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DKC3 GBA ending

PostPosted: June 8th, 2008, 6:43 am
by Goe

I have defeated K rool in DKC and DKC2 for GBA, but i haven't played DKC3 for GBA...I'd like to know how is the ending...I remember both DKC and DKC2 had different endings to SNES versions...i loved the DKC2 GBA ending...if somebody can upload the DKC3 ending to Youtube, please do it!


Re: DKC3 GBA ending

PostPosted: June 8th, 2008, 7:41 am
by Kiddy14
A simple Search does the magic:

It's a Let's Play, so you will hear commentary.

I might already say, the ending is exactly the same. With these exceptions.

When you defeat the first K.Rool, "Boss Boogie" continues to play while you're talking to Donkey and Diddy.
You don't get to see a characters parade.
The credits roll, in Donkey's tree-house, no Kiddy and Dixie in some weird rolling thingy, and the song "Credits" play.
In the second ending. The credits roll again when you defeat him, and the next thing is you go back to the Krematoa Map.
In the third ending, Banana Bird Queen's song is "Brothers Bear", there isn't any "Mama Bird" song in the GBA version.
The chase is shorter, and the song "Chase" used in Stampede Sprint is played. The next thing, the normal Ending appears, and the song is "Stilt Village".
I think the sprites used in the last ending are the same size the SNES version uses, since Kiddy's face surpasses the screen.
And no special Karate Moves from Cranky appear. The best ranks are not displayed in a TV, just normal letters with a different background according to your rank.


Re: DKC3 GBA ending

PostPosted: June 8th, 2008, 7:51 am
by Goe
thanks but you had a mistake...the final is this: ... 0&index=72

I did a search before posting this but i didn't found what i wanted to see...thanks to you i am going to see the video now...thanks mate

PS: a DKC ending without cast of chacartes! I can't believe it

Re: DKC3 GBA ending

PostPosted: August 29th, 2008, 10:21 am
by Rodent
I was happy to see the ending was similar to the old one. The lack of a Mama Bird theme made it seem less special though. D:

Either way, the whole thing made me satisfied with the ending. :)