remember, I will say now. It had an account of exploring Terra Incognita," said Klubba.
"And why didn't you think that would be valuable for us to have?" asked Dixie.
"I figured that if I remembered it, I wouldn't have to carry the letter and have a chance of getting caught. But anyway, back to the story! I also read that he was suspecting that the DK Island Power Source was in there," said Klubba.
"We have a power source?! No wonder we can beat the kremlings!" said Diddy.
"He said in the letter that he was planning to harness it to destroy K.rool. He asked general Klump if he's confirmed the existence of the DK Island Source. Kunning also said that he was waiting for your guys' support until he made a move to destroy K.rool," said Klubba.
"Screech!" said Donkey Kong.
"Hands off me, you fiend!" said Screech.
"I better be leaving," said Klubba.
"Yes, you should," said Dixie.
"Goodbye!" said Klubba, running.
"Klubba's not very quiet, is he. He's taking down trees with his club!" said Diddy.
"Diddy! Dixie! Screech has news!" said DK.
"What is it?" asked Dixie.
"Come over!" said Kiddy.
They came over. Screech perched on a branch above DK's reach.
"Kunning has decided that he would like to meet you at the Jetty near Lake Orangatanga by the jungle is where he would like to meet. He has requested that you come unarmed and not attempt any aggression. He will come alone, but he will have his saber for self-defense because the four of you could easily overpower him," said Screech.
"How do we know this isn't a trap," said Diddy, attempting to test the waters.
"You don't," said Screech.
"You're just as vague as ever!" said Diddy.
"You make your choice," said Screech as he left.
"It's our only choice," said DK.
"If we leave now, perhaps we can catch them unawares if it is a trap," said Diddy.
"Then we leave!" said DK.
"Kunning! K.rool's here!" said a Kutlass.
"Give me a second!" said Kunning.
"So, back to what I was saying," said Screech.
"I'm listening," said Kunning.
"Klubba had just left when I arrived. I could tell because I heard trees crashing down near the site. Also, I have a letter for you from General Klank," said Screech.
"Good! I wonder if he has discovered the location of the Island's Source yet?" asked Kunning.

Dear Kunning,
Me and my krew have pinpointed the location of the DK Island Source. Thanks to those calculations you have given us. Your portable forcefield has worked. It is actively containing the DK Island Source. If your calculations are correct, in a few weeks, we will have rid the area of dangerous radiation. You were worried that your electromagnetic core disruptor device wouldn't be able to eliminate all of the electromagnetic energy that would build up in the containment. The shield has worked. And the energy collector is charging. Thank you for the akkount of the DKC Atlas Community and the kalculations you sent almost a month ago.
Cordially, Klank

That means everything is going to plan!" said Kunning.
"The Kongs are also heading to the meeting location," said Screech.
"Kunning! The captain is getting annoyed," said Kutlass.
"Kutlass! I'll be right there!" said Kunning.
"I'll go then," said Screech.
"Captain, how are you doing!" said Kunning.
"I kould've done without the filibustering," said K.rool.
"I'm sorry for that. I had a meeting with Screech that I was wrapping up when you came," said Kunning.
"Have you heard that the kastle is komplete?" asked K.rool.
"Screech told me a few days ago!" said Kunning.
"No matter how hard I try, I cannot surprise you!" said K.rool.
"I am remarkably well informed," said Kunning.
"I am not surprised! Are we ready to proceed with the konquest of this island?" K.rool asked.
"Are we certain on the joint-leadership territories?" asked Kunning.
"Yes! You get the "far side of the island", excluding the Northern Kremispheres, Hermit Crab Cove, and K.rool Kaves! I get the "near side of the island", excluding Kremkroc," said K.rool.
"I will prepare my army to invade Kremkroc. First thing I can!" said Kunning.
"Good! I'll leave and move the fleet that Konstrukt has built for me to the near side of the island to begin the invasion!" said K.rool.
"Konstrukt built a fleet for you?" asked Kunning.
"Yes! I have two dozen ships. They are sailing from Crocodile Isle to K.rool Kaves as we speak!" said K.rool.
"Good!" Kunning said reluctantly.
"I'll be leaving now! By the way! Konstrukt is coming out to see you tomorrow! He wants to go to Kremkroc with you," said K.rool.
"Ok! But that's it? That's all you came for?" asked Kunning.
"Yes! I was making sure we were in agreement," said K.rool.
"I'm happy we are!" said Kunning.
Things were not going at all to Kunning's plan.
"Kunning!" said Kutlass.
"What is it?" Kunning said, perking up.
"Why don't you replace K.rool as a ruler?" asked Kutlass.
"Because I have no ambitions of becoming ruler over K.rool," said Kunning.
"Well, if you don't, you don't. Oh! I forgot! Screech is hanging in the brambles outside, waiting for you to come back," said Kutlass.
"I'll go see him," said Kunning.
"Kunning! I have spotted the kongs! They are heading to the jetty!" said Screech.
"Where is my saber? I do trust their word more than K.rool's. But safe than sorry. Aah, there it is," said Kunning.
"I'd hurry!" said Screech.
"I just have one more thing to do," said Kunning.
"Where's Kunning?" Dixie asked.
"I suspect a trap. Half an hour we've been here, and no one has shown up," said DK.
"We didn't send a specific time," said Diddy.
"So, are we going to spend days here?" Kiddy asked.
"Probably not," said DK.
Suddenly, they heard a rustling in the grass behind them.
"Who's there?" asked DK.
"Only me," said Kunning.
"Who are you?" asked Diddy suspiciously.
"My name is Kunning!" said Kunning.
Kunning's sword was in its sheath, Diddy observed.
"We have only one proposal we are willing to accept," said Dixie.
"And I assume that is we leave, and the kongs are left undisturbed. Well, I have some news for you. The kremlings will not leave in a hurry," said Kunning.
"How shocking," Dixie said sarcastically.
"My proposal is this. Is we eliminate K.rool and work from there," said Kunning.
"Are we supposed to believe that K.rool will just let you assassinate him?" asked Kiddy.
"I have a bomb on the Gangplank Galleon II that will annihilate the ship. The issue is, he has built a whole fleet, and he could be sailing on any of them!" said Kunning.
"What is your plan?" asked Diddy.
"K.rool is planning to go ahead with the invasion," said Kunning.
"But that can't happen!" said Diddy.
Kunning gave him a friendly smile, "The casualties in the invasion will be minimal, as the men are ordered specifically to spare anyone who surrenders, and once the invincibility of the Kumulonimbus becomes clear, most will submit. A few who resist will die. Yes, And that'll be unfortunate. as, for K.rool, I've anticipated his destructive nature in my plans and thought of ways to prevent him from causing chaos on your island. Don't worry, I'll make sure he shan't hurt anyone on DK Island," said Kunning.
"Oh, that puts me at ease. Only those who resist will be crushed under your iron fist. And we have your word for it that K.rool will be in check," Dixie said sarcastically.
"My word means more than you think!" said Kunning.
"Why? You're a kremling," said DK.
"First of all, I'm not a villain. K.rool is a villain. I'm on the good side. I don't want power for its own sake, but it's a necessary evil. I plan to reform the kremlings into a utopia," said Kunning.
"What!" said Diddy, confused.
"And I was thinking to make sure the kremlings stay in check and that the kongs are treated fairly that two kongs would be appointed," said Kunning.
He was interrupted by the head of a company of kremlings.
"What's going on here?" a krusha said, confused.
A company of kremlings had just started passing through the jetty.
"Oh, nothing," said Kiddy.
"Kong!" said a gnawty.
"Hold it! These are kremlings in disguise! They are supposed to look like kremlings to confuse the kongs," said Kunning.
"They look like land-lubbering kongs to me," said a Kaboing.
"Why can't they take off these disguises?" asked a Rekoil.
"I designed the disguised to be only used once," said Kunning.
"They're running! That's the international sign of guilt!" said a Krimp.
"After them!" said a Skidda.
"I think they were worried you were going to kill them," said Kunning.
"Pursue them!" said a Klump.

Is Kunning friend or foe? Tell me what you think!
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby Super Luigi! » October 26th, 2022, 1:38 pm

Thanks, Tanager. As for your story, I'm not sure what ideas to give or whose side K. Rool will be on in the end, but I'll think on both. Keep up the good work!
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby WesternTanager794 » October 26th, 2022, 2:32 pm

I must have mistyped! I meant Kunning! :parry:

:EDIT: I fixed it!
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby WesternTanager794 » October 31st, 2022, 2:20 pm

The Kremlings Revenge
Chapter 10 The Kongnapping
“Run as fast as you can!” said Cranky from behind them.
“Cranky! Where did you come from?!” Diddy said in amazement.
“Just hurry!” Cranky said.
“Where’s Wrinkly?” asked Dixie.
“Already back at camp! You should know that you didn’t conceal your camp very well. We found it in a twinkling,” Cranky said.
“So it wasn’t hard for Screech to find, was it?” Dixie said.
“Probably not! But what’s Screech doing at your camp?” Cranky asked.
“I’ll explain later,” said Dixie.
“Shoot those kongs!” said the Krusha leader behind them.
Bang! Bang! Bullets whizzed by their heads.
“Get them!” said a klaptrap struggling to keep up with the company.
“We’re going to lead them back to the camp!” DK said above the clamber.
“You’re right! We need to double back to the cove! Turn about!” Cranky said.
“They’re right behind us!” DK said.
“So run faster!” exclaimed Cranky.
Tiny started to panic. She was pinned against a maple tree. No, it was an oak, Tiny thought. She could hear the sound of kremlings surrounding her. Then she heard a noise akin to a Quack Quack.
"Is it a duck?" Tiny asked herself.
Then she spotted, through a gap in the trees, Chunky Kong riding Squitter! Squitter was shooting web darts. And Tiny could see kremlings all around her being ensnared by the sticky fibers. She rubbed her eyes in an attempt to figure out if it was an illusion or not. But the image stayed the same.
"Tiny! Are you ok?!" Tiny heard Chunky cry out.
"Yah!" said Tiny.
"Hang tight while we eliminate the kremlings!" said Chunky.
The clamor began to die down until nothing could be heard. Then Chunky and Squitter came over.
"Hi!" said Squitter.
"Hi, Squitter!" said Tiny.
"How is your sister doing?" Chunky asked.
"You know!" said Tiny.
"I don't know," said Chunky.
"Me neither. Could you get these threads off of me?" asked Tiny.
"Ok! Squitter, do you know of any way to get this spiderweb off?" Chunky asked.
"Usually, when I trap something. It isn't supposed to come free," Squitter replied.
"I have a pocketknife. Maybe I can cut you free," Chunky said.
Chunky cut the strands free, and the two of them embraced.
"No time for pleasantries," said Squitter.
"Why?" Tiny asked.
"Because more kremlings are coming! If there were not, I would be eating the kremlings. Waste of a good meal," said Squitter.
"Blegh," said Tiny.
"I'm supposing you want to know how we knew kremlings were coming for you," said Chunky.
"Of course I do!" said Tiny.
"Chunky knows it better than I do, so he can tell the story," said Squitter.
"So we got wind of K.rool plotting to kidnap you! K.rool sent out an edict when you escaped. It said to bring you back dead or alive! We didn't believe it at first because we'd thought you were dead for a year or two!" Chunky said.
"What!" said Tiny.
"So we came to save you!" said Squitter.
"Hello! How are you doing? I hope well! Is this the sekond time you've eskaped? Well, it won't be the third," said a voice.
"Mr. X!" said Chunky going pale.
Instantly, Squitter wheeled around and shot several webs that went through Mr. X.
"You think that kan stop me! Kremlings! Over here!" said Mr. X.
Mr. X then shot a harrowing look at Squitter. Squitter fled in fright.
"Run!" said Chunky.
"You think you kan eskape me!" said Mr. X as he whisked into view.
Squitter then showed up and scooped the two of them up.
"After them!" said Mr. X.
Mr. X's sekond in kommand Zinger hovered next to him.
"Where's Krusha's Division going?" Mr. X asked.
"Our skout said that he was heading over to the intended lokation. Which is Terra Incognita," said Zinger.
"Where's K.rool's Division heading?" asked Mr. X.
"He has decided to leave half of the army in K.rool Kaves. The other half is sailing to the Kongo Jungle," said Zinger.
"Everything is as expekted. Has Kunning's army set off from the Kumulonimbus yet?" asked Mr. X.
"Yes! Much of it stayed on the Kumulonimbus and Hermit Krab Kove, but the rest is going to Kremkroc as planned," said Zinger.
"We'll get that impudent Tiny Kong, and then we will head to the misty mountains. After her!" Mr. X said.
"Well, We've escaped the pursuing kremling army," Dixie said.
"It's too quiet for my liking," said Cranky.
There were absolutely no sounds except for the crashing waves.
"I think that's a good thing," said Dixie.
"Well, I better be going," said Cranky.
"Where are you going?" asked Kiddy.
"To the cabin that I built near here, of course!" Cranky said.
The four remaining kongs kept walking until they saw some kremlings nearby. But as soon as the kongs saw the kremlings, the kremlings saw them.
"Kongs!" a kremcrab exclaimed.
Several kremcrabs that were previously socializing switched into battle mode and curled up into a ball, starting rolling after them.
"That's not good!" said DK.
"After them!" said a kritter.
"Run!" Diddy said.
The four of them moved out from the jungle into the open beach. Behind them were a multitude of creatures. Predominantly a new creature that they had never seen before. The kremcrab.
"That rolling kremling is fast!" said Diddy.
Rocks slid down from the mouth of the cave.
"We've got you stuck in there!" said a kremling, jeering at them.
"Well, you're sure not coming in here after us!" said Tiny defiantly.
"How do you know?" the kremling asked.
Chunky groaned from somewhere behind Tiny.
"It's easily a thirty-foot drop!" Tiny said.
"I hear a groaning! I suppose your buddy has something broken! Either way, there's no way to get out!" said the kremling.
Tiny was annoyed, Chunky's ankle was broken. They were trapped in the cave that they had accidentally fallen into. Squitter was going for help, but who knew how long that would be.
"Stand down!" said Mr. X from far above Tiny.
"Alright," said the kremling dejectedly.
"Let me know when you would like to surrender! It sounds like you have a friend that needs medikal assistance," said Mr. X.
Tiny explored the cave with her eyes. Looking above her, she saw it was a straight fall down. It appeared to be a mineshaft. For the first time, she spotted, to the left of her, a mine cart on a track.
"it would probably have to be a last resort. Who knows where that leads. I suppose my night vision has adjusted enough to see it," Tiny said, to herself.
Tiny was illuminated by a beam of light coming down from the top of the shaft. Now, there was a translucent figure looking down at her.
"No answer? I will leave you to your silence," Mr. X said.
Tiny threw a rock next to her at the wall to her right. The rock broke through wood, and she heard rock and wood hitting rock as they fell, seemingly into a deep chasm. She waited about a minute until the sounds finally died away.
"It looks like there is a pit that way," said Tiny.
Meanwhile, somewhere in the Misty Mountains, Mr. X was pacing and floating around his newly built room of operations.
"I have a message for Kaptain K.rool," said Mr. X.
"Sure! What is it?" asked the army.
The army began to shudder as Mr. X closed in on her.
"I would like you to deliver this message to K.rool personally. Tell him that we have kaught Tiny Kong and that the ransom kidnapping plan is a go," Mr. X said.
"But we haven't kaught her!" the army said.
"That doesn't matter. Now bug off!" said Mr. X.
"Yes, sir!" the army said fearfully.
The army rolled as fast as she could. It took a while, but she finally got to the gate of the castle in K.rool Kaves.
"What are you doing here?" asked Kannon, who was guarding the portcullis.
"I have a message for the Kaptain! Mr. X said it was urgent!" said the army.
"You kan pass!" said Kannon.
Later, the army found in which room K.rool was residing.
"Mr. X sent you a message, sir! Tiny Kong has been kaptured, and you are good to go with the plan! Also, the far side of the island has been kompletely subjugated!" said the army.
"Woohoo!" K.rool said as he started dancing around.
"Sir?" the army asked.
"Oh, send messengers to spread the news. Send one to Kunning, the Kongs, and Krusha! This is great news!" said K.rool, still dancing around.
"Kan I leave?" asked the army.
"Of Kourse! Tell Mr. X that he is almost as useful as Kunning!" said K.rool, dancing around even more.
"I'll take my leave then," said the army.
Far later, the kongs had escaped the onslaught of kremcrabs.
"It seems that new breeds exist. I assume this new creature is endemic to DK Island," said Dixie.
"Kiddy! Tackle DK!" said Diddy.
"Why?" asked Dixie.
"Screech is coming in for a landing!" said Diddy.
"Kiddy! Let me go! I won't assault Screech!" said DK.
"Sorry! Diddy's orders!" said Kiddy.
DK looked at Kiddy funnily. Then the two of them burst out in laughter.
"Yah yah yah! Quit the laughing! It's good you have that brute of an ape restrained this time," said Screech.
"Another message from Kunning?" asked Diddy.
"No, this one is from K.rool," said Screech suavely.
"What?! What does he want to say to us?" Diddy asked.
"Tiny Kong is being held for ransom. Apparently, Mr. X kaught her," said Screech.
"Who's Mr. X," Kiddy asked, still sitting on DK.
"I heard he was going to fight us when DK got kidnapped. I also heard that Mr. X was the owner of the Haunted Hall. Apparently, he was busy and had to be replaced with Kackle at the last moment," Dixie said.
"Cranky, you're back!" Kiddy exclaimed.
"Yes, and about time too! I've been eavesdropping on the last few minutes of this conversation, and this is what I have to say. I heard a lot of talk about Mr. X. Mr. X was going to show up in the game. Of course, I may have misunderstood. Most of it was in german," said Cranky.
"What's the real story behind him?" Diddy asked.
"You'd have to talk to Kunning about him. He knows a lot more about him than I do. A story from Kunning would be far more reliable. He has studied every book he kan get his hands on. Anyway, K.rool wants the Crystal Coconut in exchange," said Screech.
"The what!" Cranky exclaimed.
"The Krystal Kokonut," said Screech.
"The what?!" DK exclaimed.
"The Krystal Kokonut," said Screech.
"Huh?" :scratch: Diddy exclaimed.
"The Krystal Kokonut," said Screech.
"The what?" Dixie exclaimed.
"Do I have to repeat myself some more?" said Screech.
"No, but what is it?" asked Kiddy.
"You all don't know?--Well, I thought it might be real. You've never seen that TV show?" Screech asked.
"No. You shouldn't believe everything you see on the telly?" said Dixie going into a British accent.
"I don't see how that deserved any mockery," said Screech.
"Me neither," said Dixie with a sigh. "But my theatrical talents are hardly appreciated."
he aktually wants one of two things. The banana hoard or your unkonditional surrender. He probably wants the latter more," said Screech.
"What! I think we should have another parley with that Kunning before we decide anything," said Cranky.
"Suit yourself!" said Screech as he flew off.

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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby Super Luigi! » November 2nd, 2022, 1:53 pm

I'm glad to hear it, Tanager. This story is developing nicely, and I always look forward to your future chapters. Don't rush them, however, for I can wait. Perhaps I'll write more silly stories in the future, but for now, I'll think on it.
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby WesternTanager794 » November 2nd, 2022, 4:53 pm

Thanks for the encouragement! I feel like I did rush this chapter though. :parry:
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby Super Luigi! » November 3rd, 2022, 3:42 pm

You're welcome, and although it's possible that you rushed, I think that chapter was still great. Here's another short silly story to help as well:

Mermaid Madness
One cool afternoon, Diddy was walking along the shore of DK Island, when a mermaid suddenly greeted him. She needed help back home underwater, and since he was a true video game hero, Diddy keenly offered his assistance. The mermaid then cheered happily, held the chimp tight, and swam with him back to her home.

Dixie, who had witnessed this interaction from farther away, wondered what had happened, so she met with Tiny and recruited her to help investigate. Both sisters were fairly certain that they knew who this mystery mermaid was, but since not much was occurring, they pretended that their brotherly best friend was in trouble. Thus, they soon set out on a rescue mission.

All the mermaid really needed was help organizing and storing her pearl collection, which was no problem for Diddy, who had collected thousands of items in his life. When Tiny and Dixie soon arrived, they greeted their pair of friends and helped as well, before pitching their idea of a game to play. All four group members agreed and soon took their places, even if the underwater abode wasn't a large mansion.

While the mermaid stood guard and laughed evilly, Diddy called for help and mourned how utterly speckledorfed he had been. Suddenly, Dixie and Tiny appeared to save the day, and they were both incredibly beautiful and amazing. All three ladies then commenced the pretend dramatic battle.

Using powerful sisterly teamwork, Tiny and Dixie covered the mermaid with love, for this fight wasn't actually real, and saved Diddy from her dastardly tickles. Playing her part of the act exceptionally, the mermaid then wildly swung all about and soon swooned, soundly defeated. All four best friends then giggled greatly at how silly they seemed, before sharing a very real hug of true affection.

The End.
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby WesternTanager794 » November 9th, 2022, 4:31 pm

The Kremlings Revenge
Chapter 11 The Second Parley
"What!" said Kunning.
Screech had informed Kunning of the kongs' need for another parley. Because of that, Kunning had traversed the many miles between Kremkroc Industries and Hermit Crab Cove. When Kunning arrived, he met with the kongs and was shocked at the account.
"My sister has been kidnapped!" said Dixie.
"I have not heard of this at all! If this is true, no one has told me!" said Kunning.
"I very much doubt that it is any more than a bluff," said Dixie.
In fact, at this very moment, Guadeloupe the Budgerigar was attempting to deliver the message to no avail. He was hammering at the glass windows of Kunning's office.
"I need to get someone's attention!" said Guadeloupe.

Dixie had been keeping watch in the middle of the night when Kunning had arrived.
"I have either been kept in the dark. Or it is simply not true!" said Kunning.
"I would opt for the latter," Dixie said.
"If she has been kidnapped, that is another thing that has been going against us," said Kunning.
"You said you had arrived from Kremkroc. I assume that means you invaded it! Why did you invade Kremkroc if you are on our side?" asked Dixie.
"I did what I had to do. That meant occupying the dilapidated ruins of that factory. If I did anything else, K.rool would think I was a traitor! Also, that gives me a place with enormous natural resources to build more inventions. The secret war doesn't have unlimited resources," said Kunning.
"What secret war?" asked Dixie.
"If I told you, it wouldn't be secret anymore, would it," said Kunning.
"I thought you would tell us everything!" said Dixie.
"I was kidding! I've been aiming to give K.rool as many setbacks as possible," said Kunning.
"And is it working?" asked Dixie.
"To some degree," said Kunning.
"What's not working?" Dixie asked.
"Well, for one, he has a fleet of ships heading towards the Kongo Jungle to either burn it or, if any kongs are still there, capture them and hold them prisoner," said Kunning.
"What! We have to warn them!" said Dixie.
At this point, Cranky was aroused by the chatter.
"What's going on?" asked Cranky, exiting the tent.
"Kunning says that K.rool is planning to capture the kongs and burn the jungle!" said Dixie frantically.
"One or the other. Not both," said Kunning.
"So you're this cunning fellow! I've heard a lot about you. Not all good things either!" said Cranky.
"I could expect you have," said Kunning.
"Cranky, it's Kunning with a K," said Dixie.
"I'm too old to hear the difference between a c and a k. Anyway, which jungle are they planning to destroy?" asked Cranky.
"The Kongo Jungle! We have to warn everyone!" said Dixie.
"Hold it right there! If there are no kongs in the jungle, K.rool will get suspicious! The only people who know about this are me, K.rool, and Krusha. If K.rool's "brilliant" plan doesn't work, he will suspect sabotage and root out his ranks until he finds the perpetrator," said Kunning.
"He's right. We can't arouse K.rool's suspicions," said Cranky.
"Why can't K.rool assume that some kongs saw them and warned the rest?" Dixie asked.
"I have a little machine to prevent that," said Kunning.
"I'm intrigued," said Cranky.
"I have an invisibility cloak device," said Kunning.
"How does it work?" Cranky asked.
"It displaces the Higgs field to create artificial gravity. The gravity sucks all of the actual light. Then my projecting device puts a fake image out," said Cranky.
"Cool! But how did your contraption get in the hands of K.rool?" asked Cranky.
"He put out a warrant to steal all of my inventions. He either has the original, or I build him a copy of his own," said Kunning.
"That could come in handy if you have an original," said Cranky.
"So we are going to leave everyone to their deaths? That's not very honorable," said Dixie.
"I don't like it, but it's necessary," said Cranky.
"I have a possible compromise," said Kunning.
"What is it?" asked Dixie.
"Well, I initially warned K.rool about this. I've been studying the weather patterns of DK Island. And I have found out that every two months, the wind shifts. The shift is almost precisely every two months but usually, give or take, a couple days. The wind is currently blowing against the ships. That will cause them to have little progress. Now, it is possible to sail against the wind. But they don't know how to do that other than rowing. That means it could take them a month. Before they get to the Kongo Jungle. By that time, K.rool could be defeated," said Kunning.
"I suppose it's not a compromise, but it is reassuring!" said Cranky.
"Do you have anything else to say? Because I should be going soon. I have things to attend to," said Kunning.
"Cranky? Do you have anything to say?" asked Dixie.
"Not that I can think of!" said Cranky.
"Well, then I better be leaving, the sun is coming up soon and I need to be at Kremkroc first thing in the morning. Goodbye!" said Kunning.
"Bye!" said Dixie.
"See you later!" said Cranky.
When Kunning was out of earshot.
Cranky said to Dixie, "I don't trust that fellow. He seems nice, but looks can be deceiving. I have never met a kremling that wouldn't want to stab you in the back while you weren't looking. There are a few exceptions though. One was a librarian at the Kremling Library. An additional case was a kremling guard that guarded K.rool's Keep. There are some more, but I think you get the point," said Cranky.
"I understand, but this could be potentially amazing news! It could mean my sister is alive!! She wasn't executed for spying," said Dixie.
"I know you're excited. But it wouldn't be wise to wake up DK and Dixie. When you head over there," said Cranky.
"Do you remember when we thought that K.rool was Kunning in disguise?" asked Dixie.
"Yes, but it appears that Kunning is someone else. What I've noticed though, is he's the only kremling that doesn't speak with Ks. Oh, you're not listening anymore," said Cranky.
Dixie started to wander over to the camp. She cautiously stepped over the three bundles and made it over them.
"Phew!" said Dixie.
"Shh!" said Cranky.
"I'm going back to sleep. It's your turn to keep watch," said Dixie.
"Kunning! Where were you?" asked Konstrukt, his assistant.
"I was on a hike to look for," Kunning pondered a bit, "An old part that they don't manufacture anymore. I had seen it once in the old pits of spare parts. So I decided to hunt for it there. Finding the part was a lot harder than I expected," said Kunning.
"Ok! Well, I have good news. And I have bad news. What would you like to hear first?" asked Konstrukt.
"The bad news first," said Kunning.
"The bad news is that K.rool's ships are making no progress sailing to the Kongo Jungle. The good news is that the far side of the island has been completely occupied. Additionally, I have a letter from General Klank concerning Terra Incognita," said Konstrukt.
"Where is it?" Kunning asked excitedly.
"It's on your desk, right there. Not there, next to the lamp," said Konstrukt.
Kunning seized the letter. Kunning used the letter opener on his desk to open the letter.

Dear Kommander Kunning,
My krew and I have rid Terra Incognita of excessive radiation. You asked me to analyze the flora and fauna. There have not been any changes. I have kordoned off the zone where the Island Artifact resides. I would be excited to see you kome down and look. I hope things aren't too diffikult to manage at Kremkroc.

Kordially, Klank

"I will go immediately! I have a theory, Konstrukt. Message the Banana Fairy Queen to head to Terra Incognita. Provide directions," said Kunning.
"Where is Terra Incognita anyway?" asked Konstrukt.
"The place I would like to meet is approximately here," Kunning said as he put his finger on the map.
"I'll get going on that," said Konstrukt.
"Is my handheld copter still operational?" Kunning asked.
"You know, I forgot to tell you about that! The krew diskovered it just yesterday. As far as they kan tell, it works!" said Konstrukt.
"Good! Where is it being kept?" Kunning asked.
"Just follow me, it's not far," said Konstrukt.
They went down several corridors, then some side passages. Then Konstrukt opened the door where a massive pile of old inventions were kept. Most of them were Kunning's.
"I forgot about this! Oh, it doesn't work. I'll have to fix that later, I suppose I have my work cut out for me! There is the Handheld Copter," said Kunning.
"Is it possible you have a better name for it?" Konstrukt asked.
"I haven't thought about that much," said Kunning.
Kunning walked out of the room and went a long way until he found a balcony.
"Let's see if it still works," said Kunning to himself.
He pressed a button on the side, and large blades unfolded from the sides and started spinning rapidly.
"It works!" Kunning said.
He tossed it into the air and it hovered at the appropriate distance for Kunning to reach. Feeling the weight the copter started spinning faster to compensate. It slowly started rising and moving. Kunning lost track of time while he was flying. He assumed it had been at least an hour. He passed the marked circle around Terra Incognito.
"This is good news. If the radiation containment had failed, that wouldn't have been good. If it had failed, the electromagnetic pulses would've fried this machine, then it would've dropped from the sky," said Kunning.
He spotted the camp where the kremling scientists were set up and started descending. When he landed, he was greeted by three kremlings.
"Kunning! We're glad you're here!" said the one with the white lab coat.
"I am too!" said Kunning.
"Pleasure to meet you, sir," said the kaboing with an eyepatch.
"Pleased to make your acquaintance as well," said Kunning.
"I suppose you would like to know the status of everything?" said the Skidda.
"Naturally! What are the measurements coming out of the artifact?" asked Kunning.
"3.9x the power the Kremling Power Source puts out!" said the Skidda proudly.
"It's been a while since I've been out of the field. I've mostly had to do administrative work at Kremkroc. And it was the same on the Kumulonimbus. I figured all of you would work well as a team! If I had time, I would be happy to join you in the study of this natural wonder," said Kunning.
"We also analyzed that it seems to influence the weather patterns on the island and surrounding it! We have attributed the two-month weather shift that you diskovered to this," said Skidda.
"I suspected that was what caused that. I was very worried that we wouldn't be able to contain and control this. Are the containment fields holding up?" asked Kunning.
"They've suffered some strain due to the immense radiation being blasted at them. But still, they are at 97% kontainment strength," said Skidda.
"I will have to get working on that," said Kunning.
"I am worried as you are, that in time this will be out of our kontrol. For now, though, the power source is producing enormous amounts of elektricity. What will all of this energy be used for?" Skidda asked.
"I don't know exactly yet. But it's useful to have all of this on hand. Perfect for establishing a Kremtopia," said Kunning.
"I don't think Pax Kremling will precisely work the way it is set up at the moment," said Skidda.
"I'm working on adjusting it," said Kunning.
"The Banana Fairy Queen has arrived!" yelled the kritter with the white lab coat in the distance.
"Have you been expecting her?" asked Skidda, confused.
"Yes. I think she pertains some importance to the project. I believe she has some tie to the Island Artifact. I honestly would be shocked if she doesn't," said Kunning.
"So, are you going to run experiments on her?" Skidda asked.
"Not exactly," said Kunning.
"So what did you want me for, foul kremling?" she asked.
"For one, I am not a foul kremling, quite the opposite. Also, what I want you for has to do with the Island Artifact," said Kunning.
"What's that?" the Queen asked.
"I believe it is what powers your magical powers. It also seems to give DK Island and especially this part. Exceptional growing conditions," said Kunning.
"So what does that have to do with me?" asked the Queen.
"I have multiple reasons why, but the most important in this case is if we keep harvesting the energy. What will happen?" Kunning asked.
"I don't know," the Queen said.
"I believe it will diminish your powers. Also, a long enough loss of its energy may cause you to lose your immortality. I would like to figure out what will happen. I also would like to figure out if you cause the banana trees to grow so prosperously or if the artifact directly causes them to grow to flourish. I would like to know what causes them to have such unusually high nutritional content. I also have the nagging suspicion that the soil leached with the soil may have developed some magical properties. Once again, that is only a suspicion though," said Kunning.
"If you are planning to run experiments on me that is a no. I will not concede to be the subject of a scientific experiment, no matter how noble the cause," said the Queen defiantly.
"I would only be altering the power source itself to see what would happen. I would change some of the properties of the flow, etcetera. I'll give you some time to think about it," said Kunning.
"I might consider it, being that you could do it with my consent," said the Queen.
Then a net shot down from the tree above and trapped the banana fairy queen. She trashed angrily when K.rool and his henchmen emerged from the shadows.
"K.rool! What are you doing! You're interfering with my stuff! You said you would stay inside your own jurisdiction!" said Kunning ferociously.
A white glint came into Kunning's eyes.
"I thought it would be a perfekt chance to nab this bird. Some of my skouts spotted her flying over here. I thought it would be perfekt," said K.rool.
"You shouldn't have interfered! I was getting along just fine before you came along," Kunning said.
He was getting less angry, but he was still mad.
"I'm still taking her kaptive. I will leave you alone most of the time, but for some things, I will intervene. I will probably apologize in the future, but for now, desperate times require desperate measures," said K.rool.
K.rool left with his capture, and Kunning had finally cooled down.
"K.rool isn't really that good at ruling," said Skidda.
"Not really," said Kunning.
"Well, that spoils that experiment," said Kaboing coming over.
"We can't safely experiment with the artifact now. Any ideas, anyone?" Kunning asked.
"Not really," said Skidda.
"I have absolutely no ideas!" said Kaboing with a sigh.
"Wouldn't it be nice if I was in control of everything?" Kunning asked.

What will happen next?
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby Super Luigi! » November 10th, 2022, 2:00 pm

I don't know, but this story becomes more interesting every chapter. Thanks for sharing this, Tanager, and I wish you the best with your future projects as well.
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby WesternTanager794 » November 10th, 2022, 5:51 pm

The Kremlings Revenge
Chapter 12 The Origins of Mr. X
"Dear Kongs," said Kunning as he wrote a letter, reading aloud, "Screech just told me that you requested the origins of the mysterious Mr. X. He just informed me because he forgot previously. No one is entirely sure of his heritage. Because he keeps quiet when inquired. I am, of course, the leading expert. Being that I have extensively researched everything about everything. I will tell you all I can.
My guess is that Mr. X was an explorer. He and his crew discovered Crocodile Isle. Of course, this was long before K.Rool and the Krem Krew inhabited it. After Mr. X passed away, his corpse was buried deep within Crocodile Isle. The Lost World, to be exact. Several years later, K.Rool and his crew landed on Crocodile Isle. They reconstructed the island, settled in, and claimed it as their own. Eventually, the plot of Diddy and Dixie's konquest there unfolds. Before his defeat, K.Rool entered the Lost World and discovered Mr. X's corpse. K.rool decided to resurrect him using the Kremling life force. You know, as a last-ditch attempt to stop Kongs. Before K.rool was able to do so, Diddy and Dixie defeated K.rool in the true ending. As a result of Crocodile Isle sinking, Mr. X remained under the ocean for many years. Until the Kremling Power Source rebooted, and Crocodile Isle arose from the dark waves. Mr. X was resurrected by the Kremling Power Source returning. Mr. X decided to join K.rool again and was rewarded with the post he holds now. I have many more theories and thoughts on this important question, so let me know if you would like to know more. Truly, Kunning."
"Do you think they will katch your joke?" asked Screech.
"Which one? The truly kunning pun?" asked Kunning.
Yes! That's the one I mean. I suppose you would like me to deliver this note now?" Screech asked.
"Feel free to do so whenever you want. The Kongs probably have forgotten about their request. They forgot to mention this subject when I met them last," said Kunning.
"I will deliver it now," said Screech grabbing the letter between his talons.
"Oh, I forgot!" said Kunning snatching it back.
"What is it?" asked Screech.
"Postscript," said Kunning.
"Don't you mean post screech?" asked Screech.
Kunning raised one eyebrow and kept writing, "I have received word that K.rool is importing particularly nasty breeds of bosses. Get out of Hermit Crab Cove now! I hear that a very nasty kind is heading there. You may not be able to beat it!" said Kunning.
"Is it ready now?" asked Screech.
"Yes!" said Kunning.
"That is enough! That's the fourth time!" said K.rool smashing down the door and barging in.
The shaft of light grew smaller as the day wore on. As the sun set the light became smaller and smaller. It seemed that as that happened, Chunky's groans became louder and louder.
"Ugh! I know you're up there! You can leave now! I am certainly unable to escape!" said Tiny with a huff.
She heard the footsteps of a kremling lead away from the hole.
"Finally, some privacy! Chunky, how are you feeling?" asked Tiny.
"What's that?" asked Tiny.
"I don't know, but you know how I'm feeling," said Chunky.
From the little light that was left. Tiny thought that she could discern the faint trace of a line.
"What's that?" Tiny asked Chunky.
"I don't know," said Chunky with a groan.
"The glistening line went further and further down. Until Tiny realized it was a very thick piece of spiderweb.
"It's spiderweb," Tiny whispered.
"Really! We can't climb up that. Our hands would be permanently glued to it! Even if we could, Mr. X would have a kong hunt hot on our heels in no time," said Chunky.
"Nonetheless, I will touch it," said Tiny.
She reached for the spiderweb thread and found that it was very slippery. It was the opposite of what Tiny was expecting. And Tiny's face showed her surprise.
"Why is your mouth gaping?" Chunky asked, bamboozled by her expression.
"It is lightly vibrating. This makes me conflustered," said Tiny.
"I don't think it means what you think it means. I think you use those words all the time. Splendiferous and conflustered seem to be your favorite words!" said Chunky.
"I think they are," said Tiny.
"Do you suppose this web is Squitter's doing? I thought he would have an army to save us by now," said Chunky.
"I completely forgot about him!" said Tiny.
"Since your hands are clearly not stuck, can you use it as a rope?" asked Chunky.
"It's very slippery. I would never be able to climb it!" said Tiny.
"Is it like one of those telephone things? Is that what Squitter is expecting us to do?" asked Chunky.
"I don't know," said Tiny.
"Maybe put it up against that mine cart over there
and have the metal vibrate?" asked Chunky.
"I'll try that!" said Tiny.
She had just enough reach to get to the mine cart with the line. Soon enough, she heard a soft whispering.
"Chunky, Tiny, are you there?" asked Squitter.
"Yes!" said Tiny, her voice echoing against the metal and through the room.
Tiny heard loud feedback from high above.
"Don't speak so loudly," said Squitter in a hoarse whisper.
"Sorry," said Tiny.
"Are you guys ok?" asked Squitter.
"Chunky's ankle is broken," said Tiny.
"What!" said Squitter.
"Shh. Your voice echoes," said Chunky.
"There's a kremling guard still stalking you. He was investigating the feedback before, but he's back to his post. Do you have any other means of escape?" asked Squitter.
"None," said Tiny.
"That's not exactly true. There is a mine cart track here," said Chunky.
"I would rather turn myself in and get you medical assistance than take that path. That cart is a rust bucket," said Tiny.
"Don't turn yourself in. I heard a couple of kremlings casually mention your eventual assassination. They also mentioned that you would get kidnapped first. Then you would be held at ransom. If the rest of the kongs didn't fulfill the payment, then you would be dead," said Squitter.
"We should at least try it. Diddy and DK managed it back when K.rool stole the banana hoard," said Chunky.
"And my sister and Diddy managed in the Krazy Kremland infamous roller coasters!" said Tiny
"I've got to go. This kremling has radioed some buddies. They are making a coordinated sweep of the forest. What, that's odd. Mr. X has a rope and appears to be planning to have his crew descend down the shaft. He's pointing at your hollow right now!" said Squitter frantically.
The slippery line shot up and disappeared within seconds.
"Our only contact with the outside world is gone," said Chunky dismally.
"If they are really coming down right now. We would see rope coming down from the hole above," said Tiny.
"Uhh, Tiny. There is a rope slowly descending into here. I see a klinger looking down at us," said Chunky worriedly.
"That's not good," said Tiny.
The rope touched down, and five or six klingers descended into the abyss of a shaft.
"I kan't see anything. It's too dark!" said one.
"Get in the mine cart, Chunky," said Tiny.
"Remember, I can't," said Chunky.
Tiny heaved him into there. She jumped in just as the last of the klingers hit rock bottom. The six klingers were assessing their surroundings when the mine cart creaked loudly.
"Look! They're getting away!" said another klinger.
"Get them!" said another.
"Push off, Tiny!" said Chunky.
"With your weight, it's hard!" said Tiny.
"You got it!" said Chunky.
"And just in time too! There was a klinger about to grab us!" said Tiny.
"I know it is a good time to celebrate. But look out!" said Chunky.
There was a gap in the rails ahead.
"Jump!" said Tiny.
"We cleared that barely!" said Chunky.
"How did my sister, DK, and Diddy not get scared out of their wits?" asked Tiny.
"I don't know. Look out! Jump!" said Chunky.
This went on and on until the two of them established a rhythm.
"This is not too bad! It's actually fun!" said Tiny.
"Look out!" said Chunky.
Empty kremling krashcarts triggered by their coming were flying at them at neck-breaking speeds.
"It looks like we braved that danger. It looks like we are at the end of the mine track," said Chunky.
"There's a drop-off at the end!" said Tiny.
"JUMP!" said Tiny and Chunky at once.
"Phew!" said Tiny.
"Hello!" said Mr. X.
"What!?" said Tiny.
"What?!" said Chunky.
"I followed you through that whole mess of a track. And of course, they try to escape!" said Mr. X.
Tiny and Chunky ran towards the exit of the mine.
"Hey!" said Tiny as she was grabbed by several kremlings.
They were ambushed at the mine exit by a least a dozen kremlings all at once. They had been hiding around the exit. Several Krushas and Krunchas dived immediately for Chunky. Tiny was stuck with fending off the rest of them. But it was hopeless. They were too far outnumbered. Even more, kremlings poured in from all sides.
"K.rool will be overjoyed!" said Mr. X with a spine-chilling cackle.
They were each blindfolded and bashed against something hard. Immediately, both blacked out.
"I have a message from Kunning. He has a response to your questions about Mr. X," said Screech.
"Great!" said DK tearing it open.
"I had completely forgotten about that! Why won't you let me see?" asked Diddy.
"Because it doesn't concern you," said DK absentmindedly.
Diddy felt the worse he had since he had been completely ignored after his adventure with Dixie. Only Cranky and Dixie had sympathy for him then.

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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

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Another chapter so soon! You're really on a roll, Tanager, but as always, don't feel forced to write more. As for myself, I'll think about what other silly stories I can write. Diddy, Dixie, and Tiny will probably star in many of them, but maybe I'll bring in Chunky, Lanky, or Wrinkly as well. I could even create a girlfriend for Squitter! We'll see.
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

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If you would like to know, I'm planning to make this book potentially up to 30-40 chapters long. But your encouragement is appreciated! :parry:
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

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The Kremlings Revenge
Chapter 13 Hermit Crab Cove
"Kunning said that we should get out of here while we still can!" said DK.
"So that's what's in the letter," said Diddy.
"Why do we have to get out of here? It's so pretty!" said Dixie.
"Kunning said that K.rool is importing bosses. A particularly nasty one, in his words, is heading here. He stated that we should try to progress while we can," said DK.
"Does my word count for nothing?" asked Cranky.
"Your word always counts for something!" said Diddy.
"Thank you! I think we shouldn't take this Kunning at his word. What do we have to gain from this? Anyone?" asked Cranky.
"We get to defeat him faster!" said Kiddy, peeping his head outside his tent.
"Have you not considered, perhaps, he wants K.rool defeated?" asked Cranky.
"No. I don't think Kunning does," said Dixie.
"Aah, That makes sense! You all have become friends with him! Haven't you just met him? How do you know you can trust him? For all you know, you are just a means to an end," said Cranky.
"For one, he informed us of Tiny being alive," said Dixie.
"Explainable," said Cranky.
"He played ball with me," said Kiddy.
"What?!" Everyone said at once.
"He saved us from the kremlings that walked by. Or at least attempted to," said DK.
"He probably had them walk by on purpose! All you youngsters are naive!" said Cranky.
"Says the cranky, cantankerous old grandpa who is completely paranoid and suspicious!" said Dixie laughing.
"I'm not going to get anywhere with any of you! I'm heading to my cabin away over there! You can come anytime you like! I'm just full of advice!" said Cranky.
"Don't leave! We didn't mean it!" said Diddy.
"So you think Kunning is a cunning master manipulator. And he's been making a fool out of you this whole time?" asked Cranky.
"No," said Diddy.
"Well, let me know when you've changed your minds," said Cranky.
Cranky had left.
"Who's the leader now?" asked DK.
"Not you, of course!" said Dixie.
"Not me!" squealed Kiddy.
"I don't know," said Diddy.
"Well, it's down to Diddy and Dixie! Let's have a vote," said DK.
"I vote for Dixie!" said Kiddy.
"I vote for Dixie," said DK.
"I suppose, since I am outnumbered, I will vote for Dixie," said Diddy.
"Way to jump on the bandwagon!" said DK.
"I suppose since you stopped resisting, you are waiting for my guard to go down, so you can escape," said the Rhino.
Mr. X had ordered the Krushas to take Chunky away, and Tiny hadn't seen him since. For Tiny, Mr. X had ordered half a dozen kontrols to take her away. They had oscillated her riding between them. At first, Tiny had been positively livid about having to be tied up on the back of the rhino. She had been frantically trying to chew through her binds. The rope tasted terrible. She was caught doing that and was plopped on the rhino's head. then she had to survive being put on the rhino's head. Too far forward, she would impale herself on the horn. Too far back, she would interfere with the reins. She considered messing with the reins to cause an accident, but then she realized such a crash could cause her to get stabbed by the rhino horn. She had been content with kicking the rhino's head, which she just had ceased doing.
"Since there is no response, I suppose I am right," said the Rhino.
"Don't worry, K.rool despises torture. If he decides to kill you, he will finish you immediately," said Kontrol behind her.
Tiny decided to speak for the first time, "Is that supposed to be encouraging?"
"I don't know. K.rool will probably question you. If you aren't willing to give answers, you know what will happen," said Kontrol.
The rest of the ride went without trouble. It was a rough ride, yes. But Tiny lived with that. The convoy eventually reached the entrance to K.rool Kaves.
"Is this the place?" asked one Kontrol.
"I think so!" said another Kontrol.
His voice echoed throughout the cavernous caves.
"I suppose we go in," said one Kontrol.
"Forward the Light Brigade!" One yelled as the rhinos stampeded down the long single file stair.
"State your business!" said one of the kremling guards.
"We have a prisoner to deliver to K.rool," said one of the Kontrols.
"Open the portcullis!" said the guard.
The portcullis opened, and Tiny was shocked to see the inside of the castle was illuminated. It was almost as bright as daylight inside. It seemed pitch black from the outside.
"Is there some sort of concealment device?" wondered Tiny.
"What was that?" asked the Rhino.
"Nothing," Tiny said abruptly.
She was escorted to the room K.rool resided in.
"Tiny Kong is here, Kaptain!" said Kritter, who guarded the door.
"Let her in!" said K.rool.
Tiny was pushed in and the door locked behind her.
"I suppose you haven't come here of your own accord?" asked K.rool, attempting to be amicable.
"Of course not!" said Tiny.
"Did Mr. X send you?" asked K.rool.
"Yes," said Tiny.
"I honestly didn't expect you to be so forthcoming! I'm shocked! Do you know where the kongs are?" asked K.rool.
"No, I haven't seen them in a year," said Tiny.
"That is a lie. We'll get back to that. Do the other kongs know that I am alive? I mean, instead of dead. As the rumors I've had circulated say?" asked K.rool.
"Probably. Haven't you announced your presence yet?" asked Tiny.
"Not on purpose. I was assuming that you gave wind of me. On that question, though, you have answered yes," said K.rool.
"What! I haven't said anything of the sort!" said Tiny.
"Yes, you have!" said K.rool.
"You're trying to make me give something away! Whatever it is, it won't work," said Tiny.
"But you have! You've given everything away!" said K.rool.
"You're bluffing!" said Tiny.
"You're ridiculous. I have more questions. Please answer them promptly and truthfully," said K.rool.
"I can neither confirm nor deny any questions you present to me," said Tiny.
"You will give me a better answer than that. Chunky is currently being held, prisoner. At my kommand, I can have Chunky die. He is in no kondition to escape. His ankle is broken. Where are the kongs?" asked K.rool.
“Which kongs?” asked Tiny.
"You know of the ones I allude to!" said K.rool.
"I don't!" said Tiny.
"Kritter! Come!" said K.rool.
"I'm here, Kaptain!" said Kritter.
K.rool's voice went down to a whisper, "I want you to put Tiny in the best room of the kastle. Have all of her needs attended to. I want her treated like a princess. No, a queen. That should get her to talk."
"Should we get her a change of attire to look like a queen then? I mean, her clothes are caked with mud," said Kritter.
A klaptrap who had been eavesdropping outside then said, “How about we import one of those treehouses from the Kongo Jungle?”
K.rool's voice suddenly raised back to normal, "What? We are on a budget here! What nonsense are all of you spewing?"
"I didn't say nothing, Kaptain," said Kritter.
The klaptrap had left during the rant.
"You can have her laundry done. I don't want her messing up the velvet carpets everywhere," said K.rool.
"Will do, Kaptain!" said Kritter.
"So, without Cranky. where do we go?" asked Diddy.
"I suppose we go onward!" said DK.
"Well, Dixie's the leader, so I say she decides," said Diddy.
Dixie assessed the scene, "I think we should go to the left. That way, we stay out of the area the kremlings are mostly occupying."
"I'd assume though, that the kremlings have occupied more than the last time we scouted," said DK.
"Either way, we should try this path," said Dixie.
"Let's go!" said Diddy.
They packed up the camp and put it in the camouflaged cache area they set up. At first, it was mostly jungle, but then it morphed into a beach.
"Interesting. Does anyone else see this rapid metamorphosis?" asked Diddy.
When no one answered, Diddy, looked behind him.
"Uhh. Where is everybody? Weird," said Diddy.
Then Diddy saw a treehouse with a B.B sign on it.
"Huh? Is this a dream?" asked Diddy.
Diddy climbed up the steps to the entrance of the treehouse.
"This looks like our treehouse back home," said Diddy.
Diddy opened the door and was surprised to hear a bell tinkling above him. A bear looked up from its newspaper and waved at him.
"Don't get many kongs this time of year!" he said.
"Are you one of the brothers bear?" asked Diddy.
"That I am! The name's Blunder! By your height and looks, I'd guess you are Diddy Kong," said Blunder.
"You are right! I had three kong friends with me, but they all disappeared! Do you have an explanation for that?" asked Diddy.
"It sounds like you started a game! I think they are some monkeys waiting for you to bust open a DK barrel! Potentially, they are right outside the back door!" said Blunder.
"I'll go check! It seems like I have my own adventure again! No longer am I overshadowed!" said Diddy.
"What do you mean, overshadowed? You have always been, in my opinion, the best kong. Oh, and mind that barrel cannon! Oh, too late!" said Blunder.
"Whoa!" said Diddy as he was blasted out the back door of the treehouse out of an invisible barrel cannon.
Monkey noises were erupting from the barrel close to him. First DK's, then Dixie's, and then Kiddy's.
"I'll bust you out first, Dixie," said Diddy.
Dixie, he felt, was always a good combo with him.
"Thanks! Diddy, watch out! A mini-necky is shooting nuts really fast!" said Dixie.
"Thanks!" Diddy said as he jumped on it.
"Watch out for that Necky throwing coconuts!" said Dixie.
"Thanks! Do you mind if I keep a lookout and you look for things that threaten you?" asked Diddy.
"Sure!" said Dixie.
"I got the K!" said Diddy.
A couple of klaptraps went down. Then an army. Diddy almost took damage by a kaboing.
"What?! A change already!" said Diddy.
"It's changing to the stilt village docks!" said Dixie.
"I hate sneeks," said Diddy as he bounced off of one.
Rolling through a couple of DKC3 Kritters, Diddy collected the O.
"Got the O! Another DK barrel. Maybe I'll get another kong?" Diddy said.
"Maybe," said Dixie.
Diddy busted open DK, and Dixie disappeared.
"Dixie! Where did you go?" asked Diddy.
"I think you can only get two at a time," said DK.
Diddy took out some more kremlings when a pirate ship showed up.
"A pirate ship!" said Diddy, fondly remembering his sailing days.
"What's underwater?" asked DK.
"I don't know, I'll check," said Diddy.
Diddy held his breath and dived underwater.
"Cranky's DK Coin!" said Diddy.
"I didn't know he placed them!" said DK.
"Me neither!" said Diddy.
"A Kruncha guarding the N. DK, I'll slap you in!" said Diddy.
"Thanks!" said DK.
He eliminated the Kruncha and collected the N. Next was an ambush of Kaboings and Klampons.
"I'm not taking the risk to get the G," said DK.
"Why not?" asked Diddy.
"That Kaboing is guarding it. I'm too big to get by unscathed," said DK.
"Slap to me, then!" said Diddy.
DK slapped Diddy in, and Diddy rolled gracefully underneath the Kaboing and collected the G. A triumphant noise sounded as they received another life.
"Great!" said Diddy.
Diddy jumped on the target from a lofty perch to collect another life.
"Six lives!" said Diddy.
"It feels nice to be playing again!" said DK.

I will try to make them playing the levels less dull in the future.
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

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Good luck with that, although I always find your stories interesting.
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

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The Kremlings Revenge
Chapter 14 Necky Gone Nuts
"Cranky was sure surprised to see us!" said Diddy.
"He was! Good question you asked him!" said DK.
"What was that?" asked Diddy.
"Why he decided to participate in another game with platforming and bonus rooms!" said DK.
"Hmm. This seems somewhat similar to the last level. What was it called, DK?" asked Diddy.
"Seaside Scramble. But I don't think it is," said DK as they left the entrance.
"I suppose we press on!" said Diddy.
"Look behind us!" said DK.
"Kremcrabs! Ten of them! Run!" said Diddy.
They ran as fast as they could. As they ran, more kremcrabs joined their number.
"This can't be good," said Diddy.
"I suppose we keep running. Because we can't take the kremcrabs out without getting killed," said DK.
"We could try," said Diddy.
"For all we know, these ones are invincible," said DK.
"You might be right," said Diddy.
"Duck!" said DK.
"Thanks! I didn't see that necky in that tree!" said Diddy.
"Keep going!" said DK.
"Ow!" said Diddy as he took damage.
"Diddy! Ugh! Where's the next DK barrel?" asked DK.
DK kept running until he found the next DK barrel.
"Finally!" said DK.
DK approached it, and then a Klobber head popped out.
"What the heck?!" said DK.
"A DK Klobber! He's going to bash me into those kremcrabs!" said DK.
DK nimbly jumped over the DK Klobber and had it pursue him from behind.
"Hopefully, when he gives me a chance to jump on him, I can get a buddy out of it," said DK.
Soon enough, that chance did come.
"Ow!" said the D.Klobber deafeningly.
"Who am I going to get?" asked DK.
DK tossed the barrel, and Kiddy shot out.
"Hi DK! What's going on?" asked Kiddy.
"Run! Those kremcrabs are coming for us!" said DK.
"Ok!" said Kiddy.
"Keep running!" said DK.
"We're gaining on them!" said a Kremcrab.
"Oh no! They're speeding up! They're going to catch us!" said DK.
"Hello! Need a lift?" asked Expresso, swiftly dashing between them.
"Yes!" said DK as he hopped on.
"That was a close one!" said Kiddy.
"You guys are heavy!" said Expresso bending underneath the weight.
"I suppose we are!" said DK.
Eventually, after many obstacles, the kremcrabs relented.
"This is where I leave you. I cannot pass. I can provide you with a life balloon," said Expresso.
"Thanks! Is that what the sign means?" asked Kiddy.
"Yes," said Expresso.
Feeling no hurry to finish with speed, Kiddy and DK just walked through the rest of the level.
"That was a close one with those kremcrabs. It's a good thing Espresso showed up when he did!" said Kiddy.
"I suppose this signifies the end of the level!" said DK as he rolled through a couple of spinys.
DK jumped on the target and collected a life balloon for his efforts.
"Funky's rentals!" said Kiddy.
"What! Why isn't it Funky's Flights?" asked DK.
"I don't know. Maybe things have changed since you've played!" said Kiddy.
"Whoa, dudes! My name's Funky Kong! My, unfortunately, out-of-order, bodacious Jumbo Barrel can launch you to any point on the island! Most unfortunately, it can only send you to a place you've already been to. Which is a complete and total bummer, let me tell you! But anyway, my bodacious jumbo barrel is out of service! So, I've hunted down my old boats and I am attempting to fix them! But, I am cooking up something special! Let me know when you've found all of the DK coins!" said Funky.
"We'll let you know! We know what happened to your plane. Are you close to fixing it?" asked Kiddy.
"Yes! I was missing a lot of parts. When I found, out in the jungle, every single part I needed and then some!" said Funky.
"Odd!" said DK.
"Well, I'll see you around, crucial kongs!" said Funky.
"Bye!" said DK.
"Oh, Dixie's coming! Hi, Dixie!" said Kiddy.
"Hi, Kiddy! I'm just exploring the new territory. In this case, I'm going to see Funky!" said Dixie brightly.
"Funky found some abandoned parts out in the jungle!" said Kiddy.
"What! Interesting. I'll ask him about that. That's really odd," said Dixie.
"Hey, Dixie-Dude!" said Funky.
DK and Kiddy went together through many levels. They traveled through a desert. Kiddy and DK encountered a ferocious kremcrab boss. The two of them went through a booby-trapped temple. On one level, they were continually ambushed and pursued by a large army of armies. At this point, they had arrived at Wrinkly's Save Cave.
"I've never been here. What do we do?" asked DK.
"You go in, of course!" said Kiddy.
"Hello, Kiddy and DK! It's me, Mrs. Wrinkly Kong!" said Wrinkly.
"We know that!" said Kiddy, chuckling.
"If you need to save your game. Call here any time. Press the save button!" said Wrinkly.
"Ok," said DK.
"It's good to see you today, Kiddy and DK. All I see on the television station here is all repeats!" said Wrinkly.
"Goodbye!" DK said.
"Bye!" said Kiddy.
"Oh! And do keep a lookout for any banana birds-- they do keep such nice company!" said Wrinkly.
"I will!" said Kiddy.
"Onto the next level, then!" said DK.
"Wait! There's Klubba's Kiosk!" said Kiddy.
"We don't have enough kremkoins to visit the lost world yet," said DK.
"Interesting, Coral City. It sounds like a mix of Coral Capers and Clam City," said Kiddy.
"Maybe it is!" said DK.
"Pretty music!" said Kiddy.
"I believe it's aquatic ambience," said DK.
"Bitesize! Straight ahead!" said Kiddy.
"Ow!" said DK.
"Ooh! It's me! But that is mean. One second after you enter the level, you have to avoid a bitesize swimming directly at you!" said Kiddy.
"Hooray! A DK barrel. Hmm. Who do I pick? Dixie!" said Kiddy as he busted open a DK Barrel.
"So, Funky. Tell me the exact circumstances where you found these parts," said Dixie.
"As I said, a quarter mile away from my camp, I suddenly find the precise parts I can't repair. Before, I was stuck with the supplies I had. I had already made some substitutes for some of the missing parts. I was determined to find more! So, I wandered away from my campsite and found these! Pristine, brand-new pieces! I didn't need all of them, so I collected what I needed. With the rest of the supplies. I set up a makeshift Funky's Flights!" said Funky.
"Your sign says Funky's Rentals!" said Dixie.
"Does it? I'm working on that. Anyway, I'm almost finished with the repair of my plane," said Funky.
"Well, everything is interesting. Anything else you can tell me?" asked Dixie.
"Nothing! I've told you all that I know!" said Funky.
"Thanks!" said Dixie.
Suddenly, she felt a sucking force. She felt herself getting sucked away. The pull was exponentially getting stronger.
"Dixie? Where are you going?" asked Funky.
Dixie gripped her hands around a palm tree.
"I'm getting summoned by a DK barrel command! But I have no time for this! I need to find Kunning!" said Dixie.
"Well, hold on then!" said Funky.
Dixie started holding on for dear life. Eventually, the force died down. Dixie jumped off the tree.
"I better be going then!" said Dixie.
"See ya later, Dixie!" said Funky.
Huh?! Nothing happened! Dixie, where are you?" asked Kiddy.
No response came.
"Weirdest thing in my life. I suppose I will live. I'll see how fast I can go!" said Kiddy excitedly.
Kiddy kept swimming/speedrunning until a Croctopus appeared out of nowhere.
"What!?" said Kiddy as he took damage.
Kiddy expected to lose a life. Nothing happened. It was as if time stood still.
A massive vibrating sound shook DK Island.
"What was that?" asked Kunning as he was taken aback in his seat.
"What?" K.rool said inside his castle.
"Is that what I think it is?" asked Diddy to Dixie.
Diddy had been playing on the Nintendo 64 with Wrinkly. Ever since DK and Kiddy had opened access to her cave. You see, none of them can access areas that are supposed to be closed off until the levels are beaten.
"It sounds like a soft lock," said Dixie.
"We've had a lot of experiences with that. That was a fun experiment back in the day," said Diddy remembering the Castle Crush glitch they had found.
"K.rool didn't design Castle Crush well enough. That was fun transfiguring into Kleever and Klubba and all sorts of kremlings," said Dixie.
"Weird, though. I still can't explain it. Perhaps Kunning could?" asked Diddy.
"I don't know. I'll have to ask him sometime. Assuming he's still on our side," said Dixie.
"I suppose I have to perform some maintenance," said Diddy.
"I think so. I'll seek out Kunning by myself," said Dixie.
"You do that," said Diddy, leaving the entrance of the save cave.
"So, I heard the whole conversation! You failed to mention the soft lock you and Kiddy once did!" said Wrinkly.
"Where?" asked Dixie.
"It was in one of those rock-climbing levels. You guys went into an empty level of a mill!" said Wrinkly laughing.
"I remember," said Dixie.
Dixie mulled over the incident.
"It was creepy and very eerie. Kiddy wasn't disturbed about the level. Perhaps, he doesn't even remember it! For me, it was a disturbing experience," said Dixie, mumbling to herself.
"You appear to be lost in thought!" said Wrinkly.
"I was!" said Dixie snapping to attention.
"Goodbye!" said Wrinkly.
"Bye!" said Dixie.
While Aquatic Ambience played in the background. Diddy was swimming through a frozen environment. Nothing was moving.
"This is alarming. I don't remember how to fix a soft lock, so I guess I'll have to make do with this toolbox," Diddy said.
Diddy carried the toolbox and eventually found Kiddy.
"Kiddy! Hello? Are you paused?" asked Diddy, jesting, "Diddy is here to execute maintenance!" said Diddy as he waved his hand over Kiddy's stunned face.
"Whatever is going on here, this is eerie. From the looks of it, Kiddy was speedrunning and ran into a croctopus! Reminds me of that time when V0oid hit a croctopus in coral capers. Aah! I remembered! I remember how to fix this!" said Diddy opening his toolbox.
His tools started to float away.
"Here it is! Hopefully, I don't kill myself in the process of fixing this!" said Diddy.
He flipped a switch on a device, and electricity started pulsing out into the surrounding environment.
"It's working! And I'm not dead!" said Diddy.
As soon as he said that, the Croctopus started moving past Kiddy and Kiddy fell to the floor. The death music played. A deafening explosion commenced and everything disappeared. Before anyone knew it, Diddy sat next to Kiddy outside the entrance of the level.
"Hello, Diddy! Where did you come from?" asked Kiddy.
"I performed maintenance on the level! It soft locked! I think the cause was the game thought you had two kongs. When you died, the other kong couldn't snap into play. The game froze!" said Diddy.
"Well, thanks for saving me!" said Kiddy.
Dixie had headed many miles. A day had passed.
"Good thing no one has required my services! It would be bad to have another soft lock!" Dixie said.
She was just outside kremkroc. With a whip of her hair, she eliminated the two kremling guards. She proceeded through one of the many entrances into Kremkroc.
"Hey! What are you doing here?" asked a Klaptrap guarding a door.
Dixie snatched the dagger he was holding and pressed it against his back.
"Ok, I'll talk! I'll talk! Just give me a chance! What do you want to know!" asked the panicking Klaptrap.
"Where is the office of Kunning?" asked Dixie.
"Take two lefts, proceed up the flight of stairs, and go down the hall on the right. Then, knock on the door three times. Back away from the door. Wait for four sekonds until the door opens. Watch out for the swinging metal door! Kunning is there! Please don't kill me!" said Klaptrap as he broke out into sobs.
"Ok, I'll let you live," said Dixie tossing the dagger into the door he was guarding.
"Thank you," Klaptrap said.
"Your welcome," said Dixie.
Dixie followed the directions and stepped out of the way of the metal door.
"Whoa!" Dixie said.
The door swung at neck-breaking speeds. Sure to smash anyone in the way.
"Dixie!" said Kunning looking up from the thingamabob he was tinkering with on his desk.
"How did you know I was coming?" asked Dixie.
"Well, for one, I noticed you killed the guards guarding entrance #9. I could've lasered you the second you entered the door. I decided against it. Then, I get a call from a panicked Klaptrap warning me of your arrival. I told all guards to keep clear of the path that his directions said. That way, you steered clear of any assaulting kremlings. I see you are intact, so I believe my efforts succeeded. I am expecting a call from K.rool to figure out what the disturbance was. They pressed the panic button on their walkies. The standard protocol I created. States, if Kremkroc is compromised, he will call me. If K.rool Kaves is compromised, I will call him," said Kunning.
Buzz Buzz. Went the walkie-talkie on his desk.
"That would be him," said Kunning.
Kunning picked up the walkie-talkie and put it up to his ear.
"What's going on down there?! Is Tiny Kong back?" K.rool yelled.
"K.rool! A pleasure! From what I can tell, a Kong attempted to break in. Only rebuffed by my ingenious defenses!" said Kunning.
"Was it Tiny!" asked K.rool.
"The security camera was not exactly clear, but," Kunning said as he flipped the monitor above him to the footage to show Dixie, "I believe it was Tiny Kong."
"That's good! She thinks that Chunky is there! I'm assuming she will soon make another attempt! I'm awaiting your kall of you saying that she's kaptured! Over and out!" said K.rool.
"I suppose a thank you is in the works," said Kunning.
"First, explain this! Funky received some parts out of the blue just a quarter mile from his camp. You set them there! Have you been manipulating us in all kinds of ways to gain our trust?" asked Dixie.
"I will admit that I did place those parts there. Otherwise, you wouldn't have the ability to travel between areas quickly!" said Kunning.
"So, this was just to help us?" Dixie said suspiciously.
"It's not like I told him I did it," said Kunning.
"I guess not," said Dixie.
"I was not trying to manipulate you. Neither have I influenced unfairly, any of you ever," said Kunning.
"Ok. Thank you for explaining. I doubt that this issue has been resolved already, but down in Hermit Crab Cove, we had a soft lock," said Dixie.
"That's not good. I suppose you want me to go down there and try to resolve it?" asked Kunning.
"Yes! Also, Diddy suggested that I ask you about a certain soft lock in castle crush," said Dixie.
"I know that one very well. I suppose you want me to explain it. I have attempted to solve this elusive mystery countless times. Each explanation is more confusing than the last. Alas, I cannot explain the glitch. But I will assist you with this one. Also, I asked you all a while ago. I wanted to have two kongs be representatives to make sure that K.rool isn't abusing his power and that the kremlings are treating the kongs well in the Kremtopia. I was originally planning to have you and Cranky. I have now decided that instead, I would like to have you and Diddy," said Kunning.
"I will have to debate this with Diddy then. We have to decide. But we should go," said Dixie.
"Yes. Let me bring my tools," said Kunning.
"Also, we were too slow, Kunning. The bosses have been imported already!" said Dixie.
"They shouldn't cause you too much trouble. I sent that letter a long time ago, maybe when you received it, the bosses were already in place!" said Kunning.
The two of them exited Kremkroc without any difficulties. They headed into a jungle.
"I know of a shortcut I found. It leads to a bridge and then many ruins of temples and the like," said Kunning.
"Sounds good!" said Dixie.
"The bridge is rather rickety, though," said Kunning.
They soon found the bridge and Kunning was first to cross the bridge. Dixie observed that the narrow rope bridge with the wooden platforms went over a very deep ravine.
"Your turn!" said Kunning as he reached the ground on the other side, "Don't look down!"
Unlike most people, Dixie heeded this advice. She took one step, and after the bridge stopped vibrating, she took another one. This slow game of one step and then the other continued for most of the bridge. Then at the last few feet, she jumped the rest of the distance.
"See! You did it!" said Kunning.
"I wasn't too worried about falling into the abyss. You're much bigger than me, and it didn't break," said Dixie.
"On we go!" said Kunning.
The bridge reached land in the midst of ancient ruins. Strange stone buildings were everywhere. And many of their walls had engravings shaped like snakes, crocodiles, and other reptiles. The ruins were so old that moss and other plants often grew between stones. Many of the ruins were just piles of rubble. Some of them were only partially collapsed, but some were surprisingly in somewhat decent condition. Stepping on dry land again after the long bridge felt weird. Dixie felt the solid ground under her feet, still bobbing up and down like the shaking bridge.
“I should warn you, these ruins are still full of traps. Keep your eyes open," said Kunning.
"I assume you learned that from experience," said Kunning.
"Yes. I didn't trigger any, but I spotted many gory traps. I don't know exactly what these buildings were used for. But then again, I didn't explore the site very much," said Kunning.
They walked through the ruins, taking care not to set off any traps. The tiled ground was often covered by rubble. Usually, Dixie walked over these without caution. Kunning went around them. Over this one, Dixie walked as normal. When Kunning suddenly shouted.
“Watch out!” Kunning shouted.
Dixie felt a bony hand on her shoulder pull her back violently. Dixie fell to the ground, her shoulder hurting.
“Hey, what was that for, Kunning?” She shouted furiously.
“You nearly stepped on a trapped tile.” He said in an annoyingly calm voice.
“How do you know?” Dixie asked.
“Look, it's a bit higher than the other tiles. I'm guessing that there's some sort of pressure mechanism hidden under it. That would have activated some kind of trap," said Kunning.
Dixie felt rather embarrassed and annoyed.
“Thanks,” Dixie said.
"You're welcome," said Kunning.
This cleared some of her suspicion around Kunning. Dixie wondered if she should consider him more trustworthy now.
"Well, I guess it means he isn't leading me into a death trap with this alternate route," thought Dixie.
They managed to avoid all the traps concealed inside the temples. Soon they left the ancient city and entered the jungle-covered hills.
"Coconut Canyon?" pondered Kiddy.
"I hope it's not like that DK64 level," said Diddy.
"Probably not," said Kiddy.
"I see a K!" said Diddy.
"We could team toss!" said Kiddy.
"Let's ignore it for now. We have no shortage of lives. Kritter straight ahead!" said Diddy.
Kiddy rolled through it with little difficulty.
"Good catch," said Kiddy.
They kept walking until they came across an Enguarde crate in the middle of the land.
"Odd," said Kiddy.
"Well, I don't care. Enguarde is my favorite animal buddy. He and I are best friends!" said Diddy.
"Either way, I'll bust him open!" said Kiddy.
Bam! The dust cleared and Enguarde emerged.
"Enguarde!" said Diddy hugging him.
"Bonjour, Diddy! I feel like a fish out of water! Do you mind if you get me into the body of water over there?" asked Enguarde.
"I don't mind at all!" said Kiddy.
Kiddy mounted Enguarde and had Enguarde supercharge.
"Whee!" said both Kiddy and Diddy.
"Aah! The water feels refreshing! They say these waters are healing. I don't know if I believe that or not though," said Enguarde relaxedly.
"Chomps, straight ahead!" said Kiddy.
Enguarde, out of involuntary reflex, jabbed at the chomps.
"Nice catch! I wasn't paying attention there!" said Enguarde.
"You didn't seem to need it, though," said Diddy.
Eventually, they had to part with Enguarde. There was the land ahead of them. The water ended and they could not bring Enguarde with them.
"Bye, Enguarde!" said Diddy as Enguarde swam away.
"Au Revoir! Su plus tard!" said Enguarde.
"What did the second sentence mean?" asked Kiddy.
"I think it meant, see you later," said Diddy.
They plowed on and then entered a bridge where they met Tiny kong.
"Tiny! How are you doing?" asked Kiddy.
"Not great," said Tiny.
"How is my cousin, Chunky doing?" asked Kiddy.
"Terribly! His ankle or leg is broken, and Chunky's been kidnapped by Mr. X!" said Tiny.
The name struck fear into Diddy, who knew all about him.
"Mr. X!" said Diddy.
"The one and only. I've been hunting for Squitter for days now! The plan was to recapture Chunky with him. My intelligence tells me that K.rool doesn't trust Mr. X. He's sending him to be held by Kunning. K.rool apparently trusts Kunning loads more. But to me, all of them are beasts. K.rool, Kunning, and Mr. X are all nefarious masterminds!" said Tiny.
"Kunning's on our side!" said Kiddy.
"No way! He's the worst of them all!" said Tiny.
"He's been giving us all of K.rool's plans!" said Diddy.
"I don't buy it. Kunning has to have an end goal and this whole island to profit off of," said Tiny.
"I trust him," said Kiddy.
"Look suspiciously at any suspicious activity. Don't let your imagined friendship get in the way of your judgment. Goodbye!" said Tiny.
"Where are you going?" asked Diddy.
"I'm hunting for Squitter over there!" said Tiny.
"You're going to fall off a cliff!" said Diddy.
"Who cares! Anyway, there's ground at the bottom," said Tiny.
"You're going to break your legs like Chunky!" said Diddy.
"The height Chunky fell from was much greater! It might interest you that there is a bonus room at the bottom," said Tiny.
"Cranky put one down there! He's crazy to put one down there! Like we'd ever find it!" said Kiddy.
"Well, you just did! Goodbye!" Tiny said as she jumped into the abyss.
"We should go there too," said Diddy.
"We'll jump at the same time!" said Kiddy.
"Necky Gone Nuts. Interesting. Shouldn't be too bad," said Diddy pondering the name
"Maybe it'll be easier. Now that he's insane!" said Kiddy.
"For some reason, I doubt it," said Diddy.
As they entered the arena, bad boss boogie began to play.
"I don't see anything," said Diddy.
"He'll be here at some point," said Kiddy.
Behind them, Necky coughed up a nut.
"Look out, Kiddy!" said Diddy.
"Thanks for having my back!" said Kiddy as he bounced on a tire and impacted with Necky's head.
"Squawk!" Necky said.
"Maybe he has actually gone nuts!" said Diddy.
"He's readying another volley!" said Kiddy.
"Watch out! He may be like Master Necky Sr or Master Necky Jr! If he's like Master Necky Sr, he is invulnerable until he has shot out all of the nuts!" said Diddy.
"Two! Got ya!" said Kiddy.
"I suppose he is like Master Necky Sr! A bit difficult for one of the first bosses. But I suppose we'll live! Kiddy! You should know this by now. The nuts follow you! Don't stand still!" said Diddy.
"But I'm in a corner! He can't get me here!" said Kiddy.
"Alright," said Diddy.
"Three! Two more rounds!" Kiddy said.
"Four! This is fun!" said Kiddy.
"Squawk! Squawk! Squawk! Squawk! Squawk!"
"Fifth hit! Nintendo banana should rain from the sky soon!" said Diddy.
"What the? That should have finished her!" said Kiddy.
"Keep at it. She'll go down eventually," said Diddy.

"Squawk! Squawk! Squawk! Squawk! Squawk! Squawk!"

"Squawk! Squawk! Squawk! Squawk! Squawk! Squawk! Squawk!"

"Squawk! Squawk! Squawk! Squawk! Squawk! Squawk! Squawk! Squawk!"

"Please be done soon!" said Kiddy.

"Squawk! Squawk! Squawk! Squawk! Squawk! Squawk! Squawk! Squawk! Squawk!"

"Ow!" said Kiddy.
"Kiddy! Come back! Ugh, he's gone!" said Diddy.

Aaagh! When will it end!?" exclaimed Diddy.
"Squawk! Squawk! Squawk! Squawk! Squawk! Squawk! Squawk! Squawk! Squawk! Squawk! Squawk! Squawk! Squawk! Squawk! Squawk! Squawk! Squawk! Squawk! Squawk! Squawk! Squawk! Squawk! Squawk! Squawk! Squawk! Squawk!"
"Please be done!" said Diddy as he jumped on Necky's head.
Diddy triumphant, completely insane Necky dropped to the floor, vanquished. A yellow banana with a red Nintendo logo dropped from the sky. Diddy responded by tossing his hat in the air.
"Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!" said Diddy celebrating, "A door just opened. I suppose it is the exit."
Diddy walked through and saw that he was on the brink of a cliff. Funky flew in his plane below.
"Funky! You got your plane fixed!" said Diddy.
"Can't hear you, Diddy-Dude! But I got my plane fixed!" said Funky.
"I can see!" said Diddy.
Funky landed his plane among the trees and Diddy walked over to greet him.
"Yo Diddy cool! Still talking to yourself, huh? So you destroyed that bird-brain?" asked Funky.
"Yes! But birds aren't bird-brains! They actually have one of the highest concentrations of neurons in their brain in the animal kingdom!" said Diddy.
"I see that you only survived this onslaught!" said Funky.
"I suppose so! Going in, it was just Kiddy and me! Where are you heading?" asked Diddy.
"Jagged Jungle! You interested?" asked Funky.
"I'm in!" said Diddy.
"Great! Everyone else is inside the plane!" said Funky.

Things to note!
This is the longest chapter yet.
V0oid is a very big figure in the kong community.
Favorite Animal Buddies:
Diddy and Enguarde
DK and Expresso
Kiddy and Ellie
Cranky and Expresso
Wrinkly and Parry
Dixie and Squawks or Expresso

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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby WesternTanager794 » November 19th, 2022, 8:11 am

Since my chapters are going to take longer and longer to release, I am going to provide a special preview for each chapter.

Chapter 15!
In which, K.rool installs an air-raid siren; Kunning gets his long-sought revenge; and DK has what? I don't remember.

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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby Super Luigi! » November 19th, 2022, 4:33 pm

Take all the time you need, Tanager. Your stories are always entertaining, and I definitely like how silly and serious they are.
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby WesternTanager794 » November 29th, 2022, 6:23 pm

The Kremlings Revenge
Chapter 15 The Trial of Swanky "Con"
Many days earlier,
"Tiny eskaped!" said Klaptrap.
"WHAT!" K.rool boomed.
"I repeat! Tiny eskaped!" said Klaptrap.
At this point, K.rool was in high dudgeon.
"Sound a Kode Red alarm! This is a national emergency! Perhaps, I should've resorted to torture!" said K.rool.
"You know you would never have gone through with it!" said Klaptrap.
"YOU!" K.rool pointed to a Kritter.
"What?" Kritter said as he shrank back.
"Sound a Kode Red alarm! Immediately!" said K.rool.
"I will, Kaptain!" said Kritter, stuttering.
Kritter saluted and sprinted away.
"I want every single detail! This is entirely unacceptable! This is a grievous blow! All of our plans will be revealed!" said K.rool panicking.
"Ok," said Klaptrap, beginning to stutter as well, "Well, I found Tiny's door ajar. The padlock was open. I kannot tell you how many times I have warned you about padlocks. Kremlings put too much trust into padlocks! They are not any more sekure than a typikal lock. Their only use is that they provide a false sense of sekurity. But anyway, I looked in, and I saw a massive hole in the window!" said Klaptrap.
"Did she jump out!" said K.rool.
"No! There was a Kritter that had kollapsed on the ground. He was unkonscious for a long time. I waited until he kame to! He then started pointing towards the door. I shook him. He said that he had been guarding the doorway. Kritter had heard a ruckus inside. Kritter decided to investigate. He saw that the window was broken open. At this point, he started to panic. He proceeded to the window and looked out. There was nothing there. Kaptain, I would never have fallen for this kind of trap," said Kritter.
"I do not kare whether or not you fall for any trap! Get on with the story!" said K.rool.
"The next thing he knew, a baseball bat kollided with his head! He thinks Tiny was hiding under the bed. Kritter was barely lucid when he felt Tiny taking his dagger. That is the whole story I kan tell you. But, after I had the story out of him, I pursued Tiny! I kouldn't find her anywhere!" said Klaptrap.
"This is disastrous! Make sure she kan't leave the city! Has the alarm been raised yet?" asked K.rool.
"You'd know if it had been, Kaptain," said Klaptrap.
Suddenly, a massive air raid siren started to blare.
"The noise!" said K.rool knocked flat by the noise.
K.rool covered his ears.
"WHY IS IT SO LOUD!" K.rool yelled, trying to stay above the noise.
"I'M SURE YOU WON'T!" said Klaptrap.
"YES, SIR!" said Klaptrap.
Klaptrap proceeded up the staircase into the area above K.rool's office. A Krook and a Kaboing were playing Go Bitesize. The two of them were wearing Kunning's ultra noise-canceling headphones.
"TURN IT OFF!" yelled Klaptrap.
They didn't look up and continued playing their game.
Buzz Buzz
"I heard there was a disturbance," said Kunning.
"No need to be so loud. What's that sound in the background?" asked Kunning.
"What? I can't hear you! Speak louder. I still can't understand you. K.rool, I've got to go! Goodbye!" said Kunning.
Bzzt... Click
"HE HUNG UP!" roared K.rool.
"Ha! Serves him right for installing it on top of his office. I warned him. And K.rool thought it needed more power!" said Kunning.
"Yawn!" said Diddy waking up.
"What happened?" asked Diddy.
What, Diddy didn't know that he had been so exhausted. And Diddy fell asleep. While Diddy was asleep, Funky parachuted him down into Jagged Jungle. Funky and everyone else: Cranky, Wrinkly, Dixie, DK, and Kiddy were at Funky's Flights.
Diddy stood up and surveyed his surroundings.
"It appears I'm in a jungle. Jagged Jungle, I presume. I better go and look to see what's ahead!" said Diddy.
He walked towards a sign that said Vine Valley.
"What? I thought I was in Jagged Jungle! How did I get all the way to the other side of the island!" said Diddy.
Diddy investigated the sign, eventually concluding that it was a level sign.
"That makes more sense!" said Diddy as he moved past the sign.
Soon enough, he found some kremlings that were in his way. He rolled through the three of them continuously. Then Diddy saw a mini-necky in front of him, coughing up nuts.
"I better jump out of this roll!" said Diddy as he did so.
"That was a good one," said Diddy as he landed in an auto-fire barrel cannon.
The barrel cannon blasted him across the ravine and into a DK barrel.
"DK!" said Diddy.
"I'm happy to see you, little buddy!" said DK.
"Have you scouted ahead the level?" asked Diddy.
"Most of it!" said DK.
"Then I'll slap you in!" said Diddy.
"Ok!" said DK.
The two of them went through the level. Some minor impediments, but nothing problematic.
"The checkpoint!" said Diddy.
"I got it!" said DK.
DK jumped into a barrel cannon and immediately fired.
Bam! DK slammed into the wall.
"Must've mistimed that one," said DK as both fell into the abyss.
DK busted out of the checkpoint barrel and committed the same error three times. Each time he fired, he became dizzier and aimed even worse.
"Why don't you give me a go, DK!" said Diddy cheerily.
"Sure," said DK dizzily.
Diddy jumped into the barrel cannon and correctly timed it. Diddy saw another DK barrel on the other side.
"DK, I'll give you a break," said Diddy.
"Sounds good to me," said DK.
"Thanks, Diddet!" DK said as he disappeared.
"Uh, what?!" said Diddy.
"Hey, Diddy!" Dixie said excitedly.
"Hey, Dixie!" said Diddy.
"Where are we?" asked Dixie.
"Vine Valley! Are you ready to go on?" asked Diddy.
"Tally-ho!" said Dixie.
Diddy and Dixie proceeded down the clear-cut trail. The level still was not much of a hassle. But, to Dixie, it appeared the second half of the level was really long. Diddy and Dixie went through a massive barrel cannon maze. The two of them got lost several times. Diddy and Dixie found the way out in the end. They came across a mini-necky shooting nuts intermittently.
"I have an idea for a fun game, Dixie!" said Diddy jumping to avoid the oncoming nuts.
"What is it?" asked Dixie.
"I think the platforming is dull," said Diddy as he rolled into the mini-necky as it faced to the right, "Let's chase that nut! Make sure it doesn't despawn!"
"Ok!" said Dixie, "Sounds fun!"
They navigated through the more difficult platforming, now enhanced in difficulty due to avoiding the nut and keeping it onscreen.
"This is much harder than I thought! But here's the golden letter G! This was not definitely half of the level, three-quarters of the level is passed the save point!" said Diddy.
"Here we go! There's the end!" said Dixie.
"We did it! The end is in sight!" said Diddy.
"You know I didn't see the DK coin anywhere, and I always spot it!" said Dixie.
"Maybe it's past the end target?" asked Diddy.
Diddy went past the end target and proceeded to the right. The tree at the right side of the screen was hollow. Diddy jumped from step to step inside the tree and collected the coin. Diddy went back and lightly tapped the end target. This kept the nut onscreen and didn't waste time with the fanfare and the prize. The two of them had the nut onscreen the whole time!
"We did it!" said Dixie.
"Next level!" said Diddy.
"White Rock Falls is the name!" said Dixie.
The two of them went inside.
"Nice background ambience!" said Diddy.
"Don't you mean nice music?" asked Dixie.
"Of course! But where would the fun be in that?" asked Diddy.
"Well, this music is not what I'm used to, but it might be better!" said Dixie.
"What's that?" asked Diddy running from a fast-moving Bristle.
"Slap me in! I know how to deal with them!" said Dixie.
Diddy slapped Dixie in, and she rolled through the pair of Bristles.
"That's how you beat them!" said Diddy, "What's that?"
"A rocket barrel cannon! Watch!" said Dixie.
Dixie jumped in the barrel, and once Diddy was in, the rocket barrel cannon shot up into the air. Diddy and Dixie were blasted by a cold spray of beautiful water as they blasted up.
"Does this shoot up into the heavens?" asked Diddy awed.
"Nearly, it stops before then, though," said Dixie.
At the peak height, Dixie ejected, and Diddy followed. Carried by the force of the ejection, Dixie steered to the right. Diddy followed.
"Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!" said Diddy shivering, "It's cold!"
"Sure beats the muggy jungle! Enjoy this while you can! Before long, you'll be back to the hot, humid jungle," said Dixie, "Besides! The water's clean, clear, pure, cold, and invigorating! Can't beat that! Drink up!" said Dixie as she filled up her canteen.
Dixie pulled the gum out of her pocket and started blowing. Diddy attempted to lean out and drink the fresh water, only to realize he was losing his balance. Diddy pulled himself back just in time.
"Close one!" said Diddy.
Dixie stifled her laughing by choking on her gum. Diddy eventually pulled the colored balls out of his back pocket and bored and started juggling.
"Had your fill?" asked Dixie.
"I'm ready to go!" said Diddy.
"A krimp!" Dixie exclaimed with delight.
"A krimp!" said Diddy.
That creature Diddy knew well.
"I have a cool trick to show you!" said Dixie, "Watch!"
"I'm watching!" said Diddy.
Dixie rolled at Krimp from the front, instantly pressed right after she collided with his jaw to avoid his teeth. After he took damage, Dixie shot left and got most of the power as if she had rolled through any other kremling.
"Bravo! Bravo! Encore! Encore! Encore!!" said Diddy falling back with laughter.
"Thank you! Thank you!" Dixie said, bowing and laughing.
"The question is, does that work for Klaptraps?" asked Diddy.
"Wrinkly's Save Cave!" exclaimed Dixie.
"Let's go inside!" said Diddy.
"Hello, Dixie! How are you doing?" asked Wrinkly, "I just finished exercising!"
"Good! I hope you don't mind if I save our game?" asked Dixie.
"No! Not at all! You know the drill! Just press that button over there!" said Wrinkly.
"Let's see the stats!" said Dixie.
"One banana bird! All the DK coins that are available so far. And all of the kremkoins possible!" said Wrinkly.
"Actually, I believe they are bonus coins," said Diddy.
"Maybe you're right," said Wrinkly.
"Look's like you're going for 104%!" said Wrinkly.
"You got it!" said Diddy.
"That reminds me, pop in whenever you want, Diddy. I still have our game together of Diddy Kong Racing pulled up!" said Wrinkly.
"Great!" said Diddy.
"What are you watching?" asked Dixie.
"Well, I was doing my Classical Stretch workout videos. When I took out the DVD, it switched to one of the three channels. It looks like it switched to the news. I was planning to switch it to V0oid's channel. Channel 0, of course. He's trying to go for DKC1 101% 44:XX. I'll change it now!" said Wrinkly.
"Wait, Wrinkly! The headline's interesting! Lawyer Brash Bear found, after being missing for three years! The Swanky "Con" court case can finally proceed! Now the headline changed! Lawyer Brash Bear found! After three years missing, Brash Bear and Swanky "Con" Kong are going to trial!" said Dixie.
"Looks interesting. I'll keep it on for now," said Wrinkly.
"Why did they change the headline?" asked Dixie.
"Maybe, the status changed," said Wrinkly.
"Ok," said Dixie.
The three of them started watching the television intently.
"This must be why Swanky's Game Show Network has been showing reruns for years. He probably wasn't allowed to record more episodes where he ripped people off," said Wrinkly.
"How are you feeling the court case is going to go?" asked one reporter as Brash started walking up the courthouse stairs.
"No comment!" Brash said flatly.
"How do you feel about Bramble and Blizzard, the other lawyers at the firm, and the only other two on the island, refusing to represent your client, Swanky Kong?" asked a second reporter.
"No comment," said Brash.
"What were you doing while you were missing?" asked a third reporter.
"No comment," said Brash.
"Did you hear about the kongs breaking your record after you took it back from them?" asked a fourth reporter.
Onk! Onk! Onk!
Brash got really angry. The reporters backed away.
Wrinkly, Diddy, and Dixie heard a rumbling behind them.
"Must've been a coincidence," said Wrinkly.
"Look! Swanky Kong has arrived!" said another reporter.
Swanky Kong, at this moment, was dressed in a monkey suit and was stepping out of the limousine. All of the reporters flocked over to him.
"Swanky! What do you think the verdict of this trial will be?" asked the second reporter.
"I think it will go great! Except for the fact that the jury is biased, someone jury-rigged it against me! They are all self-induced "victims" at my "rigged" bonus games! Apparently, I should've been locked up a long time ago! If only there wasn't only one spot in the jail. Tiny Kong held that spot for many a year. The plaintiffs think that is a bad thing. They think I should've been locked up immediately after Tiny's release! The jury is rigged, I tell you! But even then, I am innocent. So, of course, things will go my way! They are sure to clear me of all charges," said Swanky smiling at the reporters with his gold tooth sparkling.
"Shut up! Just say no comment and move on!" yelled Brash.
"I don't need you! Where were you those three years that I needed you!" Swanky asked.
"Saving your life! That's what!" said Brash.
"You're fired! I don't need you! I'll be my own lawyer!" said Swanky.
"A monkey who is his own lawyer has a fool of a client!" said Brash.
"I've seen enough. I'll switch the channel. These two are just squabbling," said Wrinkly.
The TV changed to channel 0.
"That was gold! 4:59 in Kongo Jungle!" the TV burst out.
"Goodbye, Wrinkly!" said Diddy.
"See you later, Wrinkly," said Dixie.
"I'll keep you updated on this court case if you are interested," said Wrinkly.
"THAT IS ENOUGH! THAT'S THE FOURTH TIME!" said K.rool boomed, smashing down the door and barging in.
"What do you mean?" asked Kunning putting aside the gadget he was working on.
"Goodbye!" said Screech, flying away.
"TINY ESKAPED!" K.rool yelled.
"What? Stop yelling, and come and explain everything," said Kunning.
"SPEAK UP! I KAN'T HEAR YOU!" said K.rool.
Kunning stood up from his chair and pointed to another chair. Then Kunning motioned to bring it over to in front of his desk.
"Now tell me the whole story!" said Kunning.
"Let me guess, she jumped out of the window and escaped!" said Kunning.
"Bravo! That was a brilliant performance of Tiny's! She's a real escape artist!" said Kunning.
"Well, I can explain the rubble! Konstrukt told me that he planted C-4 in the mouth of the caverns. It was linked to a radio detonator in the castle. He wanted to protect the fortress from a siege! I instructed all of the kremlings to stay off of 20.7 MHZ. If Tiny filched a radio off the unconscious guard. Tiny probably started scrolling through the channels. If she was, Tiny was probably outside the cave at this point. Most likely, she was looking for a friendly signal. That would come with help! If she ventured onto the required channel, that would've set off the detonator. I suppose you've cleared the rubble by now," said Kunning.
K.rool nodded.
"Tiny will be back. You still have Chunky imprisoned, right?" asked Kunning.
"YES!" said K.rool.
"Then she will be back! Things are not as bad as you think!" said Kunning, "When she returns, she will not be cautious. That is what happens when everything is planned out and seems to be going your way. When you recapture Tiny, you can hostage her. Ransom her, and interrogate her. Skies the limit! Raises your bottom line!"
"Do you have anything else to ask me?" asked Kunning.
"No one's going there in a hurry!" said Kunning.
"Before you proceed with that whole story, I would like to understand the Manky Kong situation itself," said Kunning.
"I would trust Mr. X more than you do. But where would you put Chunky?" asked Kunning.
"Or, maybe for the same reason, the first thing she'd expect! Either way, I have news that the native kremling wildlife populations have finally been surveyed! We have calculated that they have sufficient numbers to hold off the Kongs!" said Kunning.
"The ones that live on DK Island! Most of the species are native to the Northern Kremispheres! They have branched out to range in Jagged Jungle and Hermit Crab Cove!" said Kunning.
"BUT BACK TO MY EARLIER KONVERSATION! ANYWAY, RESIDING AT KONG KASTLE WILL SKARE THE!" K.rool said before getting interrupted by Screech banging into Kunning's window.
"So sorry," said Kunning unlocking the window.
"Kunning! Kunning! Krusha has invaded Terra Inkognita! Sorry, was I interrupting something?" asked Screech, looking at K.rool.
"KARRY ON!" said K.rool.
"Krusha kicked out the scientists from the partikle accelerator and everything else! All of them, with some equipment, are heading here! He's probably fiddling around with that machine right now! He kould wreak komplete disaster on the island!" said Screech.
In fact, at this very moment, tornadoes were forming all around DK Island. Additionally, some areas of DK Island now had purple skies.
"Let's hope he doesn't find the current dilator modulator. That could manipulate the output of the power source!" said Kunning.
Krusha had just turned it up to the full blast.
"Well, the worst that kould happen is if he starts kutting konnektions and putting wires together that aren't supposed to go together!" said Screech.
Krusha was in the control panel cutting wires.
"Do you think he'd listen?" asked Kunning, raising one eyebrow.
"Why is K.rool talking so loud?" Screech whispered.
"He's half-deaf, so he claims," Kunning said.
"What did happen to the Banana Fairy Queen, K.rool? You never told me," said Kunning.
"Also, the leading part of the procession of your books from the Kumulonimbus is almost here!" said Screech.
"WHAT! YOUR WHOLE KOLLEKTION!? 10,000 BOOKS!?" said K.rool.
"Yes! I was getting bored here!" said Kunning.

I decided to divide this chapter into two! Chapter 16 coming soon enough! :parry:
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby WesternTanager794 » November 29th, 2022, 6:25 pm

Preview of Chapter 16:
In Which:
DK has amnesia; Kunning fixes Blackout Basement; K.rool is missing in action from Gangplank Galleon; and Dixie bursts out of a DK barrel in Poison Pond!
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby Super Luigi! » November 30th, 2022, 6:38 am

That definitely sounds interesting, Tanager, and the DKC3 Spiny that you mentioned is most likely named Bristles. I don't have any good ideas for stories right now, but I wish you the best of luck continuing yours. Perhaps I'll change my mind later and write something goofy again, but for now, I'll think on it.
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby WesternTanager794 » November 30th, 2022, 1:48 pm

Thank you! You were right about the bristles! What are the DKC3 bugs called? Also, I do have most of the story planned out, including the goings on for each chapter. Did you get my Bzzt... Click joke, from when Kunning hung up on K.rool. It's what KAOS says, Bzzt...Click, Kongs must destroy. :parry:
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby Super Luigi! » November 30th, 2022, 5:12 pm

The DKC3 bugs are called Knik-Knak, and I also didn't think that phone call part of the story was a reference. I'm glad your story is planned out as well, since that will likely make writing it easier. As for myself, I don't have any good ideas for stories, but maybe this non-canon one will help:

A Goofy Story without Suspense
Diddy found himself swarmed by friendly foxes in a cool cave. For some reason, they really liked him, and the whole family showed this by covering the chimp with kisses and nuzzles. Soothed to the soul, he soon slept safe and sound in soothing softness.

Meanwhile, many bunnies cuddled Dixie close with fantastic fluffiness, likely for being so incredible. Since she was so smart, the young lady knew that such love and appreciation was one of many rewards for saving the world on several occasions, and she soon embraced everyone.

As for Tiny, many little brotherly lizards, who were definitely not Kremlings, carried her to meet their beautiful older sister, who was definitely not Kalypso.
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby WesternTanager794 » December 1st, 2022, 5:24 am

Thanks, I haven’t mentioned them yet, but I’m currently writing and they are mentioned. :parry:

EDIT: originally it wasn’t a reference, but originally it was just click. Then I thought about it after drafting it in my notebook and I remembered the KAOS fight and thought that would be a ridiculous joke!
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby WesternTanager794 » December 4th, 2022, 5:30 pm

The Kremlings Revenge
Chapter 16 DK's Amnesia
Dixie woke up. Dixie stretched herself from head to toe, and then she gazed out at the cheery autumn sunshine. As she looked, Dixie thought that winter didn't seem to be in any hurry this year.
"Not that I'm going to complain about it," said Dixie.
Dixie enjoyed the fine weather as much as the rest of the kongs. The weather reminded her of the days long ago when DK and Diddy got up whenever they felt like it. They would get together a couple of hammocks, some music, and all the banana milkshakes they could drink. From that point, they would take the whole lot deep into the jungle. Then they would spend the rest of the day relaxing in one of their favorite spots. Some days, which reminded her of today, Dixie could think of nothing better to do than invite herself along. Dixie rolled over, expecting to see all three kongs asleep.
"That's odd. Diddy isn't usually up at the crack of dawn. And that isn't Donkey's habit either," said Dixie.
She decided to get out from underneath the ad hoc shelter she had built with Diddy for all of them. Kiddy and DK usually built the shelters. But yesterday, they were both exhausted. Once out in the morning air, Dixie leaped for the nearest vine. Then she swung from vine to vine to see if Diddy was about. He wasn't, Dixie soon learned. Dixie then headed back. To see if the two of them had returned. When she got back, they hadn't returned. Her eyes glanced about her, then landed on a piece of paper on top of the awning.
"I didn't catch that before. Good thing it didn't rain last night!" said Dixie as she picked up the note.
It appeared hastily written.
The note read:

Dear Dixie,
I have gone hunting for DK! It appears he has amnesia, and I need to find him! Do not follow me! Stay with Kiddy and keep him out of trouble! Back tomorrow!
Love you,

"Sounds similar to when K.rool captured them when they were exploring the Northern Kremispheres," said Dixie.
At this point, Dixie started pacing around the small clearing in front of the shelter.
"But who does he think he is to order me not to follow him! Of course, I will follow him! And why should he go alone! Kiddy can fend for himself. He's even heavier than Donkey now! On the other hand, I probably shouldn't leave Kiddy," said Dixie.
Dixie eventually decided to leave a note for Kiddy on her pillow explaining her disappearance. Once Dixie had planted it, she was off. When she arrived at the nearby lake, she saw nobody was around.
"Diddy's footsteps lead this way. But he can't be far because he can't have left much before I woke up. If I don't immediately find Diddy, I should head back to stay with Kiddy. But I'll look some more," she said.
The trail ended in a quagmire of mud.
"I suppose that settles things! I cannot head forward with certainty! Without a footprint trail to follow back, I could get lost. I better go back and see how Kiddy is faring," said Dixie.
When she turned back, most of Diddy's footprints had disappeared.
"I've been going very fast, and the mud has already dissolved most of the footprints! He must've left earlier than I thought!" said Dixie.
She shrugged and went back into the jungle. Back at camp, Dixie realized that Kiddy hadn't woken up yet. Dixie then went over to her pillow of leaves and discarded the note.
As the day wore on, the sun cruised across the sky, sank towards the west, and finally disappeared, but the two apes failed to return.
"I hope that Diddy has found DK, and they're heading back right now!" said Dixie, "I hope they're enjoying themselves, wherever they are," said Dixie as she tucked herself into bed with a yawn.
Morning came again, and another brief swing through the branches confirmed that Diddy was still off on his little expedition. Despite the note's promise, Dixie found herself starting to worry. Diddy and DK made a pretty good team, but they could've been the target of an ambush by a coordinated force of kremlings. Dixie shuddered to think about it. As the day wore on, the jungle sounds faded. She then wondered whether she was jumping to conclusions. Or this really was another of those situations...
Kiddy nonetheless reassured her, "They'll be back soon enough!"
Dusk fell, and there was no sign of that familiar cracking and crashing of the undergrowth that signaled their approach. Again, Dixie decided that she should do nothing but go back to bed and hope that they'd show up the next day. Of course, they didn't. And by nightfall, the young ape's concern for the two of them was almost unbearable. Dixie had found a DK barrel nearby, and both Diddy and DK were missing from the regular rotation. At this point, Dixie decided to go and find them. She said her goodbyes to Kiddy, and Dixie insisted that he be a good little monkey. A search for Funky to borrow one of his planes yielded nothing. So, Dixie resigned herself to a long swim in the lake. She would swim in the direction of the nearest island. Wrinkly's Save Cave was on that island. There was a bridge connecting the island to the land, but Dixie decided it would be faster to swim across the water. When she finally dragged herself out of the water onto the coastline of the island. Dixie expected Wrinkly's cave to be very close. She looked around, but it was nowhere in sight.
"That's odd. But Wrinkly can't have made that cave disappear. Maybe my bearings are off, and it is somewhere else on this island," said Dixie.
Dixie found that she was on the exact wrong side of the island. Shaking the salt water off her fur, Dixie entered the cave's mouth. Seeing Wrinkly, Dixie was filled with relief to stumble across a familiar face at last.
"Hello, Dixie dear," said Wrinkly Kong, turning from her exercise video to face the bedraggled figure, "Come to see me again, have you. That's nice. I'll get some tea!"
Wrinkly shuffled over to fetch her teapot.
"You know, I have always wondered what happened to the school," said Dixie.
"The Kong Kollege?" asked Wrinkly.
"Yes," Dixie said.
"I gave that up because I was getting old. Besides, the kremling children only want to learn how to kill kongs. They only learn their sums because their parents force them to. I remember the time I caught one sharpening his sword during class! But I am using my retirement to do things I should've done a long time ago," said Wrinkly.
The young visitor looked around. Wrinkly had redecorated since the last time she had been here. Now, apart from the stone walls, the redecorated cave was almost identical to Wrinkly's hut back in the jungle that she had years and years ago. Complete with what Dixie thought was the same cozy old furniture.
"It's a nice cave," Dixie said politely.
"Yes, isn't it lovely," said Wrinkly beaming as she poured the tea, "Very useful too-- there are tunnels that come in from miles around. So wherever you're off to, you have no excuse for not popping in every now and then," said Wrinkly.
"So that's how you have that cave in Hermit Crab Cove!" said Dixie.
"Yes, you've discovered my secret. Where are you off to anyway? If you want to beat the game, you're headed in the wrong direction," said Wrinkly.
Dixie suddenly remembered why she was there.
"DK and Diddy," she said quickly, "Have you seen them?"
"Ooh, yes. Passed by a couple of days ago, they did. They didn't stay very long," said Wrinkly, then she added, "Lovely boys. I told them to come back whenever they'd like."
"Did they say where they were going?" asked Dixie.
"I don't think so, dear. What are they up to now?" asked Wrinkly.
"I've no idea," said Dixie as she groaned.
Finishing off her tea, she got to her feet.
"Well, it's been very nice to see you, but I'm afraid I've got to go," said Dixie.
"I understand, Dixie dear. I hope they haven't gotten into some kind of scrape," Wrinkly smiled, "Call back soon, though, won't you?"
"I will," Dixie promised.
Not too far away from Wrinkly's cave, Dixie spotted an old wooden shack settled amongst the weeds and boulders. Seizing any opportunity to find another lead on those two, she swept up and knocked on the door.
"Come in!" said a deep cheery voice.
As Dixie opened the door, a bell rang above her.
"A customer!" bellowed the great shaggy bear standing behind a wooden counter, "Marvelous! Welcome to Blue's Beach Shop! Blue is my name, and what can I do for you, my little friend?"
"It's not on a beach," said Dixie.
"It looks like one! And anyway, it used to be on a beach, so why bother changing the name? But what can I do for you?" asked Blue.
"Actually, I'm looking for two monkeys that passed this way," Dixie said hopefully, "I was hoping that you'd seen them."
"Couple of apes, eh?" The bear passed his hand through the fur on top of his head, "I think I'd remember that. Nope, can't help you out there, I'm afraid. But who knows, maybe one of my brothers could. We're scattered all over the place, you see. And we don't exactly get that many customers. You know what? Since you're a kong, you might want to watch out for the kremlings. Wasn't so long ago they started appearing, but they're already spreading like the flu!" said Blue.
"I've heard!" said Dixie laughing.
"If your friends are not careful, they could get in big trouble," said Blue.
"How did you know they were my friends?" asked Dixie.
"Lucky guess, it was based on how you were fretting. In any case, you might want to pay a visit to Funky way back in that there Hermit Crab Cove. He sounds like the kind of fellow who could help out. If you're in a hurry!" said Blue.
"Thanks! I might consider that!" said Dixie as she made for the door.
"Hey, hold on there! What about all these bargains you're leaving behind!" said Blue.
"I'll come back when I can afford them!" she called over her shoulder before scampering off in search of Funky.
After she crossed the bridge across the water, she was overtaken by a bizarre golden shape fluttering through the sky. It started circling around Dixie. Then it began to descend. Before Dixie knew it, it was perched on her shoulder. It was, of course, a banana bird.
"Dixie! Dixie! Mama has been kidnapped! K.rool has her in his filthy clutches again!" said the banana bird.
"What! Since when?" said Dixie, completely forgetting about Funky.
"Kunning told me! He said, you are the best one to help!" said the banana bird.
"Kunning! Why didn't I think of him before! He would have news on their whereabouts!" Dixie thought.
"Where is Kunning? My guess would be Kremkroc or the mysterious temples!" said Dixie.
"That's actually two guesses, but he's at some temples!" said the banana bird.
"Hop on my back. That way, you won't get blown and buffeted away. If you were on my shoulder, that would be uncomfortable for you," said Dixie.
"Does that mean I get to be like Kazooie?" asked the banana bird.
"If you want to. What's so special about that?" asked Dixie.
"It's every banana bird's dream to be a video game hero like Kazooie!" said the banana bird.
Dixie lowered her voice in an attempt to sound like Cranky.
"There was nothing more than cheap cameo roles for him!"
"You're funny! You sound like Cranky!" said the banana bird.
"I was trying!" said Dixie.
"Was Diddy just a cheap cameo role when K.rool stole the banana hoard? Diddy proved to be an even bigger hero than Donkey Kong! When you had to go save Donkey from K.rool, you proved to be as big a hero as Diddy!" said the banana bird.
"I guess you're right!" said Dixie.
"Ah! Perfect!" said the banana bird as he pulled out a kazoo from Dixie's backpack.
"What are you doing, pilfering from my backpack?" Dixie asked, amused.
Several discordant notes rang out from behind Dixie.
"I had no idea you were so good!" said Dixie grinning.
"Me neither!" said the banana bird, attempting to smile back.
"Which way?" asked Dixie.
"That way! North!" said the banana bird.
"Where am I? What's going on? Who am I? Why can't I remember anything?" asked DK, beating his chest as the wind blew.
DK walked forward, and he saw bananas in front of him.
"Hmm. Bananas!-- Bananas are a good source of Vitamin Q! I remember that!" DK said.
DK continued to walk forward. Then he saw a gnawty that was walking towards him.
"Excuse me, little beaver! But can you tell me where I am?" asked DK.
They continued approaching each other. Finally, the gnawty struck!
"OW!! What did you do that for?!" DK asked.
Five seconds later.
"How did I get there?" asked DK, walking forward from the same spot he had woken up from.
The monkey and the beaver again approached the other. DK again tried to socialize.
"Excuse me. I know we got off the wrong foot, but... Ow! Why can't we be friends?" asked DK.
DK returned to the entrance of the level.
"It happened again! That can't be a coincidence!" said DK.
The two of them approached again. DK ducked and prepared to hand slap. When the gnawty was in range, he slapped his hands down.
"No! don't hurt me!" said Gnawty.
"Oh, My God! I just committed murder! I"m going to be arrested!" said DK frantically.
"DK! Help!" said Diddy.
"Freaky talking barrel! Some jungle out here!" said DK.
He approached a Kritter.
"Hey, maybe he can help me!" exclaimed DK, "Hello, sir, do you know where I am?"
DK and Kritter collided.
"Aack! Why does everyone hate me!" said DK scratching his head.
DK regenerated at the same spot as he had before.
"Hmm. Maybe, I'm supposed to kill these beavers and crocodiles? I mean, I didn't get arrested. I guess. It's kill or be killed," said DK uncertainly.
He proceeded forward. DK jumped on the gnawty, then passed a DK barrel.
"Help! DK!" said Diddy.
"What on earth is a DK?" asked DK.
Eventually, DK eliminated a gnawty. Two more kritters, a couple of klumps, and just now, a necky.
"I'm doing great so far!" DK said.
He passed another DK barrel.
"Freaky talking barrel!" said DK, "There's a lot of them!"
"DK! Help me!" said Diddy.
DK rolled through three gnawtys, jumped on three jumping kritters, then rolled down a hill through a klump. Then he spotted a banana bunch.
"Ooh! More bananas!" DK exclaimed.
He jumped at them. The life counter added one.
"The banana bunch triggered something! Oh no! I'm going to die!" said DK, running around, panicking.
DK ran around for a very long time. From Jagged Jungle to Jungle Hijinxes. Quite a distance. Much much later...
"AAAAAAAAAHH! Wait, maybe that house is safe?!" asked DK, slowing his pace.
"DK! Stop! DK! Get me out of here!"
"but who's DK?" asked DK.
"Stop messing around! Get me out of here!" said Diddy.
"Hooray!" said Diddy.
"Aah! A monkey came out of there!" said DK.
"DK! It's me, Diddy!" said Diddy.
"Diddy, wait... Diddy. That rings a bell. Diddy, Diddy. Wait! I remember who you are! But what on earth is a DK?" asked DK.
"You may have amnesia. Maybe you'll recover overnight. You should get some sleep," said Diddy.
They headed to the inside of the pitch-black treehouse.
When both of them were inside, DK suddenly screeched, "Aaagh! What's that!"
"That's a tire! There's your bed!" said Diddy jumping into his own.
In the middle of a dark and stormy night, DK forgot almost everything that happened yesterday. Including Diddy.
"Who am I!" DK yelled from the treehouse balcony.
It was a dark and stormy night as DK yelled, and the rain fell. Lightning struck behind DK. Being idle, he beat his chest and started hooting.
"Since no one is telling me who I am, there's only one thing to do! Disregarding, Did, Diddet's advice, I'm going to run away and find out who I am!" said DK.
DK leaped off the treehouse.
In the morning, Diddy found out about the shocking discovery that DK is gone.
"What! He's gone!" Diddy said.
Diddy threw down his hat and stomped on it. Then he jumped down the steps engraved into the trunk of the tree.
"Move it! Coming through!" Diddy said as he rolled through a gnawty.
Diddy grabbed the DK barrel and ferried it up to the balcony of the treehouse.
"His teleporter better be on!" said Diddy.
The DK barrel exploded as he tossed it, but it was empty.
"No! I've got to go find him!" said Diddy.
Meanwhile, DK was at Funky's Flights.
"Hello, could I borrow your plane?" asked DK.
"Sure, Donkey-Dude! Lost the little buddy again?" asked Funky.
"Yeah, he's back in the jungle!" said DK.
"Ok, is he sick or something?" asked Funky.
"Nope," said DK.
"Ok," said Funky, "Hop in!"
Meanwhile, DK somehow got into the options menu and changed the language to french. Now he was flying up the near side of the island.
"Uh oh!" said DK flying over the Mines de Macaques.
"Vignobles? What the heck does that mean?" asked DK, unable to cohere the world names.
Over the Valley de Vignes, DK started screeching.
Meanwhile, back to Diddy, in the Aubaine Rebondissante.
"Excuse me, but have you seen a giant ape?" asked Diddy.
"Nope, sorry," said the jumping kritter.
"Ok, thanks anyway," said Diddy.
"Ow!!" said the kritter.
Back to DK: The next morning.
"Whoa! It was dark in there!" said DK, running out of the dark factory tunnel.
DK started running through the Allee de Barils de Petrole. DK rolled through a couple of kritters. He then passed a DK barrel, where Diddy started yelling. DK turned around.
"DK!" said Diddy.
"Stop stalking me!" said DK.
DK walked through the level. He jumped into a lower level of the factory. DK's fall triggered a hidden item cache to be revealed.
"Hmm. TNT. That could be useful. Wait! It's going to blow up!" said DK, "Aah! Aah!"
DK started screeching as he ran away. Far behind him, he heard a dull explosion behind him.
"Phew! Good thing I got away!" said DK.
"Is that another monkey?" asked DK approaching Manky Kong.
"Is that? Yes! Another monkey! Excuse me, but," said DK.
"Got you!" said Manky tossing a barrel.
"Ow! What was that for?" asked DK.
"Hello! You are supposed to avoid my barrel! Duh! I'm like the original King Kong! And the original Donkey Kong! Which is why I should be the king of the kongs! I am a descendant of the original King Kong!" said Manky.
Meanwhile, in Tempete des Temples, Diddy and Expresso were on the hunt for DK.
"Onward, Expresso!" said Diddy, "We've got to find DK!"
"Honk, Honk! Honk, Honk!" Expresso yelled at the gnawtys in front of him.
Expresso cleared them with a bound.
"Forward, Expresso!" said Diddy.
"Honk, Honk! Honk, Honk!" said Expresso flying over the chasm.
"Onward, Expresso!" said Diddy.
"Honk, Honk! Honk, Honk!" said Expresso gliding over a trio of gnawtys.
"Forward, Expresso!" said Diddy.
"Honk, Honk! Honk, Honk!" said Expresso running through a septet of jumping blue kritters.
"Quiet, Expresso! You're not a goose!" said Diddy.
"Sorry, Diddy! Is this better?" asked Expresso switching to a siren.
"That's better! Onward, Expresso!" said Diddy.
"Where is DK! I'm all the way at Étang empoisonné, and he's nowhere to be found!" said Diddy.
"Maybe he ees een zat DK bahrrel?" asked Enguarde.
"It's useless. DK's not in there, Enguarde. He has his teleporter turned off," said Diddy.
"I'll try ahnyway," said Enguarde.
Enguarde smashed through the barrel.
"What!" said Diddy.
"Hello! Where have you been!" exclaimed Dixie, now riding Enguarde's nose.
"I've been looking for DK!" said Diddy.
"And I've been looking for you!" said Dixie.
"How did you get in there?" asked Diddy.
"Kunning! He somehow built me a teleporter that's compatible with the original Donkey Kong Country!" said Dixie.
"What! That's impossible! Only Rareware knows how to build them!" said Diddy.
"Kunning figured out how!" said Dixie.
"How did you find me?" asked Diddy.
"I found your note!" said Dixie.
"But the note didn't tell you where I was!" said Diddy kongfused.
"I went after you when you didn't return after a few days. What especially worried me was that you weren't on the DK barrel rotation. I had a hunch that Kunning would be at the secret temples he showed me. I found him there with some surveying equipment. He was surprised. But not shocked that I had located him. He was happy to track you two down! Kunning first detected your signal in monkey mines," said Dixie.
"How did I only bust you out now?" asked Diddy.
"By the time Kunning had built the invention, this was the first DK barrel you had busted open!" said Dixie.
"See! I tahld you so! But, deexie, you should get on my bahck! I hahve to chahrge through ziss next section to cahmplete ze level!" said Enguarde.
"Ok!" said Dixie as she swung her body around Enguarde and sat behind Diddy.
Diddy and Dixie went through la Folie des Chariots Miniers. Dixie and Diddy had good speed at that level. Diddy attempted the jumproll after Dixie took damage on purpose. He missed the 1/60th of a second window. Instead, Diddy decided to roll and then jump in midair to complete the level. On the way, Diddy broke open a DK barrel and recover Dixie.
"Next is Sous-sol Occultant! It's going to be really dark and really bright! The lights are broken, so they flash on and off!" said Diddy.
"Ok!" said Dixie.
"I've memorized the speedrunner way of beating this level!" said Diddy.
To Diddy's surprise, when they entered the level, the lights didn't blackout. Dixie seemed content with the lights working.
"Weird!" said Diddy, "Something's off here."
They looked to their right and then to the left. On their left, they saw Kunning fiddling with wires in a circuit breaker box. When they looked at him, he looked up.
"Hello, Dixie," said Kunning as he bowed, "Hello, Diddy," said Kunning bowing to Diddy as well, "Welcome to one of my great works! The fixing of Blackout Basement!"
"How did you get here before us?" asked Dixie, "We've been going at a great pace!"
"I had my flying device fly me here!" said Kunning.
"Was it actually hard to fix this level?" asked Dixie.
"It wasn't that difficult. But how is the search coming?" Kunning asked.
"We haven't found DK yet!" said Diddy.
"Well, that isn't good! You won't find that many kremlings in this half of Kremkroc. They call it the abandoned half now. But soon it won't be abandoned anymore! I heard Tiny Kong escaped from K.rool's negligent hands. I'm assuming she thinks I'm a cold-blooded villain?" asked Kunning.
"Yes! How did you know?" asked Diddy.
"I may have slipped some documents detailing K.rool and I's evil plan. We can't have all of the kongs cooperate. That would be suspicious," said Kunning.
"I guess that's true," said Diddy.
"As you may guess, I act a certain persona around K.rool. I make him believe that I am as evil as him. It is the best way to make him trust me! K.rool is closer and closer to believing that we don't need to kill the kongs. Neither does that mean imprisoning all of you upon victory. The updated version of my plan means that kremlings and kongs won't have to kill each other anymore," said Kunning.
"And K.rool will just go along with this?" asked Dixie.
"He is closer to believing this could be a possibility. I think K.rool thinks that he dominates you if you don't fight back. Whether this is the case or not is up to you. Probably in the back of his mind, he's thought of the fact that kremlings multiply much faster than kongs. If the kremlings are allowed to prosper unchecked, he could start a war whenever he wanted. Which makes your role in the new regime even more important. Your job would be to keep the kongs safe! So are you two willing to take on this position?" asked Kunning.
"The two of us haven't given much thought, but I think we should accept. What do you think, Dixie?" asked Diddy.
"I think we should. But... Oh, I forgot! Give me a minute," said Dixie pondering, "I remembered! What makes K.rool think you won't rebel behind his back?"
"I have prevented him from knowing the full extent of my genius. But I'm happy you will accept! K.rool thinks that I am incapable of doing anything without him. K.rool will think more and more about peace the more territory he loses. But he will throw more and more resistance at you. When you pass through Kremkroc in your grand adventure, I will not place my full power on defending Kremkroc. If I did, you wouldn't stand a chance!" said Kunning.
"Really!" said Diddy sarcastically.
"Yes!" said Kunning.
"Tiny said that she thought Chunky was at Kremkroc!" said Diddy.
"Do you know why she would think that?" asked Dixie.
"I don't! K.rool hasn't told me anything of that!" said Kunning.
Diddy had noticed that Kunning had constantly been examining his surroundings by wildly whipping around his head. Diddy noticed that although he was talking to them, he was actively staring at something on his right. Right now, he seemed to be in his head.
"Kunning, are you looking at something?" asked Diddy.
"Huh? Could you repeat that?" asked Kunning, snapping to attention.
"Are you looking at something?" asked Diddy.
"I disabled all of the security cameras here. But one of them seems to have gone back online. There probably aren't kremlings watching the cams still. But you can't be too careful. You might want to lower your voice," said Kunning.
"Ok. Do they have amazing microphones?" asked Dixie.
"Yes. And this one was oscillating before. Now it just started pointing at us," said Kunning.
"There surely can't be any that you don't know about," said Diddy.
"They used to give them years of supplies. They might be holed up in there still," said Kunning.
"We should go and find DK," said Dixie.
"I'm sorry for holding you up," said Kunning.
"Don't worry about it," said Diddy.
"We should go," said Dixie.
"Goodbye," said Kunning, whispering.
Dixie and Diddy whispered back.
"See ya, Kunning," said Diddy.
"Bye," Dixie said.
"I'll see if I can override the camera," said Kunning.
"Ok," said Dixie.
"Also, if Chunky comes to Kremkroc, I'll save him," said Kunning.
Kunning walked away, and the Kongs watched him until he was a mere dot.
“Get back to work!" said Klank.
"I just finished! The kameras are working. Only a few oscillate. A really big shock must have fried their komponents. What do you think happened?" asked Lemguin.
"I don't know! We better get back to watching!" said Krook sitting down in his seat.
Krook followed and followed Lemguin.
"Hey, did you hear that," said Klank.
“What? What?" asked Krook.
“Kwiet!” said Klank.
“SSSHHHH! SSSSHHHH!” said Krook.
“I said, Kwiet! Not, please shower me with your spit!” said Lemguin.
“Guys, if you two would shut up for a moment. Please, take a look at kamera 25!” said Klank.
“Hey... That looks like some stinking kongs to me!" said Lemguin.
“Where? Where? I kan't see them!” said Krook.
“Kamera 25! Not 2.5! Did you hear anything I just said?" asked Klank.
“Oh yeah... I guess those are Kongs," said Krook.
“But who's that lizard with them?” asked Klank.
“Guys, I think that is Kunning," said Lemguin.
“Nah, Kunning has a longer tail than that. Ouch!” said Krook.
“Don't make me slap you again, Krook. Use your brain!” said Klank.
“Pretty sure that's Kunning... Never expekted to see him alive again," said Lemguin.
“Ha, yeah. Usually, when the Kaptain fires someone, it involves aktual fire," said Krook.
“He's gotten skinnier though," said Lemguin.
"Has he? Maybe the Kaptain starved him?” asked Krook.
"He was fired years ago! When the kongs got through Kremkroc!" said Klank.
"Wasn't his assistant, who took over on his week off, the one who got fired?" asked Krook.
"Didn't he aktually get burned to a krisp?" asked Lemguin.
"You two don't read the newspaper, do you!" said Klank.
"Nope," said Lemguin.
"Kopy that!" said Krook.
"Konstrukt and Kunning are both kurrently in the Kaptain's employ!" said Klank.
"Who got burned to a krisp then?" asked Krook.
"I don't know!" said Klank.
"Never mind that! Isn't it suspicious to find him sneaking around with two Kongs? What's he up to?" asked Lemguin.
"Maybe we should aktually report it to the Kaptain? If he's up to no good, the Kaptain will be glad we told him!" said Klank.
"Shut up, Klank. You'll get us all killed for speaking like that! If Kunning's here on the Kaptain's orders, we'd just be wasting his time by telling him," said Lemguin.
"He hates people who waste his time," said Krook.
"Yeah, I know that! Let's find out what all three of them are doing here first!" said Klank.
"Then we tell the Kaptain!" said Krook.
“He hates people who waste his time...”
"You two go, I'll keep two eyes out for anything suspicious," said Klank.
"Why do I have to go!" said Lemguin, "You know how I hate the warm temperatures the machines kreate!"
"Then I'll go!" said Klank.
"Ok! Thank you!" said Lemguin.
"Doesn't it feel weird?" asked Diddy.
"What does?" asked Dixie.
"The idea that Kunning is solving the problem for us now. K.rool gets duped. Chunky gets saved, etcetera," said Diddy.
Dixie realized what he meant, and although she agreed, she decided to tease him, "So you mean without you getting to play the hero."
Diddy blushed, "That's not what I meant."
"Yes, I think it is. You think it should be your job to fight the bad guys, infiltrate their lair, and trick K.rool himself. And maybe rescue a fair maiden along the way?" she said with a wink.
"Alright, I do. But don't you feel that too?" asked Diddy.
"Some. That doesn't seem to be how it's going this time. At least for those portions. For all we know, we are the ones who defeat K.rool in the end," said Dixie.
"Maybe we should get going," said Diddy.
"Perhaps," said Dixie.
"Stop right there! We are Krook and Klank!” both of them said at the same time.
"Who's who?" asked Diddy mockingly.
"I'm Krook, and I have a sword!" said Krook.
"I'm Klank, and I have a fancy klub!" said Klank.
"Shouldn't it be the other way around?" Diddy asked, interjecting.
"Wait, how do you use the sword with your hooks?" asked Dixie.
"Hmm," Krook started pondering.
"I will get to the point if Krook won't!" said Klank.
"What is the point? The sword?" Dixie laughed.
"They think we're a joke!" said Krook.
"No, I think the big guy should have the club. The small guy should have the sword," said Diddy.
"I'm getting to the point! All three of us saw that you were hanging out with Kunning. We have some kwestions!" said Klank.
"The three of you?" asked Diddy.
"Lemguin's not here," said Krook.
"Ok. What are the questions?" asked Diddy.
"What was Kunning doing here? Why was he with you? And most importantly, was he here on the Kaptain's orders, or did he betray him?" asked Klank.
"To the first, he is the CEO of Kremkroc now!" said Diddy.
"Since when?" asked Krook.
"My newspaper didn't kover that," said Klank.
"To the second, he kidnapped us," said Diddy.
"What? You didn't look kidnapped. Why did he let you go now?" asked Klank.
"To the third, he was obviously here on K.rool's orders! I mean he kidnapped us and all!" said Diddy.
"With that tiny sword? I don't believe you!" said Krook.
Dixie decided that lying would be the best course of action.
"Diddy doesn't know anything he's talking about," said Dixie.
"Who's Diddy?" asked Krook.
"The other chimp, you fool!" said Klank.
"Kunning is a rotten fiend. He forced us to come with him on a secret mission that K.rool gave him. First, he hypnotized us to make us escort him. Then he locked us in this factory and asked us some questions! He's an evil monster. We were lucky to escape with our lives!" said Dixie.
"See Klank!" Krook said, "I told you he was here on the Kaptain's orders! We better think of some way to tell Lemguin not to bother the Kaptain before it's too late!"
"You have no idea! You two were akting way too friendly for being forced along. We saw you waving after him when he left the view of all our kameras!" said Klank.
"We were still hypnotized!" said Dixie.
"So you magically unhypnotized yourselves when he left! Likely story, but ridikulous!" said Klank.
"We weren't waving after him! He unhypnotized us when he left! We were shaking our fists at him in anger!" said Diddy.
"All lies! What was his real purpose here!" said Klank.
Dixie realized this was getting nowhere. She knew that they needed to stop the kremlings from reporting to K.rool at any cost. She exchanged a quick look with Diddy and then slapped Klank with her hair. Klank howled with pain and tried to smash her with his club. Dixie swerved out of the way, and Klank's club hit some machinery that shot out electrical streams. One current traveled up Klank's club and knocked him out. Dixie looked for Diddy and Krook and found that Diddy had stabbed Krook with his own sword. A gory end, but Diddy said that he had no choice. Krook had him pinned up against a machine. Diddy explained that Krook's hooks were prepared to hit him. A sucking sensation then filled the air.
"I think DK busted open a DK barrel! I've got to go! Goodbye!" said Diddy as he was sucked away.
"Gangplank Galleon? That sounds familiar," said DK.
DK boarded the ship.
"Huh, what's that noise?" asked DK.
DK walked forward and saw that part of the ship was wrecked. DK stood at the brink, and K.rool dropped from the sky.
"Har Har Har!" said K.rool before falling into the drink.
"Ha! Is that it?" DK wondered.
Later, DK entered Gangplank Galleon again.
"I wonder how you beat Gangplank Galleon," said DK, landing on the deck.
Then DK collided with a Krash vaulting left.
"OW!!" said DK.
"Beautiful! Perfect timing!" said Krash.
"I need help with this!" said DK, "Maybe Diddy knows how to beat this level. It's weird. It changes every time you go into it!"
DK reentered the ship. Then he broke open the DK barrel and summoned Diddy.
"DK! I found you!" said Diddy.
"Could you help me with Gangplank Galleon?" asked DK.
"Sure! What do you need help with?" said Diddy.
"How do you beat the level?" asked DK.
"Go to the right and bop K.rool on the head after he throws his crown!" said Diddy.
The two of them walked to the right. K.rool didn't show up.
"That's odd. K.rool will be here any second, though," said Diddy.
Then a sound akin to a pager started buzzing.
"Someone's paging him," said Diddy.
Bzzt, Bzzt. Bzzt, Bzzt. Bzzt, Bzzt.
Minutes passed, and no K.rool.
"I quit!" said Diddy, "I'm going nuts!"
Diddy tossed himself into the sea.
"Diddy, I'll save you!" said DK.
DK jumped in and pulled Diddy out.
"No wonder you needed help! Something is seriously messed up!" said Diddy.
"Let's restart the level," said DK.
They restarted the level.
"So you know the drill. Go to the right and bop K.rool on the head after he throws his crown!" said Diddy.
"Ok!" said DK running to the right, "I hope it's fixed itself now."
"Should be a cakewalk!" said Diddy.
"Aah!!" said DK running into an invisible barrel.
The barrel fired DK and Diddy. Before they knew it, they were both falling into a black abyss.
"Aah!" said Diddy and DK at once.
"Let's try this again!" said Diddy.
"Fine by me!" said DK.
This time K.rool was there. He threw his crown, and DK jumped on his head. K.rool took off and threw his crown again. After receiving another hit, K.rool started running around frantically.
"Jump!" said Diddy.
"Jump!" said Diddy.
"Get him!" said Diddy.
K.rool tossed his crown, and DK jumped on his head.
"Ow!" said King K.rool.
Once again, K.rool went back to running.
"Watch out!" said Diddy.
"Jump!" said Diddy.
"Jump!" said Diddy.
"Jump!" said Diddy.
"After him!" said Diddy.
"I think I can deal with it myself!" said DK gaining confidence.
K.rool took another hit. Then he revved up for a massive jump and vaulted clear over the screen.
"Where did he go?" asked DK, "Maybe K.rool's on the other side."
DK proceeded to the right side of the ship.
"He's doing nothing. What's next?" asked DK.
"Look out!" said Diddy.
A massive pounding began.
"What am I looking out for?" asked DK.
"The cannonballs!" Diddy exclaimed.
"those cannonballs! I'm going to die!" said DK.
"You will if you don't get out of the way!" said Diddy.
At this moment, DK had to decide between fight and flight. In the end, however, he chose the third option, freeze.
"I'm going to die!" said DK, ducking.
The cannonballs pounded the deck in front of him.
"Get out of the way!" said Diddy, "Roll over! Do something!"
An unspecified amount of time later, Kiddy, Dixie, and Diddy were standing over DK as he opened his eyes.
"Hey, guys! Diddy, Kiddy, Dixie, what's going on?" asked DK.
"DK! That knock on your head must have cured you of your amnesia! Which is why this is a video game! How did you get amnesia anyway?" asked Diddy.
"I don't remember!" said DK.
"Whatever it was, don't do it again!" said Dixie.
"Are you sure? You guys probably had the time of your life!" said DK.
"Definitely not!" said Dixie laughing.
"Maybe it was that incident in Vine Valley?" asked Diddy.
"What incident?" asked Kiddy, always curious.
"Oh, nothing!" said DK, embarrassed at the recollection.
"DK fired himself out of a barrel cannon into a wall three times in a row!" said Diddy.
"Diddy!" said DK.
"What?" asked Diddy.

It was either K.rool or Boss Dumb Drum.
Also, Super Luigi I will be PMing you on a major plotline issue I have. I would like some assistance on deciding on how to go forward.
Oh, and Manky Kong is crazy.

:EDIT: I'm probably going to split the next chapters into two chapters. They are getting really long. With exception of the next chapter. It doesn't flow that way.
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby WesternTanager794 » December 4th, 2022, 5:33 pm

Preview of Chapter 17!
In Which:
Kunning further investigates the temples; Krow is on the loose after Dixie; Jagged Jungle gets completed, mostly; DK and Kiddy find an identical treehouse to the one in Jungle Hijinxes;
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby WesternTanager794 » December 12th, 2022, 7:30 am

What’s the DKC3 equivalent of Krusha called? :parry:
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