The Rusty Rhino (Jungle Hijinxs)

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The Rusty Rhino (Jungle Hijinxs)

Postby Qyzbud » April 7th, 2008, 3:52 am

I just discovered a new colour palette glitch which makes Rambi look like a rusty rhino. It also makes the 'DK Rides Himself' glitch even more interesting, so I'm sure it will turn a few heads! The timing's a bit hard to get right, so expect a bit of trial and error. Okay, here's how it's done...

Enter Jungle Hijinxs, and be sure to have both Kongs handy. DO NOT defeat the first Gnawty, as he is a vital part of this glitch. Bring Rambi to the start of the level, and leave him facing left, so that his back hooves are touching the item cache. His body should be directly in line with the bright red jungle leaf in the background (fig 1). As I mentioned, DO NOT defeat the Gnawty, he must be left in play for this to work. If you hit him by mistake, just enter/exit the treehouse or banana hoard to bring him back, but make sure to take Rambi in with you, or you'll lose him.

glitch-rusty-rhino-guide.png (46.32 KiB) Viewed 4895 times

Okay, switch to Diddy, if you haven't already. Jump up to the tree tops, and do a running jump (not a roll-jump) from the right side of the twin palm trees (fig 2), aiming to land ever so slightly to the left of the banana arrow's centre (fig 3). The positioning here is crucial, and may take several tries. If all goes well, you will land on Rambi (who is just off-screen), and he will be immediately hit by the Gnawty before the game defines his palette, and will run off. For some reason, if timed and positioned just right... Rambi will be given a rusty/bronze colour (which looks rather fetching, if you ask me).

Rambi isn't the only entity affected by this colour palette glitch; Diddy gets a decidedly unsightly makeover, also.

glitch-rusty-rhino-result.png (5.2 KiB) Viewed 4895 times

For those who are interested in seeing this (and a few other nifty maneuvers) in action, I've posted a video of this glitch on the fledgeling dkcatlas YouTube channel. :D

I'll be adding this glitch to the Atlas when I get a chance.
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Re: The Rusty Rhino (Jungle Hijinxs)

Postby Stone » April 7th, 2008, 6:42 am

Nice find!
I never have luck doing such absurd combinations to accidently find new glitches ;)
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Re: The Rusty Rhino (Jungle Hijinxs)

Postby BlueTronic » April 7th, 2008, 6:46 am

Wow. You can actually make that same color glitch happen by doing a much easier glitch in Oil Drum Alley.
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Re: The Rusty Rhino (Jungle Hijinxs)

Postby OneOf99 » December 13th, 2015, 9:05 am

Actually, there is an easier way to get rambi like this. Do the glitgh like normal, getting to the part where you spawn in the other kong and begin controlling them both. Then, get rambi with diddy and continue left like normal. At the first wall you hit, line up rambi (with diddy) and dk against the wall and jump off of rambi. Then jump straight up, and you will get a "rusty" rambi like you have! This is faster than lining up like you have, but somehow gets the same results :? I still don't get why these colors change in such an odd way...

Edit (like only a few minutes later :lol: ): Ok, so the color is not the exact rusty color like Qyzbud got. This rambi has red splotches, and doesn't look as cool. Also, a rambi clone will be created, and if you go further left you lose the ability to jump until you get hit O_o
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Re: The Rusty Rhino (Jungle Hijinxs)

Postby Simion32 » December 13th, 2015, 1:52 pm

The SNES only has 256 colors onscreen at any time. Each sprite uses 16 colors, and there are only (16 x 8 palette lines)= 128 sprite colors allowed by the mode Rare uses.

So, there are conflicts when more than 8 differently-colored sprites try to be onscreen at the same time.

The other 128 colors are used for the backgrounds/foregrounds.
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