Donkey Kong Country 2 Arrangement (Fan Game)

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Donkey Kong Country 2 Arrangement (Fan Game)

Postby Jeffrey_Bones » January 9th, 2016, 9:10 pm

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This is my next DK fan game project, allthough I don't have much to show more than these concept images and video, I would like to provide some details on the project. I am going to remake and remix every level in DKC2 and you will be able to play as either the Kongs vs the Kremlings or Kutlass and Kruncha vs the Kongs. It's also important to note that when playing the Kremling levels you will be scrolling to the LEFT not the right as most baddies in the games came from the right side of the screen and the players came from the left. I will also say that there will be tons of unexplored areas added to the existing levels of DKC2 as well as flashy graphics and themes in both the foreground and background. The idea to do a classic 2D style DKC game came from working on the 2D bonus levels in DKQ3D. I loved it so much I decided to do an entire game! The goal for this game is simple: Recreate and Re-arrange DKC2 and add a "Kremling Kuthroats Quest to the game. There will likely be additional modes of play such as multiplayer, battle ect... with this project I will be doing away with the bulky 3D gameplay of DKQ3D and go back to what made DKC2 my favorite game of all time. Hopefully this game shall be on par if not better than DKC4!!!!! Wish me luck and stay tuned guys, I have lots of unique ideas for this one!

EDIT------> Also if you are wondering what the heck Click Clack of all baddies could do as an animal buddy I'll give you a hint
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Re: Donkey Kong Country 2 Arrangement (Fan Game)

Postby Cosmicman » December 18th, 2016, 7:22 pm

I really like the look and feel of this game, incredible background waves and sky fit so well, I would love to play the whole game remade with this style of graphics.
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