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Postby WesternTanager794 » June 4th, 2023, 11:41 pm

The Kremlings Revenge
Chapter 22: Khaotic Kremling Khaos
“It’s 6!” said Wrinkly, “Time to see what’s on television.”
She sat down in her armchair, pulled up her blanket-in-progress, grabbed her knitting needles off of her table beside her, and grabbed the remote off of the chair’s right arm. Then she adjusted in her chair and powered the television on. She flipped off of the news channel, then after skipping the video game play channel, she saw the game show network was on. The theme music played.
“Sounds like DKC2’s bonus intro,” said Wrinkly, “Odd, the show’s called Who Wants to be a Millionaire. I’ve heard something like that before.”
The announcer started announcing.
“And now for the host of the show, Conker Squirrel!”
“What the heck?! How did they get away with that? This show is bound to have controversy. Someone’s going to get in trouble for that,” Wrinkly said.
Then she noticed that most of the crowd was kremlings with some kongs rarely interspersed.
“That makes more sense,” she said.
“Thank you everyone! Who wants to be a millionaire?” asked Conker.
The whole crowd gave shouts.
“Me actually,” said Conker, “I would too! But as I am the host, I’m exempt from such winnings. But not our lucky contestants! And here they are! First up is our returning champion, Snide Kremling!”
General applause.
“Our second contestant is Banjo Bear!”
More cheering.
“And lastly, this Snake in a Hat! Or at least that’s what he says his name is,” said Conker.
“Is that the snake from Yooka-Laylee?” asked Wrinkly, “What’s he doing there?”
“And now for the first ever episode of this show! The rules are that I will ask five questions. Anyone can buzz in. Just have the answer immediate. The number of answers you answer correctly here influence your winnings in the second half of the game, and finally the final section in which a riddle is put up for solving. The first half is a series of multiple-choice questions, to clarify. And now to start! Ouch!” Conker said.
“What happened?” Wrinkly asked herself, “Why did he fall over.”
“I’m fine!” said Conker with a gasp, “I just rolled my ankle.”
“Someone alert the paramediks!”
“I’m fine,” Conker said, “See, I can stand.”
Then he fell back over.
“And now for our backup host, Swanky Kong!” said the announcer as a Kritter fireman carried Conker off the stage.
“What is Swanky doing here! He’s supposed to be in jail!” Wrinkly said.
“Hello everyone!” Swanky said, “Welcome to Who Wants to be a Millionaire! I’m your host and I…”
He trailed off as he was handed a stack of cue cards.
“Thank you!” said Swanky, “Come on, let’s have a round of applause for them!”
General applause erupted.
“Now to pick up where we left off! Onto the first round! Are you three ready to begin?”
Banjo, Snide, and the Snake in a Hat nodded.
“Here we go!” said Swanky, “Question #1! What is this nonsense. What is the main breeding environment of the Eurasian Dotterel? Nonsense. Ok, Question #1! What is my name! A, Swanky. B, Wonky. C, Stinky!”
The producers in the back covered their eyes with their hands.
“Snide! Go for it!”
“The answer is Kong!” Snide said.
“Haha,” said Swanky very amused, “But that’s not the answer I’m looking for. Yes! Banjo!”
“Swanky is your name,” said Banjo.
“You clever bear! Now listen carefully,” said Swanky, “Here is Question #2, what is the first enemy you see in DKC2? A: A furry rat? B: A scaly crocodile? C: An ugly earthworm?”
“A furry rat,” said Snide.
“Very good! That’s correct! Here’s the next one,” Swanky said, “What is the name of the first world of DKC2? A: Gangway Garbage? B: Gangland Galleon? C: Gangplank Galleon?
“C,” said the Snake in a Hat.
“Very good!” said Swanky, “Now for Question #4. What is the name of my cat?”
“You don’t have a cat,” said Snide snidely.
“That’d be right!”
Wrinkly switched off the tv and picked up her phone. She dialed the local police, also informally known as Bazooka Bear.
“Hello, could you please make sure to check if Swanky Kong is still in jail,” said Wrinkly.
“Do you have cause to suspect otherwise?” asked Bazooka.
“Yes. Indeed, I do,” said Wrinkly.
“I’ll go in and check,” said Bazooka, “Now that you mention it, he has been acting odd. Trying to keep stealing my spoons.”
I think that’s a movie or something,” said Wrinkly.
“He’s gone!” said Bazooka, “I’m getting my bazooka and I’m going to go!”
“How did he escape?” asked Wrinkly.
“He’s dug through the wall with spoons!” said Bazooka, “Wrinkly, how did you know he was gone. Is he in your yard or something?”
“He’s on a kremling game show,” said Wrinkly.
“Gadzooks! He’s not supposed to be hosting any game shows for the rest of his life, let alone escape from prison!” said Bazooka.
“What was that noise?” asked Wrinkly.
“What do you mean?” Bazooka asked.
“That noise. There it is again,” said Wrinkly.
“That’s just me loading my incendiary missiles into my bazooka,” said Bazooka.
“You don’t mean,” said Wrinkly.
“No! Of course not! It’s just a scare tactic that no one has escaped from. Everyone has given themselves up rather than be fired on,” said Bazooka.
“Swanky’s more conniving than that,” said Wrinkly.
“Perhaps,” said Bazooka, “But we’ll see. Do you think this game show was set on Crocodile Isle?”
“No. Somewhere on the island,” said Wrinkly.
“Well, then I can get there! I’ll hunt for him day and night, Wrinkly. No need to worry about him breaking into your house,” said Bazooka.
“He’s not that kind of criminal,” said Wrinkly.
“Who knows what that criminal type is capable of,” said Bazooka.
“Thanks!” said Wrinkly.
“No problem!” said Bazooka.
Wrinkly turned the television back on to see a preview of the week’s contestants. There she saw Kaptain K.rool and Diddy.
“They’re going to be on the show?” asked Wrinkly, “Since when?”

“Diddy, the reports were both and wrong,” said Tiny.
“I can see that,” Diddy said.
Below them, an army of kremlings was beginning to organize. Shouts to form ranks were also being hollered.
“What do you think their objective is?” asked Tiny.
“Considering all things, it could be an army for Mr. X, K.rool, or even Kunning,” said Diddy.
“I’d bet that it’s for Mr. X. Maybe he’s dead, but his top advisor can still follow through with his agenda. K.rool needs an army to conquer the kongs, but he doesn’t need an army of mutated kremlings,” said K.rool, “He’d prefer to have normal kremlings. It’s his usual behavior.”
“Then who is for, then?” asked Diddy.
“Mr. X’s army is in tatters,” said Tiny, “Staying low is the best option. Is K.rool that desperate?”
“I don’t think so,” said Diddy, “But then again, maybe he has a backup plan or something.”
“It’s not right. It’s not him,” said Tiny, “I think someone else is up to it. Look, radiation burns!”
“Is that what the mutations are from?” asked Diddy.
“Maybe,” said Tiny.
“That indicates a high-radiation part of DK Island. Which everywhere here is relatively low radiation,” said Tiny.
“What about the legendary Kong Kore?” asked Diddy.
“That’s mythical,” said Tiny, “Or as I heard, it was raided long ago by kremlings.”
“What if that’s where the kremlings are from?”
“Unlikely,” said Tiny, “First of all, no one knows where it is. Second of all, they would have enough power to destroy us all, or even sink the island. And we would be seeing massive weather anomalies. Hurricanes coming out of nowhere. Clouds instantaneously forming on a sunny day, etcetera. The implications are enormous. If that happened, the kremlings would instant hold a winning advantage.”
“Which would be bad, I take it,” said Diddy.
“Of course!” said Tiny.
“The weather has been odd as of late,” Diddy said.
“You’re right, it has,” Tiny said, not connecting the dots,” Wait! Do you mean? No. Impossible.”
“Nothing’s impossible. I think the more reasonable word is inconceivable,” said Diddy.
“I like the sound of that word. Inconceivable. Thanks, Diddy! But if the weather has been acting up because of this, this is bad. But why haven’t the kremlings used it yet? They could blow us into the water in an instant!” said Tiny.
“Maybe they actually want the island,” said Diddy, “They don’t have a homeland that is livable anymore. Maybe this is their new home.”
“That makes sense. But still why not use it?” asked Tiny, “Dixie told me about the legends surrounding the Kong Kore, and if it ever got usurped and put to evil use, the banana trees would begin to wilt and die. I don’t see that anywhere!”
“Maybe it’s Kunning,” said Diddy.
“You may be right on that,” said Tiny.
“Is he exploring it’s powers or something?” asked Diddy.
“I don’t think he’s responsible for this. He’s too cautious,” said Tiny.
“Maybe it’s not him,” said Diddy.
“I think he did find it,” said Tiny, “He’s the only one who would hunt for it.”
“What’s his plan then?” asked Diddy.
“Well, he’s certainly made it clear that he doesn’t want K.rool to use it. Therefore, he either wants it for himself or he wants to protect us. Knowing kremling behavior, it’s probably the former,” Tiny said.
“You think he’s going to betray us?” asked Diddy, “I heard DK saying something about Kunning lost some territory to Krusha.”
“Krusha might be doing it,” said Tiny, “He probably doesn’t even understand what he’s doing.”
“So, Kunning probably wants it back and is actively working on that. Whose army is this, then?” asked Diddy.
“Kunning wouldn’t have soldiers training in secret here. Or would he?” asked Tiny.
“I don’t know,” said Diddy, “But what’s the plan here? Do we engage? I think we’d need twenty or thirty kongs to do that.”
“I only planned to scout it out and only engage if some stragglers we’re in a chokepoint,” said Tiny, “I say we hang out here and send a message through Parry. Where is he anyway? He was supposed to meet us an hour ago.”
“I don’t know,” said Diddy looking around, “That’s odd, Parry’s usually rather punctual.”
“Or early!”
“Was that Parry?” asked Diddy, “Where is he?”
“Above our heads,” said Tiny, looking up, “Hi!”
“Hey there!” said Parry, “I heard you have a message for me to send to the Kong clan!”
“We do!” said Diddy, “How long have you been here?”
“Er, about an hour,” Parry said.
“The message is,” Tiny said, choosing her words carefully, “Enemy spotted. Two thousand, too large to engage. Potentially came from the whereabouts of the Kong Kore. Kunning has control over it. Krusha controls it. Kunning attempting to get it back. All speculative. Diddy and I are going to be out here for a while. If Diddy is needed, he can come back. Send DK or Kiddy instead. Dixie and Cranky, research the Kong Kore. Is it real?”
“Is that all?” Parry said after Tiny had paused for a few seconds.
“Yes, I think so,” said Tiny, “Diddy, do you have anything to add?”
“I think that’s all!” said Diddy.
“I’ll have the message to them in just an hour!” said Parry, “Bye!”
“Later, Parry,” said Tiny.
“Bye!” Diddy said.
Parry left, and Tiny took the binoculars out of her backpack.
“What’s next?” asked Diddy.
Tiny put the binoculars up to her eyes before responding, “This army is for K.rool. Krusha is steadfastly loyal to him. Or at least Krusha thinks it is. We need to investigate more into Kunning. I say after we thoroughly investigate this, we spy on Kunning.”
“Why did Parry think they were ghost kremlings?” Diddy asked.
“I don’t know. Two of them are, but that’s it,” said Tiny.

“Cranky!” said Parry flying down from the sky.
“Do you have a message?” Cranky asked.
“Diddy and Tiny sent one. In short, Two thousand kremlings are there. They have deducted that the army is from the Kong Kore…”
“The Kong Kore?!” said Cranky, “Wait a moment!”
“Let me finish, first, please,” said Parry.
“Sorry. Continue,” said Cranky.
“Kunning rediscovered it, Krusha currently controls it. Kunning is getting it back. Dixie and you are two investigate the Kong Kore. Diddy can come back anytime he wants, or if you need him,” Parry said.
“Thank you, Parry. Dixie started the investigation into the Kong Kore, so her research is more complete than mine. I’ll have to find her notes,” said Cranky, “Thanks so much for the message. If Kunning is blindsiding us like the two of them suspect, then he needs to be looked into. He might have been conning us the whole time. Now thinking about it, I think he wants to rule the kremlings and occupy DK Island. Which is foolishness. He wants to reform the kremlings so they will not degrade any space they reside in, but DK Island can’t survive the time it takes to do that,” Cranky said, “He may be smart with all of his math, but his common sense is lacking. I think he wants the kongs and kremlings to be friends, but at what cost?”
“Do you want me to message back to them?” asked Parry.
“No. I need to do some more research. Knowing Tiny, she’ll want to investigate into Kunning’s doings as much as I do. Tiny will manage.”
“Do you think she’s still a spy for K.rool?” asked Parry.
“She has to be,” said Cranky, “Tiny can’t risk K.rool’s wrath. And it’s her easiest way to spy on Kunning. Under pretenses of doing something for K.rool.”
“Should we be worried about Diddy?” asked Parry, “What’s his in? K.rool will never believe that he’s a spy as well.”
“Maybe we should bring him home,” said Cranky.
“That might be wise,” said Parry, “Should I tell them?”
“Yes. Before Tiny gets them both into trouble,” said Cranky.
“Which would be bad, right?” asked Parry.
“You know the answer to that,” said Cranky getting annoyed.
“I’ll head off, then,” said Parry.
“How long till you’ll be back?” asked Cranky.
“I’ll have an answer to you by tomorrow morning,” said Parry.
“Don’t wake me up too early, Parry. You know I like sleeping in,” Cranky said.
“That’s always been odd,” said Parry.
“Has it?” Cranky asked.
“Yes,” Parry said.

“DK. Wake up,” Dixie whispered.
DK rubbed his eyes, stretched his arms, stood up and gave a loud yawn.
“Not so loud,” Dixie said, whispering.
“Got it,” said DK, who was now whispering as well.
“Someone’s been following us,” said Dixie.
“A kremling?” asked DK.
“Possibly,” said Dixie, “I say we go and sneak up on whoever it is behind that boulder.”
“You go left, I go right,” said DK.
They leaped from both sides of the boulder, to see nobody.
“That’s odd,” said Dixie, “I could’ve sworn that someone had been tracking us.”
“You’re just being over-reactive,” said DK.
“Someone did,” said Dixie, “I bet whoever it was is just hiding right now.”
“Can I go back to sleep?” asked DK.
“Fine,” Dixie said, “I’ll continue to keep watch.”
Dixie took the rest of the night for watching, because she didn’t trust DK to notice everything. The morning came and DK was woken up by Dixie shaking him.
“I saw him!” said Dixie, “There was a kremling peering down from the walls of the hive! He recoiled out of sight when I saw him, though.”
“Who says he was following us?”
“Me,” said Dixie.
“We’ll see,” said DK.
“Parry!” said Dixie.
“Where?” DK asked.
“Above your head!” said Dixie.
DK ducked and put his hands over his head.
“He’s not going to divebomb you,” said Dixie.
“That’s not what I’m worried about,” said DK.
“Do you have a message, Parry?” asked Dixie.
“Yes. Diddy’s being pulled from the Gangplank Galleon mission. He’s coming here,” said Parry, “Cranky also wants to know where your notes on the Kong Kore are.”
“Should be in his basement back in the Kongo Jungle,” said Dixie.
“I better be going,” said Parry.
“What about Diddy?” asked Dixie.
“Yeah, what happens to me?” asked DK.
“Diddy’s in too much danger,” said Parry, “And Cranky has assignment for you.”
“What is it?” asked DK.
“Cranky didn’t elaborate,” Parry said with a sigh, “Any more questions?”
“I think not,” said DK.
“Bye!” Parry said.
“Goodbye!” said DK.
“Bye!” said Parry.
“Someone is tailing us,” said Dixie.
“Maybe,” said DK.

“You know,” said a Kritter slurring, “I’m in a sekret force kalled the kwem kommandos.”
“You don’t say!” said a Klobber leaning over from the table next to him.
“I do sway,” said Kritter.
“You smell like Conker,” said Klump.
“So do you,” said Klobber.
“Not as bad as he does,” said Klump.
“What the heck are you three talking about?” asked Klinger.
“What is the “Kwem Kommandos?” asked Klobber mockingly.
“I said the Kwem Kommandos!” said Kritter.
“Oh! I didn’t realize that!” said Klobber.
“Also, I heard that Kunning’s rebwanding Kwemkwock. Something about Kweative Dynamiks.”
“Who knew! Do you know why?” asked Klump.
“Bekwuse he needs to klean the twank,” said Kritter.
“What tank?” asked Klobber.
“Poison Pwond. Kremkwock is too dwirty to be able to estabwlish a good weputation,” said Kritter.
“I should tell K.rool this,” said Klinger.
“Don’t you dare,” said Klump, “It’s a sekret force of Kunning’s!”
“All the more reason to report to K.rool!” said Klinger.
“You’re standing on Kremkroc ground,” said Klobber.
“I’ll be leaving then,” said Klinger.
“Not if we get you first,” said Klump.
“Whwat’s going on?” asked Kritter.
“He has a thing for slurring with Ws, doesn’t he,” said Klobber.
“Yip,” said Klump.
“Where did Klinger go?” asked Klobber.
“Dang! We let him get away!” said Klump.
“Do you think this sekret force really exists?” asked Klobber.
“Yes,” said Klump, “And Kunning probably has good reason for koncealing its existence.”
“K.rool will know about it by morning then,” said Klobber.
“I would suppose so,” said Klump.
“Do you think K.rool will have a fit?”
“He might even know about this klandestine army,” said Klump.
“Nice one, Klump! Klandestine! That’s a good word,” said Klobber.
“It is?” Klump asked, “Well, I guess so.”

“I’ve done it!” said Skholar.
“Ok,” said Kunning, not looking down from his work.
“You’re not paying attention,” said Skholar.
“I suppose I’m not,” said Kunning putting down his wrench, “Please start again.”
“Thank you. I have an idea. What if we built banana powered robots!” said Skholar.
“Does that even work?”
“Well, Klank told me right off when I showed him that I was trying to blow the fuses in my skhematiks by merely thinking about it!” said Skholar.
“That does sound like Klank,” Kunning said, “I like your idea. Is it feasible?”
“Maybe. As long as it doesn’t blow up by thinking about it,” said Skholar.
“As it hasn’t done that yet, I’ll set up a laboratory for you. I think room 23 is clear. Konstrukt should have his maintenance project cleared out by now,” said Kunning.
“I’ll check it out and file the appropriate paperwork. Thanks!” said Skholar, “That’s the biggest lab here!”
“Thinking about it, I think the only way you could create an autonomously operating device is by going into my theoretical papers in my office. I think it’s the stack on the first shelf.”
“I’ll go check it out, Kunning. Good luck fixing KAOS!” said Skholar.
“You too!” Kunning said.

Before I forget again, here's the new chapter. And I came up with this name just now on the spot. Shortest chapter in a while. Hope you enjoy! More frequent releases, but shorter chapters.
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby Super Luigi! » June 5th, 2023, 8:24 am

Nice job, Tanager. You always write the best stories to me. If you need me to create one to balance yours out, then just let me know. For now, please take care.
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby WesternTanager794 » June 5th, 2023, 9:29 am

You should write one if you want too. But you don't have to. "What would happen if Swanky and Conker hosted a kremling game show together?" This chapter. :parry:
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby WesternTanager794 » June 18th, 2023, 11:57 pm

Interesting. :scratch:
Title: "The Mechanical Mayhem on Monkey Island"

Settings: Kremkroc Industries, a sprawling factory located on Monkey Island, a lush and mystical land filled with trees, exotic creatures, and ancient ruins.

Protagonist: Clyde and Snapper, two mischievous crocodiles who work in maintenance at Kremkroc Industries. They are known for their witty banter and knack for fixing things.

Antagonist: Dr. Malachi, a power-hungry macaque monkey who has taken control of Monkey Island and plans to use Kremkroc Industries' resources to build an army of robots to maintain his dominance.

Conflict: Clyde and Snapper stumble upon a long-forgotten secret laboratory within Kremkroc Industries, where they find blueprints for an advanced robotic creation. Realizing the potential of the robot, they decide to construct it secretly, hoping to use it to overthrow Dr. Malachi and free their island from his tyranny.

Synopsis: As Clyde and Snapper begin building the robot, they face numerous challenges, including finding the necessary parts and keeping their project hidden from prying eyes. Along the way, they enlist the help of other island creatures, such as Tikka, a wise old parrot, and Ziggy, a mischievous capuchin monkey with a knack for stealing. While their construction skills are initially questionable, they utilize their wit and ingenuity to overcome obstacles and make progress.

As the robot nears completion, Dr. Malachi becomes suspicious of their activities and sends his minions to investigate. Clyde and Snapper must outsmart the macaque and his relentless henchmonkeys in a series of comedic escapades, all while ensuring their robot remains a secret.

Eventually, with their allies' support, Clyde and Snapper unveil their creation, a remarkable technological marvel shaped like a giant crocodile. The robotic crocodile comes to life, armed with special abilities and intelligence far beyond their expectations. Together, they lead an uprising against Dr. Malachi, creating a riotous battle between the robots and the island creatures.

In the end, Clyde, Snapper, and their trusty robotic crocodile manage to defeat Dr. Malachi and restore peace to Monkey Island. The story culminates with a celebration where the island inhabitants honor their heroes and dance to the beat of the mechanical crocodile's rhythmic movements. The island is changed forever, with Clyde and Snapper now celebrated as legends for their ingenuity, courage, and their unlikely alliance with a robot.

what happens when i try to find stuff to essentially autocomplete dialogue. for example, i was looking for something that i could put in all of funky's dialogue from the cartoon and it puts everything in his words that i want to say. i decided to try out this story ideas generator. the ai is... i would say something worse than hell, but not here.
My keywords were relatively generic and had to do with Klump and Scurvy building the blast-o-matic.
fantasy, sci-fi, crocodiles vs apes
two crocodiles build a blast o matic robot
the tumult of monkey island
in kremkroc industries
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby WesternTanager794 » June 19th, 2023, 12:05 am

Somewhat better.
Name: Bongo
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: April 12th
Appearance: Bongo is a muscular and sturdy monkey with a brown fur coat. He has a strong build and stands at an average height for a monkey. Bongo's eyes are a deep and vibrant shade of green, which often reflect his mischievous nature. He has a long tail that he uses for balance and swinging through the trees. Bongo is often seen wearing a worn-out fishing hat and carrying a fishing rod over his shoulder.
Personality: Bongo is a caring and protective monkey who genuinely looks out for others. He values friendship and loyalty above all else. Despite being lazy and preferring to take things easy, Bongo possesses incredible strength and uses brute force to solve problems whenever necessary. He is known for his catchphrase, "banana slamma," which he exclaims when he successfully completes a task or overpowers an adversary. Bongo's laziness often leads him to spend his time fishing, a hobby he thoroughly enjoys. He finds solace in the calmness and tranquility of fishing, and it is during these moments that he contemplates life's challenges. Above all, Bongo is fiercely dedicated to guarding the crystal coconut, knowing that it holds the power to prevent King K. Rool and the crocodiles from taking over and causing chaos.

Character generator did better. here were the details i put in for it to draw from.
a monkey who truly cares about others, but likes to fish and is lazy. very strong, and uses brute force to solve things. his catch phrase is 'banana slamma'. He guards the crystal coconut with his life which prevents King K.rool and the crocodiles from reigning supreme.
Then i requested more details and it regenerated it.
Name: Bongo
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: July 12th
Appearance: Bongo is a muscular monkey with a brown fur coat. He has a strong build and a mischievous glint in his eyes. He often wears a tattered fishing hat and carries a fishing rod over his shoulder.
Personality: Bongo is a caring and lazy monkey who loves to fish. He may appear laid-back, but he is fiercely protective of his friends and the Crystal Coconut. Bongo is known for his catchphrase, "banana slamma," which he exclaims whenever he accomplishes something.
Goals: Bongo's primary goal is to guard the Crystal Coconut and prevent King K. Rool and the crocodiles from obtaining it. He also seeks to maintain peace and harmony among his friends in the jungle.
Motivations: Bongo is motivated by his desire to protect his loved ones and ensure the safety of the Crystal Coconut. He finds fulfillment in helping others and maintaining balance in the jungle.
Strengths: Bongo is incredibly strong and uses brute force to solve problems. He can overpower enemies with ease and is skilled at fishing, often catching an abundance of food for his friends.
Weaknesses: Bongo's laziness can sometimes hinder his productivity and make him prone to procrastination. Additionally, his reliance on brute force may cause him to overlook more subtle solutions to problems.
Faults: Bongo's laziness can lead to a lack of ambition or drive. He may also struggle with patience and can be impulsive at times.
Abilities: Bongo possesses exceptional physical strength, allowing him to perform feats of great power. He is also an excellent fisherman, with a keen sense for locating the best fishing spots.
Backstory: Bongo was born deep in the jungle and grew up in a tight-knit community of monkeys. From a young age, he showed immense strength and a love for fishing. When he discovered the Crystal Coconut, he dedicated himself to protecting it from King K. Rool and the crocodiles.
Quirks: Bongo has a habit of humming while fishing and often talks to the fish he catches. He also has a soft spot for bananas and can eat them endlessly.
Favorites: Bongo loves spending his free time fishing and enjoys the tranquility of the jungle. He is also a fan of relaxing in hammocks and taking naps.
Personal Views: Bongo values loyalty, friendship, and maintaining harmony in the jungle. He believes in the power of brute strength and sees fishing as a way to connect with nature.
Character Arc: Throughout the story, Bongo will learn to balance his laziness with a sense of responsibility. He will realize that while he is strong, there are other ways to protect the Crystal Coconut and help his friends. Bongo's character arc will involve him discovering the importance of patience, perseverance, and finding solutions that go beyond brute force.

And with me putting down about 7,000 words of backstory and future happenings it produced a story that reminds me of one of yours.
Chapter 1: Kunning's Inventions and the Rise of the Krobots

In the depths of his secret laboratory, hidden beneath the lush jungles of DK Island, Kunning toiled away on his latest invention. The air crackled with electricity as he meticulously assembled the circuitry of the first Krobot—a robotic monkey designed to mimic the strength and agility of Donkey Kong himself.

Kunning's dark eyes gleamed with excitement as he imagined the power these Krobots would wield. If he could perfect his creation, there would be an unstoppable army at his command. However, unbeknownst to the kongs, Kunning had a hidden agenda. He wanted to use the Krobots to not only overthrow King K.rool but also to eliminate the rivalry between the kongs and kremlings once and for all.

News of Kunning's inventions spread throughout the island like wildfire, capturing the attention of both the kongs and the kremlings. Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong, intrigued by the possibility of even greater strength and protection, decided to investigate the source of these mysterious inventions.

Chapter 2: Zany Zingerland's Treacherous Journey

Donkey Kong, accompanied by his adventurous nephew Diddy Kong, embarked on a perilous journey through the treacherous Zany Zingerland. The vibrant world was teeming with giant zingers that buzzed through the air like angry bees, defending their beehive home. Dodging and weaving between the ranks of perilous zingers, Donkey Kong and Diddy only found themselves face to face with Swanky Kong reading out clues from cue cards from the tv.

Dodging and weaving
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby Super Luigi! » June 21st, 2023, 12:22 pm

Here's another silly story without a gripping plot that I wrote without thinking much about. Hopefully, it still helps cheer you up:

Kute Kuddler
While not starring in their games, the Kongs and Kremlings were good friends. Even in some of their last outings together, their relationship was still amicable, such as when they raced barrels or played baseball. One friendly foe of the apes who had yet to appear was Kalypso's younger sister, Kuddly.

This cheerful pink Kremling could not even be considered an enemy in the games, for she was much too excited to be with everyone. Kuddly earned her name by spending the entire day finding people to embrace with all of her sisterly affection, although she always asked first. Naturally, the Kongs had no problem with someone like this around the island, and K. Rool often laughed with Cranky while the two competed with their giant SNES controllers.

Most days, Diddy found himself beset by Kuddly's joyful antics, which caused Dixie and Tiny to giggle greatly and join in too. Chunky often offered to teach her how to paint as well, and she was incredibly fascinated with how much he knew. As for Donkey, he simply nodded and enjoyed the fruits of his labor while relaxing in the shade.

The End.
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby WesternTanager794 » June 21st, 2023, 1:49 pm

Nice job, Super Luigi! Did I come across as sad, or something? :parry:
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby WesternTanager794 » July 19th, 2023, 3:58 am

more chapters complete! now when will they migrate from the pages of my notebook to computer, who can say! but now for the absolutely krucial kwestion. kommodore or king k.rool. what should he prefer to be addressed as?
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby Super Luigi! » July 19th, 2023, 10:19 am

I think King is a better title.
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby Super Luigi! » August 23rd, 2023, 10:46 am

Dinosaur Planet isn't Donkey Kong Country, but it might be alright, since it's still related to Rare.
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby WesternTanager794 » August 23rd, 2023, 1:20 pm

Ok, Simion may be the authority on this. :parry:
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Re: DKC Fanfiction - tell us a story!

Postby Simion32 » August 24th, 2023, 1:57 am

You can post it as a new topic in the Rare Games section under Gaming Discussion. :)

I don't exactly feel it fits in this section here.
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