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Postby Blaziken257 » December 3rd, 2008, 10:14 am

Finally, someone made a TAS of a DKL game! I think someone (maybe even you) made one on, though. Nice job and keep it up!

I just want to mention a few things, though (coming from someone who has played all three DKL games a lot in real time):

- I think you can go faster with Rattly. Rattly moves faster in air than on the ground. I notice that the first second you're Rattly, you move on the ground as opposed to in air, so I think you can save a second here.
- It looks like you can move faster after the warp in Topsail Trouble. It looks like you hold Right and B at the same time while it's loading. This makes you move a bit slow -- I think that if you hold Right for at least one frame before holding B, you'll move faster.
- Jumping on an enemy causes you to lose horizontal speed. I notice that at 2:37, you jump on Klampon, and you lose some speed because of it. In general, you should avoid jumping on top of enemies if at all possible, unless there is good reason to (e.g. it's unavoidable, or you need it to get to higher ground faster, like the first Flitter in Kannon's Klaim). You can easily avoid that Klampon too, since you're Dixie.
- Getting launched by a Krockhead can also cause you to lose horizontal speed. I noticed you do this at 2:52. It's possible to avoid with Dixie's helicopter spin if you jump from the Krockhead before it, though I don't think you can avoid the Zinger. I'm not sure whether getting hit by the Zinger is faster or not...
- If you land while doing the helicopter spin, you stop moving for a little bit. I noticed this happens at 3:21. So you want to let go of B BEFORE you land to avoid this. I don't think it's necessary here, either -- it looks like you can just jump over the Klampon and then jump to the platform with the cannon.
- You jump on another Krockhead at 3:23, which looks completely unnecessary, as the lava pit looks small enough to float over.
- At 3:26, it looks like you jump cancel too early, which shortens the speed boost.
- It definitely looks like you can start going right earlier at the start of Lava Lagoon.
- At around 4:50, you start to move left a little too late.
- Enguarde moves MUCH faster if you do your charge attack (by holding Select). There are lots of places where you can do this in Lava Lagoon.

Despite all this, I like where this is going, and there are some things that were unexpected. For example, I like the shortcut you took right before the G. I never knew about that one! Just work on these little kinks, and it'll be even better!

EDIT: Oh, and here's a topic I made about the physics and oddities in DKL2 and DKL3. While some of these are useless in a TAS, some others are really useful to know (though you seem to know some of them already).
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Postby kchrules » December 3rd, 2008, 3:19 pm

Thanks for the info and criticism.
I could tell it could be improved, especially Lava Lagoon. I got a bit sloppy there.
I'll try to put up another TAS soon (once I find time to redo it).
Oh and by the way laughing_gas made the DKL3 TAS: ... re=related
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